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  1. Appreciate it. I tried that though but it keeps telling me that the password does not contain the required characters. I'll try again. Thanks.
  2. How do you change your activation password to a password you can remember. I'm trying but getting no where. Need some help.
  3. I can't wait to see him fall on his face this upcoming season if the NCAA lets him play. "He's ARROGANT".
  4. "NOW". He lost to Oliver this afternoon. Time to help the Hawkeyes.
  5. Taylor would have had Dake backing up which would have resulted in stall points given to Taylor if he would have chosen neutral.
  6. For all the so called doctors and know it alls who post on the hawkeye report and hawkeye nation I bet your all feeling pretty stupid right now.
  7. Possible he's tired of beating Taylor again, and again, and again.
  8. I was unable to get wrestling talk for a couple days and i,m not odd.
  9. Agree 100%. Hawkeye Report fits the description of everything you mentioned.
  10. I like to glance at alot of college wrestling message boards. Whose your favorite or favorites and whose the least favorite.
  11. Left out Clark from Iowa at 125#
  12. I believe her name was, "Angie". She was the best ever from Vermont.
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