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  1. I know that freestyle is completely different from folk, but I cannot help but think, after Pico's domination over Retherford TWICE, that Stieber and Pico would be a match for the ages.


    (also note, different weight classes, but that has just been a recent move by Stieber)



  2. Maple is a freak athlete. A tremendous wrestler. A champion. Has a shot to be a legit international competitor.


    Logan is the future of United States Olympic Freestyle wrestling. Gold Medal.


    there is a difference.


    Agreed. One of those things is a fact, and one is an opinion.





    I agree, the fact that Logan is the future of United State Olympic Freestyle wrestling is just that, fact. Gold Medal is just an opinion :D


    Everyone knows your Ramos's butt buddy (and butt hurt over his loss (x5)) but c'mon the kid is a Junior World Silver Medalist and just beat the #1 in the world. I guess Maples domination ( :o :o ) of Port is just as valid of an indicator.




    Finally, using a victory in an exhibition with a 4lb allowance can not be viewed in the same light as a win in an international tournament . Does Stieber beat Sat wrestling in an open in Russia at scratch weight?


    While this may be true, SAT throttled Scott under the same circumstances. Using the "exhibition" explanation would be appropriate if SAT continued his poor performance in his other matches. As well, would you apply that "exhibition" tag to Coleman Scott's loss? Do you think he wasnt giving it his all?



  4. Kind of hard to get pinned in the finals when you're watching it from the stands...

    I was never pinned in the finals.


    neither was i.


    on second thought,the chances of Steiber beating Ramos 3 more times next year are pretty slim. Ramos has to know now for sure that he can beat him and probably will next year, might not be in the finals,as Steiber always finds a sleeping ref for those matches, but I do think Ramos will take 1 or 2 from him.


    your right, his 0-5 record assures him of a victory next year. His two takedowns in five matches shows the gap has officially been closed? how can you take yourself seriously

  5. is any one else in the camp of.......... what a wrestler does AFTER college should have NO consideration of a GOAT in college. IMO to add post college competition to the argument who was better IN college is apples and oranges. Especially with today's freestyle rules. I suppose if one included free, if one is still in college, at that point it's Utake on top. IMO college in college and it's Smith, Dake, Cael in no particular order because I think you can make a case for each of them as GOAT. I guess arguments could be made for others tho I think that is a huge uphill battle.

    I see J. Smith as our greatest free.... because Gable chose not to continue longer.

    to answer the question.....Ruth.


    huh? Who is throwing out post college information?


    The topic is Nations Best Wrestler, just because it is in the college board does not mean the topic was intended to answer who is the best college wrestler.


    Again, the best college wrestler is not the same as the best wrestler in college...



  6. To answer the question Who is the Nations Best Wrestler Next Year (who is in college), there is only one answer, Stieber.


    To answer the question Who is the Best Collegiate Wrestler, then id say Ruth then Taylor or Stieber.



    Folk, Free, Greco, and from all positions could determine the best wrester. best collegiate wrestler is like asking whos the best a folk.




    Who is Hunter's 1 signature win? Or is he at zero?


    Ramos over Oliver speaks volumes to me. I would take a Tony Ramos over Frank Molinaro every day of the weak. (And I am a pretty big PSU fan)


    Hunter beat Russell. And Marion. And a handful of other AA. He has a better resume' than Ramos.


    Wow, can not believe I am defending Ramos here. If we are going to name AA's Ramos has beaten a lot. He beat Futrell 5 times, Long, Keith, Dardanes (5 straight times), Devin Carter (2 times), Schopp, Quiroga, Graff (2 times).


    I guess those wins don't count. His resume is every bit as good as Hunter's.


    Are you kidding me??? Do you really think the 2 mentioned (and impressive) AA wins of Russell and Marion are all H Stieber has...?


    Since clearly you didnt watch the ncaas..


    2013 NCAA ALL AMERICANS- (1) Port (2) Maple (4) Khishignyam (5) Nevinger (6) Henderson (7) Dardanes (8) Neibert




    2012 NCAA ALL AMERICANS- (1) Russell (2) Marion (3) Novachckov (4) Maple (5) Magrum (7) Nevinger (8) Little




    Just for fun :D Everyone bold H owns multiple wins against.


    :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

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