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  1. https://twitter.com/Irani__V/status/1218164610043392005?s=20 Mohammadian vs the Kazak
  2. Thanks for educating us Can you elaborate what the ranking tournament is good for if don't qualify? I assume it helps the ranking of those who qualify, but useless for those who don't?
  3. I think he means he has not qualified for the Iran national team yet
  4. You were questioning if he would even make the Mazandaran team :)
  5. Since we are discussing Mohammadian, I will share a couple of facts about his father that some of you may not know His father is Askari Mohammadian, two time Olympics Silver Medalist. He was unfortunate enough to run into Sergei Beloglazov in the 1988 finals, and into John Smith in the 1992 finals!
  6. I am sorry, I misread your first post, I thought you had written that he is the best, not the second best
  7. That is quite a statement from the usually pessimistic Sharizi :) Sadulaev is the reigning world champion, and I am not prepared to predict anyone beating him yet
  8. well, I think Iran's 97 Kg question is answered We just need to figure out the heavyweight question, and we are done, the other weights don't really matter, Iran does not have a chance for medal
  9. I believe Mohammadian beat Hashtyn just a couple of months ago.
  10. The only relevant news out of this to me are Hadi will probably be the best chance of a medal in heavyweight in the olympics AM Yazdani is the not as dominant of a wrestler as his cousins. He will not be a factor in Tokyo, perhaps he will mature later Perhaps Nassiri will be a factor
  11. Too bad Zareh and Mohammadian are exempt. I would have loved to see them compete against the best domestic competition
  12. I cannot access the document that you posted which other country is attending? Karimi not moving up to 97 is absurd, How could he possibly not be interested in the olympics? Very intrigued to see how Reza Yazdani will do. Frankly, the level of his competition is not relevant, it's his conditioning and status of injuries that I want to see Similarly, I am very interested to see what kind of form Hadi is in
  13. Navid Zanganeh , the 2018 U23 Bronze medalist in 74kg, has migrated to Canada, and will wrestle for Canada going forward. Apparently, he was arrested during the recent protests in Iran https://www.radiofarda.com/a/navid-zangeneh-wrestler-canada/30355941.html
  14. To avoid controversy, they come up with a mathematical formula to select the winner. There is no opinion to attack, one can only fault the formula. Based on the outcome, I would tinker with the formula if I were them.
  15. He is one ugly SOB. However, i bet if someone put his picture on Tinder, a few freaks would select him :) Happy New Year everyone
  16. Yes, he is the same guy. Since that loss, Zare has had an amazing run of success, suggesting that either the pin was a fluke, or Zare has improved tremendously since then. I still think Hadi is a better choice for the Olympics. As for Parris, I thought he was very impressive. They should test him against senior wrestlers, and if he does well, then he should very well be the US rep in Tokyo.
  17. They should have had him wrestle in 97 in this tournament. What is the point of competing in 92 Kg 2 months before the Olympics?
  18. any updates on Ghiasi? so as of now, only Zare, and Ebrahimi are still in it, right?
  19. At the minimum, it proves that as an 18 year old, he can compete with adult men
  20. In my opinion, Hadi is by far Iran's best choice, if healthy. He did go because of back problems, and Mohebbi went instead.
  21. I don't think Zare is one of the top guys in the world. I don't think he is even the top guy in Iran. I think he a young guy with very high potential.
  22. Who are you saying is one of the top guys in the world?
  23. Yes, Zare is 18 or 19. This is a great test to see how much he has improved since he got pinned by Perris in the juniors since then, he has won the U23, and beat Geno (in a meaningless club match) this will be a great test for Zare
  24. This is the details of what sadulaev said when he dedicated his victory to Shamil “I would like to dedicate this victory to our venerable highlander - Imam Shamil. Every young man in the Caucasus takes him as a model. I would like to quote one of his sayings: “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,” Sadulaev commented on his victory. It's difficult for me to fault the quote that Sadulaev used “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,” There is nothing religious or political about that quote. I gather that Shami is a lighting rod in the Russia Chechnya relationship, and just mentioning his name is controversial. Perhaps an analogy would be a southern wrestler wearing a Robert E. Lee Shirt, and dedicating his victory to him
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