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  1. OK that's it. Admin, someone has hacked into @shiraz123 account. Please investigate. The man is incapable of this much optimism. :)
  2. ah ****, given @Shiraz123s track record, the few times he has predicted positive results for Iranian wrestlers, they lost. Yazdani is now officially screwed :)
  3. That is entirely possible if DT ends up on the same bracket as Yazdani
  4. That's a great question, and I don't know the answer. The reason I hope they meet in the finals is each of them deserves at least the silver, and I hate to see either one get a bronze
  5. Well, that is another match I would love to see, perhaps in 2021 worlds
  6. well, there was one match that I want to watch, that is the match. I think David Taylor is the clear favorite I just hope they meet in the finals, and not before.
  7. That is perhaps the only weight where Iran is favored over the US
  8. What are you trying to say about the underweights? :)
  9. Three tourists, and three contenders
  10. so we got the right guys at the three heavier weights at 57 we have no shot at medal. It's a pity that Amouzad lost, he would have had an outside shot at a medal, but more importantly, he would have gained valuable experience at 66 we have not shot at medal. I was hoping a younger wrestler would win, and gain valuable experience at the Olympics. I was hoping Yazdani was that young guy. He it not At 74 we have no shot at medal. I was hoping Emami would win, gain experience, and grow into 74 in the next few years. I don't think anyone can complain that this year's process was unfair. They gave everyone a shot and ultimately those who did not make it have themselves to blame At 86 - Yazdani will most likely get a silver or bronze, depending on which bracket Taylor is in. I hope he proves me wrong and has a different strategy against Taylor that wins At 97 - I think Mohammadian has a shot against everyone other that Sadulov. I hope he ends up in the opposite bracket at 120 - you could argue that Zaa--re is one of the top 5, and with luck he should get one of the 4 medals
  11. So it just dawned on me, Yazdani, and Naifonov will definitely be on the same side of the bracket. There is a 50% chance that Taylor will end up on the same size Can you imagine if that happens, one of Yazdani, Naifonov and Taylor will definitely not medal, and the Indian dude and Amine will likely each get a silver and bronze
  12. Now that Wrestfan educated and corrected me, the article was correct, and I was wrong
  13. Then it is a smart, yet cowardly move. This is the second time this guy has faked an injury
  14. As I understand it, and I am not an expert, if you are tanked number 4, you are guaranteed to avoid 2 and 3 until the final, and guaranteed to meet 1 in the semi if you both make it So, I believe the article is incorrect. He avoided being ranked, so he could avoid being guaranteed to run into Yazdani in the Semi When you are unseeded, it is all up to chance, you could end up on either side
  15. He does not. he has a 50 50 chance
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