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  1. Let me try to bring this thead back to the original questions: On the good news, there have been some very promising developments in the discovery of a few vaccines On the bad news, I am not confident that the vaccines will be availabe for mass distribution in time for the olympics. My assumption is that the vaccine must be available for mass usage 3-4 months before the olympics. It's going to be very tight. I will give the olympics pf 2021 a 40% chance of happening as scheduled
  2. I remember you and others said there could only be one explanation for his actions. You were right. This is just shameful. What is it about the Iran GR wrestlers?
  3. You previously ask I attached an artcile that headlined COVID-19 has killed 100 grocery store workers.. If you do a simple search, you will find similar articles in every region. Grocery clerks have been hit disproprotionally higher than most other professions
  4. No one made aware of the no Pee-pee poicy
  5. https://www.livescience.com/hair-stylists-infected-covid19-face-masks.html https://www.boston.com/news/coronavirus/2020/05/27/covid-19-has-killed-100-grocery-store-workers-vitalina-williams-was-one-of-the-first
  6. Once again, you and I agree coach J What do you think of the slap to the face by Barramov before souryan head butted him?
  7. Thanks, I did not realize they were a communist country. But then again, I never said I knew much :)
  8. Very interesting analysis. I wonder why Mongolia boycotted?
  9. Yes, I agree with 1984. People like Jordanov, Beloglazov, FadZaev, and Khadartsev were deprived of a chance to compete in the 1984 olympics. It has to be a giant * Based on your original question, I went back and looked at all world championships, of course Russia and USSRA won most, but here are the winners Year Dates City and host country Team champion 1951 26–29 April Helsinki, Finland Turkey 1954 22–25 May Tokyo, Japan Turkey 1957 1–2 June Istanbul, Turkey Turkey 1959 1–5 October Tehran, Iran Soviet Union 1961 2–4 June Yokohama, Japan Iran 1962 21–23 June Toledo, United States Soviet Union 1963 31 May – 2 June Sofia, Bulgaria Soviet Union 1965 1–3 June Manchester, United Kingdom Iran 1966 16–18 June Toledo, United States Turkey 1967 12–14 November New Delhi, India Soviet Union 1969 8–10 March Mar del Plata, Argentina Soviet Union 1970 9–11 July Edmonton, Canada Soviet Union 1971 27–30 August Sofia, Bulgaria Soviet Union 1973[a] 6–9 September Tehran, Iran Soviet Union 1974 29 August – 1 September Istanbul, Turkey Soviet Union 1975 15–18 September Minsk, Soviet Union Soviet Union 1977 21–23 October Lausanne, Switzerland Soviet Union 1978 24–27 August Mexico City, Mexico Soviet Union 1979 25–28 August San Diego, United States Soviet Union 1981 11–14 September Skopje, Yugoslavia Soviet Union 1982 11–14 August Edmonton, Canada Soviet Union 1983 26–29 September Kiev, Soviet Union Soviet Union 1985 10–13 October Budapest, Hungary Soviet Union 1986 19–22 October Budapest, Hungary Soviet Union 1987 26–29 August Clermont-Ferrand, France Soviet Union 1989 31 August – 3 September Martigny, Switzerland Soviet Union 1990 6–9 September Tokyo, Japan Soviet Union 1991 3–6 October Varna, Bulgaria Soviet Union 1993 25–28 August Toronto, Canada United States 1994 25–28 August Istanbul, Turkey Turkey 1995 10–13 August Atlanta, United States United States 1997 28–31 August Krasnoyarsk, Russia Russia 1998 8–11 September Tehran, Iran Iran 1999 7–10 October Ankara, Turkey Russia 2001 22–25 November Sofia, Bulgaria Russia 2002 5–7 September Tehran, Iran Iran 2003 12–14 September New York, United States Georgia Year Dates City and host country Team champion Men's freestyle Men's Greco-Roman Women's freestyle 2005 26 September – 2 October Budapest, Hungary Russia Hungary Japan 2006 25 September – 1 October Guangzhou, China Russia Turkey Japan 2007 17–23 September Baku, Azerbaijan Russia United States Japan 2008 11–13 October Tokyo, Japan — — Japan 2009 21–27 