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  1. Fair point, so let me put this quote in here “As far as we all know, you’re going to be in Tokyo,” Pound said. “All indications are at this stage that it will be business as usual. So keep focused on your sport and be sure that the IOC is not going to send you into a pandemic situation.” My intent for the previous point was to demonstrated that they are conceding that there is a possibility that they will cancel the Olympics if the virus is out of control, and of course they have no idea where the virus spread will be by then
  2. IOC member Dick Pound says Tokyo Olympic organizers have until late May to see if the virus is under control. If not, “you’re probably looking at a cancellation.” https://t.co/e90SS6Px8B https://thepointsguy.com/news/officials-say-tokyo-2020-cancellation-is-possible-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak/?utm_campaign=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=Editorial&utm_content=B921AD5A-581A-11EA-9F71-EDBF96E8478F&fbclid=IwAR1Mc9_O4PPSe9TNnc-qP1Mn0O5c0LeQy1SRjmJuyvqvHN6u8feVf8WAHjQ
  3. OK. I will reluctantly take your bet. I usually hate to place bets when I don't want to win, but at this point, I think it is too good of a bet to pass up for my charity. You are on! I hope you win!
  4. I would be delighted if I am wrong Here is the difference I see CDC issued a pandemic advice for the Corona Virus in the US, they did not do so on Eboli (at least not that I recall) Let's hope I am wrong
  5. At this point, after reading this, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-25/cdc-warns-of-broad-disruption-if-virus-spreads-locally-in-u-s I will be surprised if the Tokyo Olympics go on as planned. I hope I am wrong. This will be terrible for the hard working athletes around the world
  6. I agree with you one 100%. Snyder has already had an amazing career, and dominated his weight class for a good 2-3 years. His weight class has become very competitive, and one of Snyder's weaknesses has been exposed, which is he is not good in an area which he has very little experience in, being on his back. I am sure he will work very hard on that, so even if he does get stuck on his back again, he will do a far better job of fighting it
  7. The use of multiple channels, and the choice to watch sports you want to, instead of just the popular ones, is fantastic. I think and It hope it will be even better in the future with all the streaming options available.
  8. I cannot disagree with anything you wrote here. The number one sport in India is Cricket. I hope the god they don't put that in the Olympics
  9. Great points, although I am torn on your point in soccer. In Olympics soccer male competitors must be under 23 years old, and since 1996, players under 23 years old, with three over-23 year old players, are allowed per squad, so countries have used it to show case their young players. In case of women's soccer, the teams in the olympics are exactly the same as the ones in the world cup, so no reason to remove women's soccer
  10. yes, it is not popular in Europe, Africa, middle east, and Asia outside of Japan, and perhaps one or two other countries in Asia
  11. You are correct that it really does not make a difference, but the lack of inconsistency and logic is annoying
  12. Well of course, who would want to get rid of poll dancing? Are you a socialist :) ?
  13. Personally, I would get rid of the following sports Anything with the world rhythmic in it Anything with the work Synchronized in it Any sports that involves weapons Sports that are only popular in a small % of countries (e.g, baseball) Any sport that involves animals. I would also reduce the number of swimming events, and number of Gymnastics events. In weightlifting,you have show strength in two unrelated areas, and you only get one medal at the end of you complete both events successfully. In gymnastics, you get one medal for each of the 4-5 areas, and then you have an overall medal
  14. There is a technical flaw in this board that prevents you from liking your own posts or thanking yourself for a good post.
  15. Fair point, as always coach J. I would say give us 10 weights, and will reduce the medal by having only one bronze. I am even willing to have 10 weights, and no bronze if that helps!
  16. I think we would all prefer that, but given the constraints imposed by the Olympics, I am trying to propose an alternative to the current approach
  17. I cannot imagine any logical reason why the two wrestling styles would have different weight classes
  18. Does anyone know if taking PED's protect against Corona virus? If so, almost all weightlifters, and several wrestlers should be good.
  19. I understand that wrestling was under pressure to reduce the number of wrestlers and shorten the competition time. UWW's response was to reduce the weight classes from 10 to 6, and limit the entries to 16 per weight class for a total of 16 participants in each weight class the men's divisions, for a total 96 participants in each of the men's styles. The above solution is obviously flawed, and creates a situation where one of Snyder/Cox, Drake/JB will not go to the olympics. I believe there is a better solution. This solution is also flawed, but I believe it's better. Keep the 10 weights, and limit the entries to 12 (top 4 get a bye in the first round, for a total of 120 athletes), if that is too many, then keep the 10 weights, and allow 10 athletes per weight class for a total of 100 entries (almost the same 96), and if that is too much, then do 10 classes with 8 entries. I know this is also flawed, half the entrants would leave with medals, but I this is solution is less flawed than the existing one. While I have the podium, let me also state that I think it's really really stupid that FS and GR weight classes are from each other. Are you kidding me? They could not agree to the same weight classes?
  20. Iran needs to qualify in 97, that is the only remaining weight class that really matters
  21. I am as confused as ever about the olympic qualification rules.
  22. It's a good thing Iran has already qualified for 125, otherwise this would have been a bigger disaster
  23. When is the last time Iran did not qualify for all weights in Freestyle Olympics?
  24. Given the excellent relationship between the two governments, I am sure the US is very eager for a nice gesture of friendship. I trust the trophy is at DHL as we speak :)
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