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  1. I have lost hope in Shaabani after his last outing, and I am not too optimistic about Yazdani being able to stay healthy I would be happy to be wrong in either sentiment
  2. How would Mohammadian do against Karimi? In my opinion, unless some of the really younger guys really elevate their games, 97 is between Karimi and Mohammadian
  3. As you know, the Iranian wrestling federation monitors this forum very carefully, Once the read that Wrestan has not heard of the wrestler they had selected, they immediately got rid of him and replaced him with Bazri
  4. I have done a little bit of research on the topic, and I wanted to share my point of view about why certain regions have superior wrestling to others 1. Someone brought up the issue of race and genetics . I don't believe this is a factor. Take Dagestan as an example, according to wiki Dagestan is very ethnically diverse and Russia's most heterogeneous republic, with the largest ethnicity constituting less than 30% of the population. Largest among the ethnicities are the Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, Lezgian, Laks, Azerbaijani, Tabasaran, and Chechen.[12] Ethnic Russians comprise about 3.6% of Dagestan's total population. So, it's not race or genetics that makes Dagestan so good 2. Someone brought up form of government, arguing dictatorial governments are more likely to be good in wrestling. I don't think that is the case, US has been a powerhouse in wrestling, and for the most part a very democratic country. Canada was good at one point, and Northern European countries, most of which are very democratic, have traditionally excelled in Greco Roman wreslting 3. In my opinion, it comes down to culture and tradition. Wrestling was a part of the Persian empire since ancient times see below from Wiki Traditional Iranian wrestling (koshti) dates back to ancient Persia and was said to have been practiced by Rustam, mythological Iranian hero of the Shahnameh epic. While folk styles were practiced for sport by every ethnic group in various provinces, grappling for combat was considered the particular specialty of the zourkhāneh. The original purpose of these institutions was to train men as warriors and instill them with a sense of national pride in anticipation for the coming battles.[3] The Mithrāic design and rituals of these academies bear testament to its Parthian origin (132 BC - 226 AD). The zourkhaneh system of training is what is now known as varzesh-e bastani, and its particular form of wrestling was called koshti pahlevani, after the Parthian word pahlevan meaning hero. When the Arabs invaded Persia around 637 CE, the zourkhānehs served as secret meeting places where knights would train and keep alive a spirit of solidarity and patriotism. Invaders repeatedly targeted the houses of strength to discourage rebels, but new ones would always be organized in a different location. Following the spread of Shia Islam, and particularly after the development of Sufism in the 8th century, varzesh-e pahlavani absorbed philosophical and spiritual components from it. Religious hymns were incorporated into training, and the first Shi'ite imam Ali was adopted as the zourkhāneh patron. Dagestan, Azerbajan, Armenia, and Ossetia were all part of the Persian Empire, and have carried on the wrestling tradition. In my opinion, while US is a young country, wrestling is part of the US tradition and culture. If the US would get rid of the folkstyle, and implement freestyle instead in high school and colleges, US would be even more successful in international wrestling
