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  1. Excellent ad to promote people to quit smoking
  2. http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wrestler-jordan-burroughs-world-cup-event-iran-diplomacy/story?id=45153850
  3. In 90 days, they will start their extreme vetting policy. Here is a video they just published on how they will conduct the extreme vetting https://youtu.be/9mOeVqqKIzg
  4. Iran intentionally allowing their biggest enemy who is trying to kill Iranians to pass thru the country? Do you really think that is a possibility? Using that logic, and looking at the map, then Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey should definitely be on the list. Also, sadly, there have been some cases of ISIS inspired attacks on US soils and none on Iran soil, so using the above logic, the Iranians are correct in banning travel by US citizens in case there are some ISIS sympathizer going from US to Iran? By the way, the EU does not have similar restrictions!
  5. I am afraid this is just ridiculous!. Iran is a shia country. ISIS, who are Sunni Muslims are a sworn enemies of Shias and killed and trying to kill Shias more than any other group. I assure you, ISIS are not fleeing to Iran, and noone with any knowledge will make such a claim. Saudi Arabia on the other hand has funds flowing to ISIS, but perhaps not training them.
  6. If you happen to have one, can you please share a video of a match where it was actually called? I have seen many no calls, I have never seen a call and would like to see if there is an obvious difference, or it's just inconsistent refereeing. Thanks in advance
  7. if you read the multiple postings above, the Iran foreign ministery has confirmed that the US wrestlers are welcome to enter the country. They are wrestlers after-all, and they are respected in Iran. Basketball players, that is another story, and they were denied entry.
  8. Obliviously, you are far more qualified to comment than I am. I must say, I have never seen it called, and I have seen it not called many times. So if what you statement is correct, then FILA's referees are very inconsistent. After I typed it, I realized what an obvious statement I just made!
  9. While it's difficult to specify based on the exact wording of FILA, based on the consistent no calls, I would have to agree 100%. Stepping on a foot of an opponent is OK, stumping on it to injure or hurt is not.
  10. I personally think focusing just on people's place of birth, nationality or reglision is the wrong way to go about it, and there are far more intelligent and sophisticated ways to identify those who are a threat. Having said that, since you brought it up, here is a summary of nationalities who have killed people on US soil
  11. well, looks like the game of stupidity is escalating. Diplomacy at work here: http://iransportspress.com/two-americans-basketball-players-who-plays-in-iran-are-unable-to-return-to-country/
  12. Since it appears that most of you will not be visiting Iran any time soon, perhaps you can do a virtual visit by reading this article https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2017/jan/29/motorcycling-through-iran-travel-lois-pryce-women-adventure?CMP=twt_gu
  13. Thanks for looking it up. Allow me to elaborate: When foreign nationals want to come from the US, most of them needs visa. Citizens of 38 countries do not need visas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Waiver_Program. The 7 countries in the ban always needed visas, so that was never an issue. So in 2015, congress passed a law that said even if you are the citizen of one of those 38 countries , if you are dual citizen of one of the 7 countries, or if you visited them, then you must apply for a visa. There was never a ban place. Even then, the idea was an absurd one since the list did not include countries with the biggest history of tourism involvement. I was incorrect when I said the original list only included 6 countries (actually it did, but the finally version included the 7) So yes, the Trump administration is using the same list of countries that was used for the visa waiver exclusion program, to now entirely ban their citizens, even if they already had legal visas. It is still an absolutely pointless exercise, and complete violates the values of the America that I know and I love. I should also point out that this bill was written by the Republicans controlled Congress and they included this into the Omnibus spending bill, which is a must-pass bill. Obama objected to it but was forced to sign it otherwise the government would have to shut down because it would be no money. This would never have gotten signed by him had it not been because of its inclusion in that must pass Bill. Thank you!
  14. well, it's collection of bans. 1. As you said a refugee ban for people from those 7 countires 2. ban for people from those 7 countries who already received visas 3. Ban for people from those 7 countries who already had legal permanent residence in the US. Some of whom lived here for years, went out of the country, and are now lot allowed in An equally wrong, but perhaps more practical approach would have been to say that starting today for xx days we will not issue any more visas, refugee or otherwise until we review our policies. It's just wrong to issue a visa (legal permission to enter the country) to someone, have them get on a plane, and then tell them at the airport "we changed our mind, you can't get in" The courts agree with me, they just put a temporary stay on the executive order.
  15. One theory is that all the countries that Trump does business in (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, etc) are not on the list The other theory, which is more credible to me, is that while those countries are far more significant when it comes to exporting terrorism, the US needs them for something (US base, significant holding of US loans, too important in the protection of Israel, etc)
  16. That is simply wrong! the list you refer to was developed by congress and signed by then president Obama for a completely different purpose. In addition, that list had 6 countries, Trump's list has 7 countries on it.
  17. Please! The list was developed by the republican dominated congress, and then unfortunately signed by Obama. That list was for a completely different purpose. It was to undo the visa waiver program for dual nationals. As stupid as the bill was, this one wins the cake. It even bans people who have green cards. Green card holders are legal permanent residence, who in most cases have lived in the US for a while. Those of them who left the country, were denied entry yesterday. Since then, the administration has backed away from the denying green card holders entry into the US.
  18. https://youtu.be/bM0GIzDZTJA Ebrahimi against the Mongolian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyXE8Wyxec0 Ebrahimi in the finals
  19. I hope you realize Iran is not a wahabi or Salafi country? Saudi Arabia is. Saudi Arabia is not included in the ban.
  20. Very well put! Agree with everything, specially the part about forfeiting to Israeli wrestlers. Iran just banned all US visitors in retaliation , but the foreign ministry issued a statement declaring that the US wrestlers are exempt from the stupid policy.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/billybraggofficial/photos/a.249499147470.158205.44905697470/10154042204942471/?type=3&theater
  22. I never got a proper introduction. I feel left out!
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