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  1. Another reason to hate Folk Style :)
  2. I think 86, 92, 97 and 125 will be must watch matches if the top guys from both sides show up
  3. I have not been able to find any news on this in US media Do you have some links you can share?
  4. Steveson is coming back? Really? Where did you read that? Man if that happens, 86, 92, 97 and 125 will all be must watch matches, and you are right, iran is not really a favorite in any weight classes, and heavy underdogs in 57, 74 and 79. I will change my assessment in 61, and say US is a slight favorite, not a heavy favorite. I think Amouzad will continue to get better
  5. Cannot wait to see which wrestlers each team decides to bring in If both teams bring their A teams, this is what I see 57 - US heavy favorite 61 - US heavy favorite 65 - toss up 70 - toss up 74- US heavy favorite 79 - US heavy favorite 86 - Great match, could go either way 92 - Great match, could go either way 97 - Great match, could go either way 125 - Iran heavy favorite
  6. You can watch some of them here https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/news/331510/ببینید-فیلم-و-نتایج-کامل-کشتی-گیران-ایران-۴-طلا-و-۲-برنز-تاریخ In general, they are very supportive of the wrestler and coaching, but keep on talking what a terrible job the Iran medical staff did :) (just as bad joke) Great job Doctor!!
  7. I think Japan will and should be interested in having full weights of wreslting Qatar and Saudi will probably also be interested, they will just sign Sadualev and David's Taylor's sons as their citizen and try to win medals the only way they know how :)
  8. I understand (and hate) why the Olympics have limited the weight classes to 6 I cannot comprehend for the life of me why the AG are limited to to 6 weights.
  9. Based on the past, yes, it is Taheri. Za-Re does struggle with Taheri's wrestling style though. Perhaps some new kids will mature into becoming a contender. Our cadet world champion is promising, but he needs more time to become a senior contender
  10. Just for discussion, if Iran does send their A team to the world championship next year, who would represent Iran in some of the weights and can they win gold in the Asian games? Focusing on the weights that matter 86 KG - Ahmad Bazri SHOULD be able to win gold in the AG 92 - Karimi should smoke the field 97 - Either Mohammadian or Goleij, depending on who is A and who is B should win gold 120 Kg - This is where we run out of luck. If Za-Re goes to the world championship, there is not a big different between our A guy and B guy
  11. Of course I do. Thanks, I will correct the original post
  12. I remember in 1975 the world championship was at the same time as the Asian Games. Furthermore, the Asian games were being hosted in Tehran. There was NO WAY the wrestling A time was not going to compete in the AG. They sent the B games to the world championship that year. Iran had a terrible 1976 Olympics, and I attribute part of the failure to the absence of the A team from the world championship and missing a chance to experience the competition
  13. I finally figured out my feelings towards Greco Roman At least one throw - Great match, A+ Just one throw - Good match. A No throws, but a few good pare Terre scores , a bit of a yawn B- No throws, no par Terre moves, waste of time, F
  14. Great performance by the GR team More golds than any other team, 3 of them in olympic weights 4 for 4 in the finals I think if you combine the performance of the GR and FS teams, this is probably the best combined performance ever, 7 golds, and 3 silvers is pretty damn good On Iranian TV, they had a split screen of the fans in Shiraz who were gathered outside of Geraie's house. Apparently someone had put a giant tv outside his house, and 100s, if not 1000s were outside his hource cheering him on
  15. It will be interesting to see if the GR guys can come home with 4 Golds, and 2nd place. That will give them bragging rights over the FS guys
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