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  1. The point here is, that if Iowa had wrestled 7 pig tail matches and Penn St. had wrestled 3 pig tail matches with similar results to what they both had this week end, Iowa would have won. If Penn St. picked up 5 points for winning 3 pig tails like Iowa did, they would have ended with 136 points. Had Iowa picked up 9.5 like Penn St. did they would have ended up with 139.5. Both teams did very well in the pig tails, so does appear if the roles were reversed as to the number of pig tails Iowa would be the Champs this year.
  2. This year, the officials constantly allowed wrestlers under attack to back straight out of bounds, sometimes with no effort what so ever to stay in bounds and wrestle. The officials often allowed those wrestlers to stand out of bounds to avoid wrestling. Stalling calls and warnings for this backing up and going out of bounds was almost never called. What could have been great matches with several takedowns and scrambles were reduced to riding time and escapes. And yet, in a month or two, many of these wrestlers will not step out of bounds at University Nationals or the US Open. I believe it is time for the one point to be awarded to you, if your opponent steps out of bounds. I saw one wrestler go out of bounds 17 times with no warning or being penalized. All the people sitting in my area started laughing at the officials for their ( always courtesy stall warning with 4 or 5 seconds left in the match) when one of the wrestlers clearly stalled almost the whole match. I have officiated both folkstyle and freestyle for nearly 40 years (as well as coaching for 40 years).
  3. Tommygun I'm interested in the Tickets 864-972-1272
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