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  1. Will Livingston was also at VT for a little. Cody Gardner: VT to Ohio State to Del Val. Not sure he competed at Del Val. Rocky Mantella: Indiana (got in trouble), disappeared, wrestled at Del Val when he was in his late 20s. 2x AA, at least 1x finalist (I think).
  2. How about Spizak and Gardner at 141lbs? Their high schools are only 20 minutes apart.
  3. The mixer Cruz hit was good, but Grey's late match polish on Dellafave or the judo throw Max hit on the Binghampton kid were the best moves of the tournament.
  4. Last AA I can recall is Rader in 07, and even he fizzled out, albeit from injury most likely. Fun school with plenty of support and funds. There is no reason they shouldn't be a perennial top 20 program. Such a shame.
  5. Division 1 football and basketball coaches do it all the time. In those cases, I'm sure their antics are brought about more because their jobs are always on the line. Brands puts his heart and soul into that program, the man eats, sleeps, and breathes wrestling. He wrestles every second of the match with every wrestler, I love it. I could listen to him talk about anything. He was the best man at my friend's wedding, and after his speech I wanted to go wrestle a match. In reference to the banging on the table. I was at a match with 2 assistant officials. There was an issue with riding time where a wrestler won the bout by 1 point with exactly 1:00 of riding time. It was obvious the riding time had ran 3-4 seconds over. Because the match was not stopped at the time of the incident, there was nothing that the head official could do to adjust the situation.
  6. Yeah, I was just referring to LeClere being an All-America talent, having to sit out behind an All-American. I don't believe Tsirtsis ever sat behind him. Seven degrees of separation, LeClere was behind Dave Hoffman at VT, and Tsirtsis beat Hoffman for 7th at NCAA's.
  7. Tsirtsis and LeClere comes to mind. Both were All-America caliber wrestlers. I know it's not college, but future National Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist Coleman Scott behind Drew Headlee in high school is crazy to think about. Although, Scott bumped up to 112 and placed at states, weighing 90 some pounds.
  8. Never said I didn't care about the people. I don't have any desire to take the position, so why would I take time to learn? I know enough to formulate an opinion and express it. Apparently having a different view on here will get you persecuted. I recant all of my previous statements. Moyer is amazing.
  9. I can only hope so. But he is more than entitled to, and it doesn't bother me one bit.
  10. Calling people "a bunch of fools who couldn't manage a Dairy Queen in North Dakota" and then complaining about people taking potshots. Something doesn't add up here. This is a public forum where posts are worth less than the keyboard they are typed on. Let people voice their opinions and stop being so defensive. I have seen very few posts that have blamed Moyer for the loss of programs. I don't like him as a person or professional, and I have my own reasoning for that. Look at what can be done when leadership changes....Ryan, Sanderson, Brands, Dresser, etc. I'm damn sure not saying I'm the man for the job, and I'm not saying that there are guys that I mentioned around every corner. However, there are tons of highly motivated individuals that I think could do amazing things if given the opportunity. There are a lot of people out there that are willing to invest substantial money if they had someone/something to believe in (Once again, I am not one of these people, but I have personally seen what can happen). If you think he's doing an outstanding job, more power to you.
  11. For someone who says they don't judge, there was a lot of judgemental comments in that post! Regardless, I'm not trying to start a fight. I was using a public forum to express my views and concerns. If the situation had more of an affect on my life, I would take time out of my extremely busy schedule to take PT up on his offer. Unfortunately, my priorities do not allow me to waste any of my free time. I did happen to wrestle for Dresser, along with Brands and Mourlam, so I guess you could say I am "battle tested." None of them seemed to have a problem with my opinions or work ethic, so I'm not sure why you would. I have learned from the best and worked with the best, so even though I am relatively young, I believe that I have a good grasp on the ins and outs of the sport.
  12. JUST MY OPINION, but that sounds a lot like the house or senate, and I dont know too many people happy with the government right now. I was thinking of following the new R.T.C. model. Creating stand-alone facilities that are self motivated for success, but still have the common goal of the entire organization. This is obviously not feasible, because of the current structure that I was unaware of. JUST MY OPINION.
  13. Definitely responded using a condescending tone, which is more often than not being defensive. I am actually coaching a different sport 30 minutes from your headquarters, then club, all following an hour drive from work, so my time is definitely limited. Regardless, it is pointless and trivial to argue. I was just giving an opinion. I was in the wrong, as wrestling is in dire need of a concentrated effort on promotion and overall success. I just believe new leadership could excite the community. Perhaps when things calm down, I can email you and we can arrange a meeting.
  14. Your post said, "I am just curious as to what the business structure of the NWCA looks like." I offered to give you some more information since you are right down the road but I guess it is easier to just take some pot shots on forum and say you don't have time. It is much easier, especially since I only check this when I have some down time at work. I travel and coach too much. So I spend my time reading and communicating with other wrestling coaches/competitors regarding the issues. It is also easier for you to get defensive and send out condescending responses from your seat within the NWCA. I am just igniting conversation, expressing my views, and soaking up information from other opinions. If you can't handle constructive criticism, you are probably in the wrong profession. I don't need opinion, just information. Do you not agree with the idea of benifiting from expansion or spreading out the workload? Am I off base or is this feasible? This issue was ignored completely from my comments.
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