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  1. That is not what the news articles that I read implied, but it certainly makes more sense to me
  2. He is entitled to try! I see that some of the newspapers are really critical of him, but I cannot imagine that he will do any damage, and if anything his participation might further motivate Atri and Amouzadeh. I cannot imagine that he can get in shape in time for the trials though.
  3. Not cancelled yet Japan PM Says Determined to Realise Olympics, Will Cooperate With Tokyo and IOC | World News | US News
  4. @Coach_J It is a pleasure having you as a friend on this board. I hope 2021 brings you joy and happiness.
  5. Lol Reminds me of dancing bears I saw in a circus once. Interesting that Bana is joining the freestylers. Good to see that he seems to have recovered.
  6. wrestfan is one of the most informed and factual posters on this board. I have never known him to post anything that is not backed up by a source.
  7. ok, how about Great result, or very positive result? :)
  8. The kid is 19, is that right? I would argue that for a 19 year old this is spectacular result
  9. **** Amouzad will probably return with Covid. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but we should just shut down all wrestling till May or June, when most people have been vaccinated
  10. If Zareh and Mohammadian had perforemed better, they would be going too
  11. That is an amazing piece of trivia. I would be very surprised if that has happened before. I think Bana's loyalty to his guys is a big factor
  12. Bana is released from hospital https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/282257/محمد-بنا-از-بیمارستان-مرخص-شد
  13. Unfortunately, Mohammad Bana also has Covid-19 and is hospitalized It seems that this national training camp ending up being a super spreader event. I hate to say this, but the best thing may be to shut everything down until a vaccine comes out
  14. Intresting observation on geographic composition of the 2020 Iran wrestling teams Freestyle - Mazandaran 6 Tehran 4 Kermanshah and Azerbajan 0 :( GrecoRoman - Khuzestan 5 Fars 2 Mazandaran 1 Alborz 1 Qom 1 Tehran 0 :) https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/281038/دوبنده-تیم-ملی-کشتی-آزاد-فقط-بر-تن-مازندران-و-تهران
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