  5. If Wrestfan had not heard of him before, then he does not exist! We finally found a wrestler Wrestfan had to google!
  6. Thanks Coach J I think what you mean is that you enjoy watching me post incorrect information, and have Shiraz correct me :)
  7. You are correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldar_Kurtanidze I had clicked on the wrong link Giorgi Gogshelidze
  8. One of our friends has created a site where you can see listing of top wrestlers based on points awarded for medals in Olympics and world championship http://www.jerseywrestling.com/world_team_profile.php?team=IRI Losing his criteria, here is the listing of Iran's best Freestyle wrestlers of all time. The rankings seem generally reasonable to me. Rank Name Score Finishes #1 Abdollah Movahed 96 1,1,1,1,1,1 #1 Gholamreza Takhti 96 2,2,1,1,2,1,2 #3 Ebrahim Javadi 74 1,1,1,3,1 #4 Alireza Heidari 72 3,1,2,2,2,3 #5 Hassan Yazdani 70 2,1,1,3,1 #5 Rasoul Khadem 70 3,1,1,1,2 #7 Alireza Dabir 68 1,2,1,2,2 #8 Emam-Ali Habibi 64 1,1,1,1 #9 Hassan Rahimi 58 3,1,3,2,3 #9 Mansour Mehdizadeh 58 1,1,3,1 #11 Ebrahim Seifpour 54 3,1,2,1 #12 Mansour Barzegar 52 1,2,2,2 #12 Reza Yazdani 52 3,3,1,1 #14 Shamseddin Seyed-Abbasi 50 3,2,1,2 #15 Abbas Jadidi 48 3,2,1,3 #16 Amir Reza Khadem 46 3,1,3,3 #16 Sadegh Goudarzi 46 3,2,2,2 #18 Gholamreza Mohammadi 44 2,3,2,3 #19 Aboutaleb Talebi 40 3,3,3,3 #19 Komeil Ghasemi 40 1,2,2 #21 Majid Torkan 38 2,3,1 #21 Mohammad Ali Sanatkaran 38 1,3,2 #21 Mohammad Ghorbani 38 2,3,1 #21 Mohammad Talaei 38 2,1,3 #25 Askari Mohammadian 36 2,2,2 #25 Morad Mohammadi 36 3,1,3 #27 Alireza Karimi 32 3,3,2 #27 Mehdi Taghavi 32 1,1 #29 Abbas Hajkenari 28 1,2 #29 Akbar Fallah 28 1,2 #31 Mohammad Farhangdoust 24 2,2 #31 Reza Soukhteh-Saraei 24 2,2 #33 Ahmad Mohammadi 22 2,3 #33 Alireza Rezaei 22 3,2 #33 Fardin Masoumi 22 3,2 #33 Mahmoud Mollaghasemi 22 2,3 #33 Masoud Esmaeilpour 22 3,2 #33 Mehdi Yaghoubi 22 3,2 #39 Abdollah Mojtabavi 20 3,3 #39 Abolfazl Anvari 20 3,3 #39 Ehsan Lashgari 20 3,3 #42 Abbas Zandi 16 1 #42 Alireza Soleimani 16 1 #42 Jahanbakht Tofigh 16 1 #42 Mehdi Hajizadeh 16 1 #42 Mohsen Farahvashi 16 1 #42 Nabi Sorouri 16 1 #48 Ali Asghar Bazri 12 2 #48 Amir Tavakkolian 12 2 #48 Babak Nourzad 12 2 #48 Ezzatollah Akbari 12 2 #48 Hossein Mollaghasemi 12 2 #48 Masoud Mostafa-Jokar 12 2 #48 Mohammad Ali Fardin 12 2 #48 Mohammad Ali Farrokhian 12 2 #48 Mohammad Ali Khojastehpour 12 2 #48 Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi 12 2 #48 Mohammad Khadem 12 2 #48 Nasrollah Soltaninejad 12 2 #48 Nasser Givehchi 12 2 #48 Ramezan Kheder 12 2 #48 Saeid Ebrahimi 12 2 #63 Ali Akbar Heidari 10 3 #63 Behnam Ehsanpour 10 3 #63 Behrouz Yari 10 3 #63 Hamid Tavakkol 10 3 #63 Hossein Tahami 10 3 #63 Jahanbakht Towfigh 10 3 #63 Majid Khodaei 10 3 #63 Mohammad Bazmavar 10 3 #63 Mohammad Hassan Mohebbi 10 3 #63 Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian 10 3 #63 Mohammad Reza Navaei 10 3 #63 Mohammad Rezaei 10 3 #63 Mostafa Hosseinkhani 10 3 #63 Oveis Mallah 10 3 #63 Parviz Hadi 10 3 #63 Younes Emami 10 3 © 2019 JERSEY WRESTLING
  9. I looked it up, Kartanidze was born in 79, Heidari was born in 76, so Heidari is older
  10. That may be, but I want Karimi to at least put up a good fight. I think he has a mental block with Cox. This reminds of of Heidari vs Kurtanidze where Heidari seemed like he lost the match before the match even started. I remember in the finals, the announcer, Farvashi was so disappointed that he said in disgust "It appears that Heidari is happy with silver medal" and then in their final match heidari beat him So it's not so much that I want Karimi to beat Cox, I just want him to show up