September Herning, Denmark Russia Turkey Azerbaijan 2010 6–12 September Moscow, Russia Russia Russia Japan 2011 12–18 September Istanbul, Turkey Russia Russia Japan 2012 27–29 September Strathcona County, Canada — — China 2013 16–22 September Budapest, Hungary Iran Russia Japan 2014 8–14 September Tashkent, Uzbekistan Russia Iran Japan 2015 7–15 September Las Vegas, United States Russia Russia Japan 2016 10–11 December Budapest, Hungary — — — 2017 21–26 August Paris, France United States Russia Japan 2018 20–28 October Budapest, Hungary Russia Russia Japan 2019 14–22 September Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Russia Russia Japan Other than Iran in 1961, the only other non Russia/USSR team to win in domianting fashion was Turkey in 1951. USSR did not even particpate as far as I can tell, and Turkey dominated en's freestyle[edit] Event Gold Silver Bronze Flyweight 52 kg Ali Yücel Turkey Mahmoud Mollaghasemi Iran Bengt Johansson Sweden Bantamweight 57 kg Nasuh Akar Turkey Niilo Turkkila Finland Mehdi Yaghoubi Iran Featherweight 62 kg Nurettin Zafer Turkey Ilmari Ruikka Finland Henry Holmberg Sweden Lightweight 67 kg Olle Anderberg Sweden Garibaldo Nizzola Italy İbrahim Zengin Turkey Welterweight 73 kg Celal Atik Turkey Aleksanteri Keisala Finland Abdollah Mojtabavi Iran Middleweight 79 kg Haydar Zafer Turkey Gholamreza Takhti Iran Göte Ekström Sweden Light heavyweight 87 kg Yaşar Doğu Turkey Viking Palm Sweden Max Leichter West Germany Heavyweight +87 kg Bertil Antonsson Sweden Pauli Riihimäki Finland Natale Vecchi Italy Who Knew, at one time Sweden and Finland were big in FS wrestling?
  10. One other team that dominated, although perhaps not quite at the same level as the other posts here .is Iran at the 1961 Freestyle world chmapionship in Yokahama, Japan 5 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 5th place out of 8 Men's freestyle[edit] Event Gold Silver Bronze Flyweight 52 kg Ali Aliyev Soviet Union Nasrollah Soltaninejad Iran Cemal Yanılmaz Turkey Bantamweight 57 kg Ebrahim Seifpour Iran János Varga Hungary Hüseyin Akbaş Turkey Featherweight 62 kg Vladimir Rubashvili Soviet Union Yunus Pehlivan Turkey Hamid Tavakkol Iran Lightweight 67 kg Mohammad Ali Sanatkaran Iran Vladimir Sinyavsky Soviet Union Udey Chand India Welterweight 73 kg Emam-Ali Habibi Iran Mikhail Bekmurzov Soviet Union Yutaka Kaneko Japan Middleweight 79 kg Mansour Mehdizadeh Iran Géza Hollósi Hungary Hans Antonsson Sweden Light heavyweight 87 kg Gholamreza Takhti Iran Boris Gurevich Soviet Union Hasan Güngör Turkey Heavyweight +87 kg Wilfried Dietrich West Germany Hamit Kaplan Turkey Aleksandr Medved Soviet Union
  11. That is good to know, thanks for sharing. Is just did not make sense that people would get sick playing tennis outdoors However, there is the matter of the MLB players and staff getting sick https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/06/15/several-mlb-players-staff-test-positive-for-covid-19/,
  12. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/24/881704736/all-you-wanted-to-know-about-coronavirus-vaccine-science-but-were-afraid-to-ask Normally, it can take a decade or more to develop, test and license a new vaccine, but the coronavirus pandemic is likely to speed up that process considerably because developers are doing things in parallel that they would usually do in sequence. Even before a vaccine candidate has been shown to work, companies are scaling up their manufacturing capacity with the intention of making hundreds of millions of doses of something that may never be useful. About a dozen vaccines are already being tested in humans, and proof that a particular vaccine works — or doesn't — may be available as soon as the end of this year.
  13. I think we all agree, if there is a vaccine, the olympics take place as scheduled The key questions are will there be a vaccine in time? If not, will the Olympic s take place? my answers are 50% chance 0% chance
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