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  1. Hunter beat Russell. And Marion. And a handful of other AA. He has a better resume' than Ramos. Wow, can not believe I am defending Ramos here. If we are going to name AA's Ramos has beaten a lot. He beat Futrell 5 times, Long, Keith, Dardanes (5 straight times), Devin Carter (2 times), Schopp, Quiroga, Graff (2 times). I guess those wins don't count. His resume is every bit as good as Hunter's. Are you kidding me??? Do you really think the 2 mentioned (and impressive) AA wins of Russell and Marion are all H Stieber has...? Since clearly you didnt watch the ncaas.. 2013 NCAA ALL AMERICANS- (1) Port (2) Maple (4) Khishignyam (5) Nevinger (6) Henderson (7) Dardanes (8) Neibert HUNTER OWNS A WIN VS EVERY ALL AMERICAN WITH THE EXCEPTION TO MAPLE 2012 NCAA ALL AMERICANS- (1) Russell (2) Marion (3) Novachckov (4) Maple (5) Magrum (7) Nevinger (8) Little HUNTER OWNS WINS VS 4 2012 ALL AMERICANS Just for fun :D Everyone bold Hunter owns multiple wins against. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
  2. I guess actually taking time to personally respond and offer your opinion would not constitute "slight attention"??? :lol: Agree 100%. Even worse, you gave my post at the very least "slight attention" bc you pathetically agreed with his incorrect and ironic statement. Seems you care more that you know... :D
  3. I'd say if they met 5 times hunter would prob be 5-0 just like his brother :D
  4. Thats kinda crazy, I had 5 years of college COMPLETED at 22 years of age. Pathetically, this is how bad info gets spread, by irresponsibly presenting facts. You should note that he is a 22 year old redshirt sophomore (in other words a junior) and his January birthday would indicate that he'll be spending most of his SENIOR (academic) year as a 22 year old as well. He will graduate at 23, potentially slightly older than most typical grads but def not the 24 or 25 that could be inferred from your skewed post...
  5. Don't forget, he's beaten Ramos 5 times. Did you know he's undefeated at 5-0 vs Ramos?
  6. Stieber handles him. Terrible comparison. Different weights. How bout Oliver metcalf, did that happen?!
  7. 1.Dake 2. Ruth/Stieber 3. Taylor 4. Oliver w.s
  8. I agree with everything but Iowa fans are the best! :D :D
  9. I just got a new roommate. His name is Tony Ramos. Good thing though, Im out soon. His stay is indefinite...
  10. Racist? You sound as confused as Tony Ramos when being interviewed. Hopefully your mind lapse doesnt appear as permanent as young Ramos.
  11. Have you read both threads? He has not stopped for days... Is that like the pot calling the kettle black?? Its not like I sit on here and argue with myself. haha Does the sun look different when you look at it through your black and gold glasses?
  12. Hence why I said He is capable of winning, not the better wrestler. Its sad that theres so much debate, when one wrestler can only win if the other makes a mistake. I know this is part of wrestling, to capitalize on mistakes, but when you have never scored a takedown, that has to be discouraging.
  13. Quite the contrary, I am not bitter, my preferred wrestler won :D :D I just want to see how "bitter" all the IOWA fans are when Ramos goes 0-6, 0-7, 0-8. Then however many losses Logan hands him in, (what was it tony, let me check the soundbite) "2016,2017,2018,2019,2020..."
  14. HAHAHAHA I can guarantee you this, Not even Tony Ramos or the Brands went back frame by frame breaking it down to a tenth of a second.. They dont seem to be complaining, why are you? Maybe because both Ramos and Brands accept who the better wrestler is. It is not hard to come to that conclusion when you are 0-5. He is capable of winning, but not a better wrestler.
  15. HUH? aren't they both white? Did you mean prejudice? :?:
  16. Originally didn't want this because I felt like Tony deserves a title (which he WIll never get if he stays with logan) but all these stubborn/baby IOWA fans on here make it really easy to hope for Tony to waste another year chasing a title from a guy who he has never beaten. Unfortunately for Tony, his own bitter fanbase has created this sentiment
  17. Im sure Logan is glad to have the benefit of the doubt.. hahah especially considering they reviewed it. Even more so considering, had they overturned it, he would have still been winning.
  18. YEP. Actually that takedown could be by default (did not occur bc of Ramos's shot, rather Logan making an ill-advised scramble attempt in hopes of preventing 2) Ramos should just be happy Logan had a lapse in judgement.
  19. This thread has produced quite revolutionary conclusions: Logan Stieber Has Won 2 NCAA titles Tony Ramos is 0-5 vs. Logan Stieber. Iowa Fans are making excuses. :o
  20. Would you please quit using logic and rationale. TONY wrestles for IOWA, no intelligent, likely scenarios should be suggested other than TONY actually pinned him for 10 seconds and completly dominated the match but stieber actually won bc the refs hate Iowa.. :?:
  21. 2 explanations.. 1. Stieber is better, he won, he always beats tony. 2. Conspiracy theory against Iowa, to provide all Iowa fans an excuse when their wrestlers lose. Pick one. Hah I so wish they would have given the 2NF bc we ALL KNOW the result woulda been the same W.s
  22. I wonder if you Bitter IOWA fans will refrain from rooting for Stieber when he represents the USA in the olympics and worlds... As Tony reminded us in his soundbite, " 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020" By then Tony will be in the WWE as a midget sidekick. Im impressed by the blind dedication to an athlete who has 1/2 the class of Stieber and is 0-5. Reading these comments make me wonder how Stieber has ever won a match. w.s
  23. I guess you shut your eyes when he pushed morrison. Did you break your TV right after his BigTen loss to Stieber last year and not catch the "classy" shouting and senseless intimidation..? you defend him as a student athlete, his behavior falls right in line with that. ;) :?: FWIW...hes majoring in theater arts, perhaps his WWE persona has been born. w.s
  24. I am incorporating multiple interviews into my assessment. Videos, Screaming at opponents after losses, sprinting off the mat after losses, pushing other wrestlers after matches, verging on tears in multiple interviews... I guess the same class that your requesting of me, is the same class Tony demonstrates on a regular basis... Iowa must be an incredible place, You can act like an arrogant, meathead all while demonstrating the above behaviors and undoubtedly, unabashedly have Adult people support and back you like you are their own son. :roll: w.s
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