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  1. 37 minutes ago, Peso said:

    Nope, strength probably has nothing at all to do with your ability to execute technique against opponents who are weaker...

    I am going to assume that you have some familiarity with wrestling:

    To be successful as a wrestler, you need physical strengths, endurance, technical skills, speed, and  the right mental attitude.  Having strength in each area, can help in the other areas.

    What I stated before was  that he seems to dominate his opponents by showing superior skills, and not because he overpowered them.  Yes, being stronger can help you perform techniques better, but what I saw in his matches showed more skills, and less strength.

    I accept that you have made up your mind, and think that he has improved only because he juiced 4 years ago, and is juicing now; you are entitled to your opinion.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    You guys are a bunch of Pollyannas.  Are these the first wrestling matches he has had in four years?

    I am not sure I understand your question.

    He was banned for 4 years, and obviously did not have any matches in those four years

    He returned from his ban, and has won two tournaments since his return.  He won the military games in December, where he barely beat Hushtyn in the finals, and then won the Italian ranking tournament where he completed dominated everyone he wrestled, including Hushtyn.

    It should be pointed out that he is NOT winning his matches by outpowering his opponents, he is doing it by out wrestling them.  To my knowledge, juicing does not improve your wrestling skills.

  3. 5 minutes ago, AHamilton said:

    Sometimes years later, after they have already beaten clean athletes in the Olympic games.

    As @wrestlingnerd eloquently stated: 

    "he's probably less likely to gamble away four peak years again in a young man's sport."  Although if he does it again and gets caught, I expect the ban to be longer than 4 years this time, effectively ending his career

    I am not a fan juicers, they are cheaters and deserve to be punished.  This guy cheated, got caught and got punished.

    I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt going forward.  I accept that you are not


  4. 2 hours ago, AHamilton said:

    I am really impressed by this young man''s work ethic.  He was a world bronze who was unwittingly given a substance by a corrupt doctor to help him heal from an ankle injury.  The substance was detected, forcing him to miss 4 years at the prime of career.  What happens during his four years off? He goes completely drug free and is arguably the top contender to win an Olympic gold over the great Saduleev!!! This young man is even better without drugs than he was with the "powerful anabolic: prescribed by that unscrupulous physician!  The value of hard work can never be discounted!

    Your sarcasm aside, he did work very hard the four years that he was banned.  If he is juicing again, I trust the system will catch him.  Juicers usually get caught.

  5. 3 minutes ago, bnwtwg said:

    Gwiz ceiling is silver with the right draw, bronze if Geno and Akgul are on opposite sides. They have been the best in the world for how many years now? No shame in not being able to dethrone either of them.

    I think Hadi or Zare would be favored against Gwiz too, so silver or bronze would require a really good draw

  6. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Zare and Perris is that Zare was given more chances after he got pinned, and he shined.

    Perris has not been tested in Freestyle since he dominated the juniors.  All the theories about him not being ready are just that, theories.

    He deserves to be tested and groomed.  If he is not ready, then fine.

    He has far higher potential in the long term than Gwiz.  Gwiz has had multiple chances, and he may be a top 5-6 guy at best in the worlds.

  7. His father did NOT cut a lot of weight, he was, and still is a very small and slim wrestler.

    The son wrestled at 86 Kg when he was 20 and was well over 6 ft tall, four years before getting banned for juicing, so I think it's probably fair to say that at least not all of his size is related to juicing.  he probably found some size genes in his family tree as you said.

  8. 3 hours ago, wrestfan said:

    They invited 33 wrestlers to the national camp, I assume only wrestlers in this list are still "alive" for the Olympics , and also the Asian Championships

    57, Reza Atri, Alireza Sarlak, Mohammad Khodabakhshi

    61, Majid Dastan, Hassan Ebadi, Mirali Bavafa-Sadat

    65, Behnam Ehsanpour, Meisam Nassiri, Amir Hossein Maghsoudi, Kheirollah Ghahremani

    70, Amir Hossein Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Sargoo

    74, Younes Emami, Mostafa Hosseinkhani, Mohammad Sadegh Firouzpour

    79, Ali Savadkouhi, Amir Hossein Kavousi, Mohammad Nokhodi

    86, Hassan Yazdani, Kamran Ghasempour, Ahmad Bazri, Hamid Reza Alibakhshi

    92, Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi, Hossein Shahbazi, Mohammad Hossein Mirbaghian

    97, Alireza Karimi, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian, Mojtaba Goleij, Ali Shaabani

    125, Parviz Hadi, Amir Hossein Zare, Amin Taheri, Yadollah Mohebbi


    so no Olympics for Amir Mohammad Yazdani and other guys at 74kg and it seems they decided to send Nokhodi to 79kg. Kamran Ghasempour is still there despite missing the Takhti Cup, because apparently they want to save him in case something happens to Yazdani.

