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  1. Hes an adult. Many people (professional and academic) his age ( RS Junior= 21,22) would be held the the same public speaking standards if they sounded like he did. Think about other professional athletes his age in baseball or basketball that, if they gave us such an awkward (semi-coherant) soundbite, would be HUMILIATED in every media forum in the country. Vak, you speak like you know im a 50 year old man picking on 3rd graders. I could be younger than the "strange, robotic, perplexed" Tony Ramos... :?: w.s
  2. you are digging. Ramos is 0-5 vs Stieber. Your boy thinks hes a WWE character. But he forgets to practice what he should say, so he sounds like he cant think and speak at the same time. w.s
  3. vak, it most certainly will be a MD next year if Ramos decides to stay in Stiebers weight. :D He just didnt want to this year.. w.s
  4. It's a shame paddock can't make 133 bc that lineup with him instead of dijulius is scary
  5. Did you watch the match, Tony left us with this babbling GEM right before the match... " Im tired of losing to him, Im gonna be wrestling him 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020, all the way if i want to make the olympic teams, the world teams. So you might as well write it wrong (???), write it now (???), stop it now, start winning, start taking the advantage" Not surprisingly, that was one of his more clear, thought out, semi-rational, comments... If you think hes articulate, well-spoken wrestlers like chamberlain and welch must be einsteins... w.s
  6. 2 NF. Def should have been awarded. However... Nothin changes, Quite frankly Ramos should be thrilled Logan had a temporary lapse in judgement bc logan controlled that whole match Hopefully, Tony uses his senses and gets away from Logan to win a much deserved title his senior year. It would be a shame, if he lets his ego ( huge) get in the way of a logical decision. Question for Iowa fans, When Ramos gives an interview why does it appear like (a) hes straight mentally handicapped and (b) on the verge of breaking down and crying at any point. Every question he answers is so defensive, volatile, and confusing :?: How many concussions does this young man have?
  7. MD over Ramos tomorrow. Hes wrestling so well.
  8. You were pretty close on this prediction last time. :roll: Im pretty good, arent I? :D w.s
  9. The way hes wrestling, I would not be surprised to see him Major Ramos. :o w.s
  10. Has anyone ever heard of a dictionary? thug- noun. a brutal ruffian or assassin just for participation purposes, Al Capone AND TONY RAMOS are two examples of white thugs. w.s
  11. Eagle this actually says a lot, I would not count him out! In addition to his win over Russell, he also beat Marion of Iowa 4-2. KingofBing and the rest of the Maple fanatics should remember him well, didnt he beat Maple last year? :o
  12. HUH? :?: You really think hes aware hes the underdog? says which one, his 0 loses, or his AA? EXACT same as Maple. w.s Maybe a lil too well.. :lol:
  13. Me too! Just another notch in the belt for Logan... :o
  14. Roberts and Tomesello will battle it out for 125 next year. Have heard dijulius may move up (but i have no idea where he would go??) Roberts has gone 22-5 wrestling unattached this year. w.s
  15. They will use it all night if they both win.. :D :D Then all you'll have to cry about is Maple getting shafted out of the seeding. Thats the funny thing, Who Cares between the #1 and #2. Its almost like you think Maple needs the advantage... w.s
  16. Come again? muchbetter season? against better competition (perhaps, but its still the big ten), by a far amount I dont understand how you can say this when comparing wrestlers that are 25-0 and 30-0 (Both AA) Seems like a toss up ( anything else would be biased) Your acting like its Jordan Oliver getting screwed out of a one seed by Jason Chamberlain or something?? Really...even if you are correct, its by a slim margin, and def debatable w.s
  17. [quote="KingofBing" But If we're using that logic..Maple is the returning 4th place finisher and Steiber was 6th last year. What? I said national champion Jordan Oliver. Where did i ever talk about any other result that matters other than national champion? Again, What are you talking about? Bosak has two losses. (And is in a weight with other national champion?They both cant receive one seeds) Please, for your sake, make like comparisons. Comparing the seeding of a weight involving no prior national champions and 2 undefeated wrestlers is not even close to the same scenario as 149 and 184. w.s
  18. Previous National Champion Jordan Oliver doesnt have an undefeated wrestler from the Big Ten sitting behind him at 149. This argument is hardly applicable... If Maple was a PREVIOUS NATIONAL CHAMPION then we absolutely would not be having this conversation. ( I agree maple deserved the one seed, but not based on your logic) w.s
  19. While Logan Stieber seems to get all the attention, younger brother Hunter is putting together quite the sophomore campaign going 30-0 and ranked #2 behind Maple. Maple is sitting at 25-0 and looks to be the favored. What are the thoughts on this potential national championship match-up? w.s
  20. I dont really understand all the back and forth. Ramos had Stieber at his most vulnerable point in nearly a year and FAILED TO DO ANYTHING. The best Ramos can hope for is another OT loss. (which is improved, but Stieber is a freak, and there is no reason to think his future improvement wont further the "gap" between the two) w.s
  21. If you look at the stats (all 4 of their matches) from a wrestler X wrestler Y perspective. Overall Record, Total Points, Style of Points, Takedowns, Takedown attempts, Ride Time Not even an Iowa fan would think this is much of a real conversation. Oliver v Stieber is a real match-up. Ramos vs Stieber is a match up that, if Ramos wasnt from Iowa, would not garner THAT much attention. w.s
  22. Stieber owns Ramos. He always has. It's one thing to say the gap has closed between two wrestler who have traded wins with each other (atleast ONCE throughout the past two years) time and again, but IOWA fans are being entirely too optimistic and short-sided to think an OT loss (to make your wrestler 0-4), is representative of that same "closed the gap" saying. Other than escaping early (which I hardly think is likely every time) the match was much of what we should have expected from the neutral position, which STILL (despite not being his strong suit) favors Stieber. Stieber wants him in 2 weeks, and I would not be surprised in the slightest if its a 5+ pt victory then. w.s
  23. a. he is that strong 2. hes been a hammer on top since 6th grade. Arm bar and all. *interesting find (and pic, arm bar) http://www.ohiowrestlingsite.com/430/ca ... e-preview/ "At FILA Cadets in April it was more of the same, with Stieber dominating Steve Mitcheff 1-0, 7-0, in the finals... and Kyle Dake (a New York state champion at 112), by a score of 6-0, 2-1 (his closest freestyle bout of the past two years). " w.s
  24. No, Ohio is 1b behind Penn at 1a. Iowa is behind Ohio.Perhaps well behind. Sorry. They very well could have four this year, Stieber(s),Taylor, and Kilgore w.s
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