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  1. any updates on Ghiasi? so as of now, only Zare, and Ebrahimi are still in it, right?
  2. At the minimum, it proves that as an 18 year old, he can compete with adult men
  3. In my opinion, Hadi is by far Iran's best choice, if healthy. He did go because of back problems, and Mohebbi went instead.
  4. I don't think Zare is one of the top guys in the world. I don't think he is even the top guy in Iran. I think he a young guy with very high potential.
  5. Who are you saying is one of the top guys in the world?
  6. Yes, Zare is 18 or 19. This is a great test to see how much he has improved since he got pinned by Perris in the juniors since then, he has won the U23, and beat Geno (in a meaningless club match) this will be a great test for Zare
  7. This is the details of what sadulaev said when he dedicated his victory to Shamil “I would like to dedicate this victory to our venerable highlander - Imam Shamil. Every young man in the Caucasus takes him as a model. I would like to quote one of his sayings: “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,” Sadulaev commented on his victory. It's difficult for me to fault the quote that Sadulaev used “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,” There is nothing religious or political about that quote. I gather that Shami is a lighting rod in the Russia Chechnya relationship, and just mentioning his name is controversial. Perhaps an analogy would be a southern wrestler wearing a Robert E. Lee Shirt, and dedicating his victory to him
  8. Iran FS to Alans 7th December 57 - Sarlak 61 - Dastan 65 - Yazdani and Ghiasi 92 - Javad Ebrahimi 97 - Foroutan 125 - Zare In general, a very young, but promising team I am particularly interested is seeing how Yazdani at 65, Foroutan at 97 and Zare at 125 do
  9. I don’t understand the purpose of trying out young wrestlers in non Olympic weights at this point. Given their limited resources, they should only focus on the Olympic weights at this point
  10. Iran FS to Alans 7th December 57 - Sarlak 61 - Dastan 65 - Yazdani and Ghiasi 92 - Javad Ebrahimi 97 - Foroutan 125 - Zare
  11. This was your original statement The Iranian WAS wearing the official team uniform. He just happened to be wearing the short sleeve version. I never thought either of your statements were malicious in nature.
  12. I am afraid both of your statements are wrong! Here is the explanation for the UWW page II. Facts 4. On the occasion of the 2019 Senior World Championship held in Nur-Sultan (KAZ) and in particular but not limited to immediately after the medal ceremony in his category, the athlete took away his national team tracksuit to ostensibly and deliberately show a t-shirt with a politically and religiously connoted image, i.e. a shirt showing a portrait of “Imam Shamil”, a Caucasian political, military, and religious leader in the 19th century. The athlete answered to media solicitations in the mixed zone 2 wearing his shirt. He wore this shirt and other shirts with the same portrait publicly in various other occasions during the championship inside the competition venue. He also published pictures on the social media of himself with his championship’s medal and this shirt. Also, the Iranian athlete you refer to was disqualified for wearing a short sleeve shirt on the podium!! Others wore Short sleeve shirts on the podium at the same event, however, their crimes were not punished
  13. The suspension is for 4 months. If it ends in 1/20, that means he was suspended in 9/19. 9/19 is when he won, wore the shirt and made the dedication to what's his name. I think it's fair to assume the date on the UWW site is a typo. At this point, I don't think there is any doubt that he was suspended. The only area of doubt is the date of the suspension. I am very surprised this was not big news when it happened.
  14. As the OP, I cannot vouch on the validity of the news i have found the twitter of Ivan FSvarestlinf to be reliable to date I also could not find any other news about his suspension, but i did find another source about his dedication of the victory to Imam Shamil http://islam.ru/en/content/news/muslim-wrestler-devoted-his-victory-world-cup-imam-shamil
  15. I am afraid I do not know much more than what is on Twitter this is what I gather. He wore a shirt with the picture of Imam Shamil. I looked up Imam Shamil on wiki, he was an 1800 Chechnian Muslim cleric who fought the Russians. he also dedicated the win to Imam Shamil. apparently, that is enough to ban him. A four month ban seems harmless and more to send him a message
  16. They say Sadulaev was disqualified for that interview and T-shirt with Imam Shamil Source = Ivan_FSwrestling @sikom_d https://twitter.com/sikom_d/status/1175839145375256576/photo/1
  17. Pretty good result for a bad finish :)
  18. Lol, I can tell you are a devout follower :) I am surprised, I thought azeris are Sunnis
  19. ? Did Hasanov defect to Iran? :)
  20. I am very disappointed to read about Nokhodi losing to Afzali. I was hoping that Nokhodi is on his way up, and perhaps could be the #1 in time for the olympics
  21. I did not watch the Mohebbi match, I get upset when I see him wrestle! But the coach was funny in the Mohammadian match, calling him "pesar" (Boy)
  22. I have no argument that it was a huge upset, and Lowney deserves all the credit in the world. However, for ANYONE to beat Satiev was a shock, and Slay was not the most decorated wrestler either. At the end of the day, this is a subjective conversation. If you feel Lowney's win was as a big a shock, then it was. t e
  23. I remember that. That one was more like shockingly stupid.
  24. No question he was dominant for the three years, but he did not do well in the previous olympics he also took silver 5 months earlier in the European championship, losing to Belarus (I looked it up on the UWW database) Most the other guys were defending Olympic champions, and were dominant longer than three years.
  25. While this is an impressive upset, it does not stand out as the others did. With all the others, the person who was upset was undefeated for years before the upset
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