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  1. When is the last time Iran did not qualify for all weights in Freestyle Olympics?
  2. Given the excellent relationship between the two governments, I am sure the US is very eager for a nice gesture of friendship. I trust the trophy is at DHL as we speak :)
  3. Let's wait a few weeks, I want the results of Kazakhstan results to come back, Iran might end up second, and US can keep their third place trophy :)
  4. Please educate me on this do they test all medal winners, and the other wrestlers get randomly tested? Why would he even attempt to wrestle the semi final if that was the reason? Has he had a history of juicing? With all these sanctions, where people have trouble getting medicine, how the hell do these people find PED anyway?
  5. Two-time Cadet World Champion • Junior World Champion • Wow, US has a good future in this weight!
  6. Holly Crap! This kid is legit! If he is ranked 2, who is ranked 1?
  7. It is true that folkstyle rules give you a lot more reason to try hard to escape or reverse as in freestyle your best bottom strategy is to stall. However, that is a skill that Americans have, and folkstyle or not, they can teach their wrestlers to do that.
  8. I agree with everything you wrote. My point is, if wrestling is not popular, then a country like Bahrain should just ignore it, instead of hiring mercenaries ,
  9. Reducing the weight classes to 6 at the olympics is a terrible horrible decision. If they must reduce the number of wrestlers in the olympics, I would rather they do it by reducing the number of competitors to 8 per weight class.
  10. Thanks for educating me. So he is saying I deny that All Russians are juicers because I am cheering for Russian athletes? I am now more confused!
  11. I have mixed feelings about 125. On the one hand, Zare is a rising star, and I would love to see him do well in the Olympics. On the other hand, Hadi deserves a shot at the olympics, and I would love to see him finish his career with a bronze olympic medal
  12. Yes, I was attempting to be funny, and meant he came up with that comment in the laundromat, since he keeps on talking about laundry. I think he knows very well I never said that, and is just trying to make up crap.
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