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  1. The post on Sanderson and Jenn got me thinking what would happen if in the age with video of so many matches and easy access to results of open tournaments the Sanderson career had played out. Would people still consider someone underfeated if they lost at a local open while in redshirt and then won four titles while going undefeated through years 2-5 in college? It seems like so many college wrestling fans don't know about Sanderson's redshirt year but now we all follow redshirts and see their wins and losses. Everyone followed David Taylor's redshirt. It is like redshirts have come out of the shaddows. What do ya think?
  2. The fight was in San Jose, CA! It isn't like he was flying in from Florida or New York. He was literally some random local fighter who hadn't won a fight in THREE years who they thought Pico would be able to destroy. If he is from Stockton/Columbia like an hour up the road and no training partners or coaches came with him then he has none. You can literally commute that distance.
  3. How people are overlooking this is beyond me. The announcer said that the guy he was fighting has no coach or training partners and literally trains on his own. They said he showed up a week before the fight to the area trying to find someone to train with to get ready for the right. Pico didn't look good he just looked better than this guy he was fighting who isn't any good. Take a look. http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Justin-Linn-47432 This guy has only fight in small regional promotions and hasn't beat anyone in THREE YEARS and he gets an invitation to fight at Bellator? It is obvious that they set Pico up for an easy win after he got destroyed.
  4. Ah the new PSU party line is now that if Suriano is successful it is only because Cael is great. No matter what happens it is always comes back to PSU and Cael being the best with these guys.
  5. You can say that again! It is pretty clear the Big Ten found out some unsavory things about their program and their fans don't want to share anything about it. Mum's the word.
  6. I went looking for more info and found this nugget. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/nick-suriano-eligible-immediately-to-wrestle-at-rutgers.201508/#post-4609053 Was Cael pushing for a quick return to the lineup that lead to a more severe injury?
  7. Good point! That would be great to finally get it out in the open. I doubt the big ten would make their members look bad publicly though. Maybe there is a formal internal process where they are put on notice before going public?
  8. "The tipping point came later when a NJ.com report insinuated that Cael Sanderson was blocking Suriano's transfer to Rutgers by not outright supporting the move. In actuality, Sanderson was choosing to let the Big Ten make its own determination of Suriano's potential eligibility with the league's waiver process." Oh FFS... Cael didn't support the transfer to Rutgers. That means he wasn't giving him a release. If he supported the transfer it would have been granted right away. How do people still claim otherwise?
  9. Is this due to promises Cael made or due to the blackmail meeting that was claimed to be held with the AD where they tried to get him to come back for one year in exchange for a full release?
  10. Yes they could have. If both schools accept the waiver then the Big Ten approves it. This process would have gone a lot quicker if Penn State had been honest. They kept thinking they could pressure Suriano back into the program. Suriano got the release from the Big Ten because of how Penn State treated him.
  11. Does anyone know if he is going to wrestle while taking the year off? Will he train with SKWC?
  12. Who backed him into a corner? Early? How many semesters has he been in school? PD3 is always a victim. Shame the world is out to get him.
  13. He may have the most upside potential. That is of course because he has continued to fall short of every goal and has not been able to have his head on straight to be able to actually compete for a whole season. Can we imagine? Of course, imagining PD3 wrestling is all we have been given for years now. He is never wrestling because he is always having problems and is always falling short of his goals because he is always out of shape and not training. A lot of potential sure but it continues to be wasted year after year by not being able to do the simple things right. So you're so confident that he will with a title next year that you have to wait to see if he can even get into school before making the bet? No you aren't. You are only willing to make bets after you find out if he gets in to school. That means you're not willing to bet on him getting in to school. Oh, so he will beat everyone but you won't bet on him to beat everyone. So many caveats. Sounds like someone who has learned their lesson by betting on their son to get his act together. I hope PD3 gets his act together. I really do. He might have the potential to be a real champion but I fear that he has too many bad influences around him and he isn't willing to be responsible and do the right things. I hope for the best.
  14. If the deal exists and is proven to play out will you agree that Penn State was deceitful in not giving him the full release they said they would give him?
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