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  1. so bottomline, we should Medal in 86, 97 and 125, and perhaps hae a shot at the non olympic weights due to lower level of competition
  2. I guess now they are going to have matches in every weight class to decide who goes to Serbia? https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/279229/انتخابی-تیم-ملی-کشتی-آزاد-در-همه-اوزان
  3. So, they have decided they can select the 125 FS representative without any matches? Really? I assume it will be Zare, who else could they possibly select? https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/279010/اولویت-با-کیست-هادی-محبی-زارع-یا-فروتن
  4. https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/278434/تست-کرونای-سوریان-مثبت-شد
  5. Based on the video they posted of him training a month or two ago, I would say he is recovered
  6. I love their fries. My comment certainly was not meant as a deragatory remark about the French.
  7. As a whole for the olympics, fans and athletes, yes. For older athletes, such as JB, this would be a disaster. For injured athletes this would be a gift from heaven. for younger athletes who are getting better day by day, such as Zare, this will be good.
  8. I cannot wait for the videos.
  9. As long as the French attend, the origies should be all right
  10. Agree, but this post is specifically about the 2020 wrestling championships, not the Olympics
  11. Your points is valid, but I think his push was for sports that impact every day Americans (NFL, NCAA football, etc) Not sure he cares about wrestling
  12. I hope you are right. Best case scenario, vaccines get approved in December. Most vaccines need to transported and kept in super freezing temepratures. Not sure if any country has the infrastructure to distribtue the vaccines to the entire population. In addition, they are hoping for vaccines that are 70% effective, so the vaccine is not a silver bullet. Again, I hope you are right, time will tell.
  13. Based on where we are today in October with the pandemic, and the high number of infections in the NFL, I predict the Tokyo Olympics will not take place as scheduled in 2021. I just don't think there is enough time to get a vaccine approved, and fully distribued in time for the summer Olympics. I hope I am wrong, and would be happy to be proven wrong.
  14. Looking at him, I think if he had a good conditioning coach and a good nutrionist, he could lost 10 kg of fat, and add 10 Kg of muscle, and be more competetive at 125 kg
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