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  1. I am very disappointed to read about Nokhodi losing to Afzali. I was hoping that Nokhodi is on his way up, and perhaps could be the #1 in time for the olympics
  2. I did not watch the Mohebbi match, I get upset when I see him wrestle! But the coach was funny in the Mohammadian match, calling him "pesar" (Boy)
  3. I have no argument that it was a huge upset, and Lowney deserves all the credit in the world. However, for ANYONE to beat Satiev was a shock, and Slay was not the most decorated wrestler either. At the end of the day, this is a subjective conversation. If you feel Lowney's win was as a big a shock, then it was. t e
  4. I remember that. That one was more like shockingly stupid.
  5. No question he was dominant for the three years, but he did not do well in the previous olympics he also took silver 5 months earlier in the European championship, losing to Belarus (I looked it up on the UWW database) Most the other guys were defending Olympic champions, and were dominant longer than three years.
  6. While this is an impressive upset, it does not stand out as the others did. With all the others, the person who was upset was undefeated for years before the upset
  7. Fardin was the 1957 representative in 73 kg and won 4th, and Habibi was the 73 Kg representative in 1959 and won gold. So there is a good chance they wrestled. Their rivalry in wrestling may have been closer than their rivalry in acting :)
  8. Thanks, I did not bother watching Mohebbi, but did watch Mohammadian He looks like the younger, and much much much bigger version of his dad who was his coach in the corner? He has a pretty good take down, the first two point that he gave us really should have been his two points, except he slipped after he got the the single leg He took 4 really good single legs, and failed to turn any of them into a take down. he needs to work on that. he has the more difficult part, actually getting the single leg, nailed I predict Mohammadian will be Iran's representative in 2020
  9. @wrestfan I have a questions for you. This is more about old history of wrestling, so you may or may not know the answer In 1954, Fardin (yes the actor) won the silver in world championship in 73 Kg In 1955, as far as I can tell, there was not world freestyle championship in 1956 Habibi won the gold in the 73 Kg in 1957, Fardin took 4th My question is , do you know if Fardin and Habibi were rivals at some point, and did they actual wrestler against each other? If so, did Fardin ever beat Habibi?
  10. I would argue not! When Slay beat Satiev, Satiev was a one time Olympic champion, and a three time world champion. If it was in the world championship, I would be put the Khadem win, the Sourian loss, and the Habibi loss above his loss.
  11. Unbelievable Do you see any potential 2020 Olympians in the bunch?
  12. I agree with your logic, but let me point out a few facts When Khadem beat Khadartsev, Khadartsev had won 2 olympics gold medals, and 5 world championships in a row. The only reason it may rank lower is that it was not the Olympics but a world championship. I believe he was undefeated for 7 years. So, perhaps it's slight behind the two you ranked higher When Habibi lost in the 1960 olympics, he was the defending olympic champion and defending world champion. I agree it's not at the same level at the two you ranked higher. But Habibi was at top of his game as evidenced by the two subsequent world championship that he won, so that makes the surprise even bigger When Sourian lost in the Olympics, he was a the three time world champion, so his credentials were not comparable to the others, but again, he was at the height of his career, as evidence by the subsequent world championships and Olympic medal that he won. Yazdani/Taylor does not belong in the same category, it was not the Olympics, and Yazdani's credentials are nowhere near the others. I probably put it there because it is recent, and I was personally shocked
  13. Bleacher report listed the most shocking Olympic upsets, and one of them was wrestling. The one that made it to their list was the Gardner/Karelin match! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1171485-the-10-greatest-upsets-in-summer-olympic-history#slide0
  14. Yes, this is what I am referring to. They trained with the senior team, under Bana's supervision
  15. @wrestfan and @The Genius Is it fair to attribute this success (2-3 golds) to a Bana turn around?
  16. If we get three golds, I could care less what happens with the repackage, any bronze would be icing on the cake
  17. so best case scenario, 2 golds, and a bunch of bronzes worst case scenario, 1 gold, 1 silver, and bunch of 5th place finishes If we get two golds, I am happy!
  18. Nice to see Iran be the one that makes a come back from being down at the last minute. usually it's the other way! Will Delkhani most likely be our Olympic representative?
  19. Why do you think Delkhani can beat the U23 European gold champion?
  20. So here is how I will rank the 6 and I listed 6. I will rank Gardner over Kraelin 6th. It was towards the end of Kraelin's career, and no legitimate points were scored. 5. I will rank Khadem over Khadartsev 5th, because again it was towards the end of Khaderstev's career 4. Taylor over Yazdani is 4th, because Yazdani's credentials are nowhere near the other 5 in this list 3. Blubagh over Habibi is 3rd because it was more like an accident. Habibi was dominating the match and got caught 2. Sourian who was and is considered one of the GOAT is 2nd because while it was a shock, Sourian did lose again in that same Olympics and a future one 1. Slay over Satiev has to be the top. It was a confident execution of a bold game plan against one of the GOAT, who won many medals before and after that loss
  21. 4 out of 6 were Americans, so you had 4 to pick from!
  22. This could prove problematic for Iran wrestling. As you know, the Judo federation has already been iran for competition, if they get caught doing their bull **** moves in the u23 championship, then this could cost Iran big
  23. Which upsets truly shocked you? I can think of a few candidates, but there are probably other good ones 2000 olympics, Brandon Slay defeats the unbeatable Buvaisar Saitiev 1960 (yes, I am not old enough to remember, but have heard about it enough times) Douglas Blubagh defeats arguably the best wrestler of that time Habibi 3. Taylor Pins the Olympic champion Hassan Yazdani in the world cup, and then beats him again the world championship to show that it was not a fluke 4. Rasul Khadem defeats the legendary Makharbek Khadartsev in 1994 and does it again 1995 and 1996 to show that it was not a fluke 5. Rulon E. Gardner defeating Russia's Aleksandr Karelin in 2000 olympics 6. Hamid Sourian w in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, losing in the quarterfinals by eventual gold medalist Nazyr Mankiev of Russia (mercifully, I could not find a video)
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