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  1. Hall looks smaller than Anthony Robles and he made 125 comfortably.
  2. So does Yianni. The lack of triceps allow him to have massive cajones for his weight class.
  3. Proof that TBar and BTF are in fact the same person
  4. Even Anthony Robles considers him to be an inspiration.
  5. For lack of a better word, I think he's just an *******.
  6. Does every PSU wrestler get their own thread?
  7. Somebody should have told him twice :(
  8. Sounds a hell of a lot like David Taylor
  9. Lee just lost two weeks ago, let's not act like he is unstoppable. Granted, he had a great performance at the NCAA's, but Mark Hall started receiving the same sort of treatment after his semis performance and we all know how that turned out. With that said, I would give a slight edge to Lee over Yianni in the p4p rankings at this point.
  10. Lee will self-pin in the finals his senior year out of nihilistic indifference to being a 4-timer
  11. If Nick Ackerman got it because he was missing body parts then Yianni deserves it as well.
  12. His grappling is good but he's gonna be working hard on his striking during his next training camp. Don't be surprised to see him win a few matches by KO next year
  13. I'd pick DeSanto by gogoplata choke. Maybe he lands a capoeira kick or flying knee and ends the fight standing. Wait, we're talking about wrestling? Didn't realize DeSanto was a wrestler too.
  14. He would have been good with the freestyle rules they had a few years ago
  15. Given how the finals went down, Yianni is getting lost in all the discussion. But what he accomplished with 0 triceps was simply amazing. Congrats to a supreme competitor. Like Anthony Robles said, Yianni is an inspiration for tricepless children everywhere. So happy to get to watch him go around three more times.
  16. this time a wrestler won without even having triceps!
  17. Not sure what RS freshman DT has to do with anything, but ok.
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