    Has Reza Yazdani officially acknowledged his retirement?

  9. 8 hours ago, window12 said:

    to get silver or bronze I take it he loses to Sadullaev but beats others say Sharipov or Snyder again... possible but not take it to the bank certain...

    We agree.  At this point, I would say Mohammadian would be a slight favorite against Sharipov and Snyder, but anything can happen.

    Mohammadian does seem to be improving at a very high rate.  Just a few months ago, he barely beat Hushtyn in a close match.  He just destroyed Hushtyn 9-0.

  10. I finally watched the video of Snyder vs Mohammadian

    This is my assessment:

    Snyder started aggressively and went for a takedown immediately.  Mohammadian defended well and they went to the ground.  They grappled, and it was 50/50, and then Snyder got caught.

    If they wrestle 10 times, Snyder will not get pinned again.

    Mohammadian did impress me with his speed and ability to defend against someone of Snyder's caliber.  he is very quick for a 97 Kg wrestler.  I agree that winning this tournament is not very meaningful, but his performance was very impressive against premier wrestlers (most of them with the exception of the number 1 guy)

    I fully expect Mohammadian to qualify for the olympics, and depending on his draw, I think a silver or bronze should be expected of him.


  11. 27 minutes ago, wrestfan said:

    no that wasn't an Olympic Qualifying event, that was a ranking series event, which will be used for "seeding" at the Olympics.

    let me explain the qualification format, there are 3 qualification tournaments

    1) 2019 World Championship, top 6 qualify

    2) 2020 Asian Qualification tournament, top 2 qualify

    3) 2020 World Qualification tournament, top 2 qualify

    in the first tournament, Iran only managed to qualify 2 weights in freestyle and 3 in Greco-Roman, in other weights they have to try their chances in Asian QT in China or World QT in Bulgaria.

    Thanks for educating us


    Can you elaborate what the ranking tournament is good for  if don't qualify?  I assume it helps the ranking of those who qualify, but useless for those who don't?

  12. 2 minutes ago, Shiraz123 said:

    Have to consider Mohammadian the second best 97 in the world right now.  I don't see the guy who wrestled today losing to Sharifov and I always liked Sharifov. I will say he is a LOT bigger than Sadulaev. He couldn't lose today, amazing performance. 

    That is quite a statement from the usually pessimistic Sharizi :)


    Sadulaev is the reigning world champion, and I am not prepared to predict anyone beating him yet


  13. 3 hours ago, The Genius said:

    Wow Mohammadian techs Nickal then pins Snyder (8-0). I'm going to savour these rare senior Iranian wrestling victories over the USA. Mohammadian beat the Italian Jesus in the SF (11-0) and will wrestle Hushtyn in the final, that should be interesting. 

    Zare beat the big Kazakh and German with ease and is in the final vs Makhov (RUS). Also a good match.

    I believe Mohammadian beat Hashtyn just a couple of months ago.

  14. 7 hours ago, wrestfan said:

    Takhti Cup semifinals are set

    57kg: Alireza Sarlak vs Majid Dastan /// Erfan Jafarian vs Arsen Harutyunyan (ARM)

    65kg: Kheirollah Ghahremani vs Abolfazl Hajipour /// Amir Hossein Maghsoudi  vs Meisam Nassiri

    79kg: Babak Safari vs Ali Savadkouhi /// Hamid Reza Zarinpeykar vs Amir Hossein Kavousi

    97kg: Javad Nazari vs Danial Shariatinia /// Mojtaba Goleij vs Esmaeil Nejatian

    125kg: Yadollah Mohebbi vs Parviz Hadi /// Abbas Foroutan vs Amin Taheri


    important results. Nasiri beat Biabani 3-2 and then A.M. Yazdani 14-13 ! (Yazdani had beaten Sadeghi 5-0 earlier) Maghsoudi beat Ghiasi and then Mehran Nassiri 2-0

    also in an early final at 97kg, Goleij beat Shaabani 6-4.


    The only relevant news out of this to me are

    1. Hadi will probably be the best chance of a medal in heavyweight in the olympics
    2. AM Yazdani is the not as dominant of a wrestler as his cousins.  He will not be a factor in Tokyo, perhaps he will mature later
    3. Perhaps Nassiri will be a factor
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