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  1. I juar read an interview with Amir Mohammad Yazdani, Iran's 19 year old 65 KG wrestler. I am too lazy to translate the whole interview, but here are the points I found interesting His father is first cousin of Reza Yazdani, the two time world champion He is a distant relative of Hassan Yazdani, the 86 Kg wrestler His sister is also a world medalist in Alysh wrestling https://ifpnews.com/world-wrestling-body-praises-iranian-female-wrestler He says he does not disrespect anyone, but some people call him a "spoiled brat" He is a first year laws student, but his college is closed down due to Covid-19 He is close friends with Zareh, the young superheavyweight https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/fa/news/262569/یزدانی-بی‌احترامی-نمی‌کنم-ولی-می‌گویند-بچه-پُررو-هستی
  2. The most heartbreaking one for me was Reza Yazdani being carried on a wheelchair. All the other ones were painful, but they were at least partially to blame. Thanks for sharing I am not on instagram. I waste enough time on here, Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, but you are now tempting me to add one more bad habit to my collection.
  3. This is a very well thought out comment. I cannot disagree with what you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to articulate your opinion. Speaking of bad English, I just read my reply to you. About 1 typo every 3 words :)
  4. Good reminder of the GR ones, I know about Karelin (3 golds and 1 silver), but was not aware of Lopez
  5. I cannot argue with you. Also, when it comes rating how good wrestlers are, chances are Sergei Belaglozov is usually a better judge than I am :)
  6. After discussing this topic with a few friends who are as old as me, but more knowledeable in history of wrestling, I want to make one change to my list in 48 Kg, I am going to name Il Kim of North Korea with two gold Olympic medals and one silver world as the best of all time over Ebrahim Javadi , .Roman Dmitriev and Sergey Kornilayev. I know they are all worthy, but to me two gold olympic medals wins over multilpe world golds. This bring the total to 4 from Russia, 1 each from USA, Bulgaria, Georgia, Uzbekistan and North Korea. It seems very wrong that no one from Iran or Japan is in the list, and both countries certainly have some honorable mentions, but this is the best list could come up with without any bias.
  7. Let's put a bet on this one. 1. If cox loses to Snyder, and does not make the team, I let you off the hook 2. If Cox does make the olympics, and faces Saulaev, what do you want to bet? $20 to to the winner's choice of chairty? I am interested in wagering some delicious Marine Candy :)
  8. well, I disagree with you on three counts In my book, trash talking is beneath the dignity of good wrestlers DT vs Cox, DT wins, not Cox If Cox does beat DT, Yazdani destorys Cox Other than that, we are in full agreement :)
  9. Really? Wrestling competition would be more attractive to you if there was trash talking? I guess we look at it different. His genuine humility makes me like him even more, and I enjoy watching wrestlers wrestle, not talk. You are definitely a very knolwedgeable wrestling fan, and you are entitled to your opinion, so I wil let thi discussion go.
  10. who are your toughest domestic opponentss Ghassempour and Bazri sounds pretty specific to me. I still don't know what you guys want from the guy
  11. he deserves a mention in the topic of best wrestlers of all time, and best wrestlers in each weight class. He is not top of mind in the the three olympic gold medal club. You raise a valid point, if it wasn't for the 1984 boycot, he could most likely have two gold olympic medals, and therebefore be a topic of this conversation in this thread too
  12. I simply fail understand what you and @wrestfan want him to say to make his interviews interesting. He is asked questions, and he answes them honestly and completely. Give me an example of how he would like to see his answers to be more interesting? Is this what you want? Question Who is your role model? Answer Well certainly not people like Jadidi because he is an *******! :)
  13. I actully think the translatiion of he questions was terrible. They asked him who his hero was, somehow he translated it into who his role model الگو was. He answers the questions honestly. He does not disrespect people and likes his coaches. That's who he is, if you don't find that interesting, then it is what it is.
  14. Thanks for posting. I agree that the translator next to him was terrible. Also the newspaper that I translated from did not translate the questions properly, and then again, I am sure my own translation was bad too. When you say his answers are not interesting, I am not sure exactly what you want him to say to make it interesting. He was asked questions, and answered them accurately and completely.
