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  1. Since there is nothing else to bet on these days, we should feed this data to Las Vegas sporting books, so they give odds. In April, I am doing a few parlays, I will have @MedicineMan on each of the parlays
  2. One of my learnings was that in order for people to improve their performance, they need to receive constant and continuous feedback. Based on that, I would like to request that you publish this very important analysis every hour on the hour, so the posters can make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Are @MedicineMannumbers off the charts again? If so, I demand he get tested for PED! Usually when someone blows away the field like that, e,g, Lance Armstrong, they are juicing!
  4. The Super Heavyweight was Reza Sookhte-Sarayee. he did not defect It was a mid weight Mehdioun who defected
  5. You are correct that Anvari's medal is in the 100 KG as opposed to 100+ Kg. He lost to some unheard of Indian dude But the point remains that gold medals were not automatic at the heavyweight and superheavy weight levels. We had all sort of bad disappointments in the 1970 Asian games in wrestling. Anvari lost, Movahed could only tie for the gold, and Talebi, an olympic gold medalist, failed to medal in 57 Kg
  6. Anvari never did better than bronze in Asia, so it's not accurate to say Iran always dominated the super heavyweight. I am aware of Filabi's political activities. He was a member of MKO even before the revolution. Kazem Gholami, who used to always take second to Movahed was another MKO wrestler
  7. Yeah, he lost to Taylor in 1972. In those days the superweight was unlimited, and Taylor weigh over 400 lbs. Here is a picture of them wrestling He did win gold a few times in Asia, so he was not a complete failure
  8. Almost seems unfair to have Filabi in there as a failure. I think for about a decade during the Alexander Medved reign, he was the 4th best heavyweight wrestler in the world. He also had a chronic injury that made his job harder
  9. You make an excellent point, I was using the wrong term. Not Cardo but conditioning
  10. I do not see that way. Specifically against DT, He dominated the first two minutes of the match strength wise, pushed Dt him, physically overpowered him and owned him for two minutes. I think he was up 6-0 or something like that in both matches. He then ran out of gas both times, got pinned the first time, and lost by several points i the second match. With everyone else, he overpowers them and techs them before he runs out of fas
  11. Helped: DT - more time to recover from his major injury Cox - more time to adjust to new weight class,and perhaps add some more bulk Some Young Super Heavyweight (e,g, Parris) to fill the vacuum in the US super heavyweight division Hurt JB - one of the GOAT if not GOAT is past his prime, and will be further from his prime a year from now Bonus answer, same question for Iran Helped Yazdani - Time to recover from his minor injury, and hopefully to improve his cardio Mohammadian - Has been improving significantly since coming back from suspension, and if he can continue to improve, he will be true top 3 contender Zareh - Has been on whirlwind since getting pinned by Perris, and another year might make a a legitimate medal contender Hurt Hadi - His career is sunsetting, and what little chance he had of qualifying this year will be reduced to zero
  12. People like you are what make international competitions great.
  13. I give him lots of credit for trying
  14. We have the worst case scenario. A dishonest, evil regime in Iran. A dishonest, evil regime in the US
  15. I would like to confirm that @Jaroslav Hasekgenerously donated $20 to the charity of my choice. I would like to thank him for his generosity, and let's hope we will get to watch the Olympics this year perhaps in September or October.
  16. @Jaroslav Hasek Based on a post by my esteemed attorney, @Lurkerhttps://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/report-tokyo-2020-olympics-postponed-to-2021-due-to-coronavirus/?__twitter_impression=true We have a decision. As I said when we placed the bet, I did not want to win this bet, I am truly sorry that the olympics will be postponed. Here is the charity that I chose https://www.michaeljfox.org/donate/our-goal-urgently-needed-cure?smcid=bg-a1b1R0000086fN9&msclkid=32c0b17540bd182b9cfcef0c49096f66 I thank you in advance for your generous donation.
  17. https://www.channel3000.com/ioc-considering-postponing-tokyo-olympics/ The fat lady is entering the stage and getting ready to sing.
  18. https://responsiblestatecraft.org/2020/03/19/trump-administration-piles-on-sanctions-as-the-rest-of-the-world-helps-iran-confront-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR1N7MaMLWm3Ros5inDgMfFquL7IFgWn7bvsdKY7JCVy2onJ5clBJNOdchA
  19. sorry, that was a typo Do you know how old his dad is?
  20. Any idea who told his dad is?
  21. This is not fair. I hear a rumor that @Jaroslav Hasek has offered 50% of the $20 to the Japanese prime minister, and this is the reason the prime minister refuses to cancel the olympics :) Japan does seem to have the situation somewhat under control, so I supposed the Olympics could go on, likely without China, Italy, France, Spain and iran. Let's hope for the best
  22. The Asia Olympic qualifiers have been postponed till sometime in April. Given the situation in Iran, China, and Japan, I do not know if they will be able to have the qualifier in April or even May So, in the very unlikely scenario, that the Olympics do not get cancelled, they may have to come up with some criteria to select who gets to go from Asia without a qualifier (perhaps use the UWW ranking?). In case of Iran, they have a shot for a medal at 97 Kg, and they still have not qualified, so it would be a big deal. I am aware this is probably all moot, the olympics will be canceled or postponed.
  23. Since I received complaints about my previous post being too long, allow me post a graph that I hope will demonstrate the value social distancing, which means closing schools, sporting events, and most other large gatherings
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