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  1. Thank you Sir سپاسگزارم
  2. wrestfan, can you please provide a link to the news article? i cannot find it. Would love to read the details
  3. It appears that that the WWF intends to move the world cup, after Iran decided to deny visas to the american wrestlers As reported, after Trump banned citizens of 7 muslim countires, Iran decided to deny Visas to americans Now, there is a report that WWF intends to move the cup out of Iran. One of the conditions is that the host must allow all nations to compete This is despite the fact the that Nenad Lalović, head of wrestling federation had previously said despite all the complexities, he respects Iran's decision Iran had asked the federation to nominate an 8th team to replace US, now we have to see if Iran will host the games or not The games are scheduled to take place on 28th and 29th of Bahman (iranian month) (16 and 17 of February)
  4. To be clear, it states that it appears that they intend to move it.
  5. Your guess is as good of mine, but I would guess not. Here is what I suspect happened. When this first came out, the foreign minister, who is US educated, and coherent, made the decision to let the US wrestlers come in. Then things got escalated, Flynn shot his mouth, Trump started threatening, and they also put new sanctions on Iran. Someone from the ayatollah's office came in and told the foreign minister, " we are now calling the shots", and revoked the visas. I doubt that this temporary ban will put things back to where they were. For those of you not familiar with Iran, while they elect the president(after the government screens out 80% of the candidates), the Ayatollah has the ultimate power. Somewhat similar to Steve Bannon's role.
  6. breaking new, federal judge in Washington state suspends the ban! Judge was appointment by Republican president, George Bush! http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/federal-judge-in-seattle-halts-trumps-immigration-order/
  7. I agree. Only countries that allow athletes from all countries should be allowed to host internationally sanctioned events.
  8. If the Iranian team is there, I assure you there will be lots of Iranian fans there. Perhaps not as big as LA, but a large presence.
  9. I am a little bit surprised. I am posting from California, so I can write what I want (at least I think that is still true :) No argument on the points that made, but Iran could have made some easy propaganda points by taking the high road. If you recall, that was their initial stance. Just like the US, there are various factions within the government, and it looks like the less intelligent are taking over in Iran too.
  10. As good as Belarus may be, it will not be the same without the US in there. This world cup is a second class world cup to me. Iran had a chance to take the high road and show that they are better than Trump. They missed that chance.
  11. Good luck to your kid. I am afraid your logic broke down badly. You sighted specific events to support the ban. I pointed out that the ban has nothing to do with the events, and now you say things have changed? I am all for vetting and banning bad people intelligently. Good people from bad places should be vetted and allowed in, in my opinion. The government that you trust, handcuffed a 5 year old boy at the airport, and later defended the action. They denied entry to a scientist who had a visa to join Harvard to do medical research, and held up the former PM for Norway with a diplomatic passport because he had visited Iran while the PM of Norway. Do any of these seem logical to you? I do hope your kid crushes it at his tourney, and I mean that!
  12. ConnorsDad, everyone remembers the tragic, criminal, and terrifying events that you refer to. Do you happen to know which countries planned and executed those events? None of those countries are included in the ban!
  13. Thanks for clarifying. There are also reports that Osama Bin Laden consumed considerable amounts of Norwegian Cheese for breakfast almost every day. Of course CNN will not tell you that.
  14. This is getting comical now https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/flip.it%2FOk5ZAx-former-norway-pm-held-at-washington-air/f-3b3f6c9013%2Ftheguardian.com
  15. I respect you for validating stories. I do the same thing. These days too many stories seem unreal I do not kniw why the link to my original story is broken. Here is a similar one http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/national/medical-impact-trump-travel-ban-baby-heart-surgery-halted-doctor-denied-entry-border/4ITIXrYbQSEN8rhTXtkFUN/
  16. Sadly, it's true https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/news/politics/iran-bans-u-s-wrestlers-freestyle-world-cup-event-article-1.2963290?client=safari The level of stupidity is escalating. The world cup should be moved to Russia, Armenia or Georgia, or some other free country. Iran should re-elect Ahmadinejad to complete the circus.
  17. well, I have even less sympathy for those who voted for him, and are now happy with this executive order!
  18. OK, so you are not implying that the news itself is fake. Apparently someone is circulating the news with a picture from another unrelated incident.
  19. While you are snoping for validity of horrible news, snope this https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/01/world/europe/trump-travel-ban-syria-refugees.html
  20. The picture might be fake, but the news definitely is not fake. I posted a video of Sean Spicer defending the action, did you not see that?
  21. You are correct, I misunderstood the post. Yes, they lifted the ban for people that were held up in custody, and those who were in transit, but not the people they had already deported, or the people that already been denied by the airlines at the point of departure.
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