  11. Thanks for posting. You are right, the interviewer was terrible, and obviously did not know anything about wrestling. Karimi said Cox is a different wrestler than everyone else I have wrestled he has a different style and a different body type. It's a problem I have not been able to solve. The reporter then asked him how many times they have wrestled and Karimi sheepishly said four time. the interview they said, "and you still haven't figured it out"? To be fair, I think the coaches should have the primary responsibility for figuring out the best way to wrestle Cox. He has lost before, they need to review his losses and plan a different approach against him. He did say their plan was to attack low, but Cox negated that strategy by keeping a distance from him. He also said there were other people both domestic and international that he had difficulties with, but eventually defeated them. This whole issue is now moot, because we have no idea what weight Cox will wrestle at in the Olympics, and whether he will even qualify for the Olympics. When he was asked about whether he moved to 92 because of Hassan Yazdani, he said Khadem and Talaie suggested to him that the move to 92. To me that is an affirmative answer to the Hassan question Karimi looks way too small for 97 to me. Has said he is very comfortable wrestling 97 KG wrestlers, so he pretty much implied he will move up to 97 Kg. I cannot see him medaling in 97, US, Russia, and Azerbaijan probably have a big advantage over him
  12. I could not get in. It requires membership
  13. I have all the respect in the world for Big Bruce. He participated in 4 Olympics, and had two golds, one silver and one bronze He also has 9 world medals, including 3 golds. These are amazing accomplishments. However, I just rank John Smith, with 6 total golds, including two Olympic golds higher. This does not mean I don't respect Bruce, I have the utmost respect for him.
  14. Almost all great freestyle wrestlers in Iran are from Mazandaran. Most good Russian wrestlers are from Dagestan, Ossetia or perhaps Chechnya. Is there such an equivalency in the US? Perhaps Iowa, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania? This is not meant to start a big argument, I just want to get a sense for which regions you think have the reputations of consistently producing world class wrestlers
  15. For best at one time, Dan Gable should be in the conversation too
  16. Based on this, I would rank John Smith as the greatest US wrestler of all time, at least as of now
  17. How does Mohammadian loon in general? Could he be a contender against a healthy Reza Yazdani?
  18. I listened to him again, I then hear him say I wrestle at 30 kg, and my role model is Mr. Nader Rosvani I do not know a Nader Rosvani, but that I what I hear. It is pretty clear to me He says "Olgooye man Aghaye Nadere Rosvarani hast" If both of you are hear Hajaghania, then it's time to have my ears checked
  19. As always, you are right, his name is Moslemi not Hosseini. I did not hear the part about Hajaghania, but I think I heard him say this role model is Nader Rosvani? at one minute did you hear the Hajaghania part?
  20. He does find a way to mention his Tedeev win, and even the announcers mentioned it it when he was coaching Yazdani on TV. To be fair, if I had ever defeated an Olympic champion, I would mention it all the time too. I might even change my name to "the guy that beat Olympic champion, Tedeev" :) For our non Persian speaking friends, if you watch anything, go to minute 13:58 to watch an interview with Hassan Yazdani as a kid. He was as affable then as he is now The 9 year kid who was interviewed, I think he said his name is Mohammad Hosseini, I am going to remember that name, perhaps we will hear about him in cadets or juniors in a few years.
  21. Thank you so much for posting this. the forum does not let me know any more Likes for today, so i felt obligated to thank you :)
  22. Lol, no it was just a stupid assumption on my part. Although as cousins, there is some resemlence They were both Ossetians , became Ukranian Citizen later, so it's the Ossetians who all look alike. Ossetian are very close relatives of Iranians, although you would not guess that by looking at the Tedeev cousins
  23. Are there pan am games or the world cup before the Olympics or do they not have them during an Olympic year?
  24. He was definitely a cocky and confident guy. I remember before the match against Dabir in Tehran, he was laughing and completely relaxed before the finals
  25. And all this time I thought it's the same guy! I just read that they are cousins
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