  15. The following is my attempt at translating a recent interview with Hassan Yazdani The original is posted here, and you can use google translate. Google tranwlate might end up being more coherent than my translation :) https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/fa/news/261449/یزدانی-می‌خواهم-تا-المپیک-2024-کشتی-بگیرم Yazdani : " I want to keep on wrestling until the 2024 Olympics" When asked what prompoted him to get into wrestling, Hassan Yazdani responded "I started wrestling since I was 12. In my country and city, this is a very popular sport. I also became interested in wrestling and joined a club and started wrestling as a career" When asked about his role model, he said " You cannot emphasis just one person. I watch everyone wrestle and use what I see in my training. I try to learn good techniques from all domestic and global champions. But from a sportmanship point of view, Takhti is my role model" Regarding his injury: " I have been practicing for two months. I have been conditioning my knee and have been wrestling on the mat for month know and fortunately everything looks good. The Olympic Champion comment on his weight change; "My plans get adjusted based on my weight. Throughout the years, as I got heavier, I myself decide what weight class to compete in. With the new rules, cutting significnat weight is diffuclt and you are forced to compete in higher weights. My natural weight is 89 kg, and I think wereslting at 86 is ideal for me. If I gain weight, then I will wrestle in higher wegihts too, and I would like to expereince that, but at the moment my weight does not allow that and I think 86 Kg is good for me In regards to 2015 world championship and losing to Gazimagomedov, he said: " In competition, there are lessons learned in every defea. Of course, in every competition I work on my weaknesses and try to do better. 2015 was my first Senior competitoin, and and I handed the win to Magomedov. I made mistakes and I tried to work on them in camps so that I would have the best performance in the Olympics, and fortunately that happened and I was able to win the best medal for my country" Regarding the Rio Olympics he said "I was positive the whole time and never considered losing. There were incidents with my opponents injurty that could have made things difficut (I assume he is referring to the constant stoppages) but god and my coaches helpmed keep my cool and stay focused and the match was decided in the last seconds While commenting on his opponent Taylor and wishing him good health he emphasized: " Every athletes tries to represent their countries tradition and culture.. I respect all my opponentsand I wish every single one of them good health and success wether they are direct opponents such as Taylor or others. I want my opponents to be at their best so we can have a good compeitions and the so that the fans can enjoy watching it. I try to conduct sportsmanship and good conduct and everything that is part of our wrestling tradition. Regarding his two losses to Taylor and his plans for Tokyo he said: " I try not to amke the mistaks that I made in the past matches,. these mistake may be technical or psychological, . I try to reduce them, and use a different approach in competition, and with more focus think about each opponent and execute what I plan. Regarding the labels that are being given to him in Iran, he said : I hope I deserve such labels. I will try very hard not to let down my fans. He added: I don't have any hobbies outside of wrestling, I focus just on training and as long as I wrestle, I want to focus on wrestling only. I try to spend my recreational time with my family and perhaps go hiking in the woods and mountains with them Regarding retirement he stated " I have not thought about it yet, But sometimes I try to think about the future, and be successful in business, but right now all my thoughts are about wrestling. My father handles business and commerical matters, and does not allow me to defocus, but I think I can do well in business too. When asked what medal he will win in Tokyo, he responded: I hope until I am able to wrestle I win the best olympic and world medals. As long as my body allows me, I will wrestle, and will try to win gold. My plans are through 2024, but it depends on my body allowing it. I would like to wrestle. Regarding his domestic opponents: They are good champions. Kamran Ghasempour and Ahmad Bazri are among the competitors, and perhaps younger opponents that we don't know will show up, but currently its Ghassempour and Bazri
  16. How many world cups have you been to? Have you been to any outside the US?
  17. Several US wrestlers vs 1980 medal winners Several Russian wrestlers vs 1984 medal winners
  18. I know it's not Dagestan, but Sharif Sharifov from Azerbajan has it too, and so does his entire family https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/fa/news/260415/قهرمان-کشتی-المپیک-هم-به-کرونا-مبتلا-شد
  19. Oops, sorry about that. Unfortunatly it's too late to delete my post
  20. According to Iranina news he has Covid-19 and is urging people not to leave their houses https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/fa/news/260046/اعتراف-تلخ-تانک-روسی Below is my rough and amateur translation Bitter admission by the russian tank Sadulaev who is considered the number one contender for the 97 kg olympic gold, announced that he is infected with the Cororna Virus. This wrestling who is known as the Russian tank, and has a gold olympic medal and 4 world gold medals, admitted on his instagram that he did not take Corona seriously, and therefore got infected In this video message, just as many of my compatriots, I did not take the Corona virus seriously. Perhaps we only take things seriously when the illness enters our house and knocks us out. I am now infected, and there is no one around me. I am quanrantined, and at the same time many people have died due to this disease He said I did not pay attention to the advice of Dagestan officials, and as in the past I went to the mountains for holidays to see my grandfather and other relatives. But this was a dangerous thing to do, and I should have stayed home. I urge everyone to stay home and celebrate the end of fasting at home. This is to protect oursleves and those around us, specially the elderly. He went one to say he reallizes staying home for a third month is not easy, but with pateince, life will return to normal, that he is sure of,
  21. I think they alwasy pick Karelin because of how he looks!
  22. We are going by weight class. As a whole, Sadulaev is miles ahead of DT and Hassan. I am saying if DT or Hassan win the olympic gold, and then go on on to win another 2-3 world championships, then I would put their accomplishments in the 86 kg ahead of Sadulaev. At the moment each of them has just one gold in 86 Kg, so yeah, they are nowhere in the standings
  23. Definitely unqiue, his medal count alone is pretty impressie, but the fact that he did it in both styles makes it amazing
  24. He counts, but I would not count the Junior or Espoir weights. If we use those then everyone will be on this list
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