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  1. Reducing the weight classes to 6 at the olympics is a terrible horrible decision. If they must reduce the number of wrestlers in the olympics, I would rather they do it by reducing the number of competitors to 8 per weight class.
  2. Thanks for educating me. So he is saying I deny that All Russians are juicers because I am cheering for Russian athletes? I am now more confused!
  3. I have mixed feelings about 125. On the one hand, Zare is a rising star, and I would love to see him do well in the Olympics. On the other hand, Hadi deserves a shot at the olympics, and I would love to see him finish his career with a bronze olympic medal
  4. Yes, I was attempting to be funny, and meant he came up with that comment in the laundromat, since he keeps on talking about laundry. I think he knows very well I never said that, and is just trying to make up crap.
  5. Yes, you are correct on your points above. But let me point out an interesting change in attitude. In Soccer, for years, Qatar fielded a national team that was a collection of Brazilian, African and other nationalities that they had paid to become Qatari citizens, and try to compete with the regional powerhouses. About 8 years ago, they hired a very qualified Spanish coach who launched an academy for the youth, and coached their U21 team. Last year, they made him the national coach, and they shocked everyone by winning the Asia cup. They destroyed Japan in the finals. They had very few purchased foreign born players on their team, and most of their players were the people who went through the youth academy. My point is that even a small country can try to build it's youth, instead of buying foreign players. It's more effective, scalable and certainly more honorable.
  6. Lol, I never said Russians are clean, I said it's absurd to state that ALL Russian wrestlers are juicing. I also never said I was fine with doping. I said it was cheating and sleazy. I did say that once someone is caught cheating, and is punished appropriately, I am willing to assume they are clean until proven otherwise. Get it right!! I also don't understand your obsession with laundry, but perhaps we should not discuss that now.
  7. I understand that, but I believe and hope that those of who prefer folkstyle to freestyle are in the minority I hope the US sets its goals higher than just beating Iran. My point is that if the talented wrestlers started in freestyle at a younger age, US could win more world championships, and more gold medals
  8. I know none of these will happen in the near future, but here is one thing I wish each wrestling country would do differently. Russia - Get hard vigilant against juicing, and get rid of it once and for all. Russian wrestlers are already very good, no need for juicing USA - Get rid of folkstyle wrestling at the college and high school levels (at least college levels) , and replace it with Freestyle wrestling. I guarantee US would do much better in world championships and olympics Iran - Stop the stupid policy of avoiding athletes from Israel. Go back to the days before the revolution where Iranian wrestlers pinned Israeli wrestlers left and and right Countries that suck in wrestling (e.g. Bahrain) . Instead of paying good wrestlers from other countries to change their citizenship to yours and wrestler for you, do what India did, invest in some good foreign coaches, and turn your program around.
  9. So allow me to test your logic here. Hypothetically, let's say Snyder defeats Mohammadian next time they meet. Losing your logic what conclusions can we make? That Snyder, he is 24, and all of sudden he beat someone that dominated him last time, so obviously he is juicing now Mohammadian has stopped using PED because he read this board and is afraid of getting caught The PED that Mohammadian used 5 years ago finally stopped working Something else?
  10. My post was meant to be tongue in cheek. The poster basically implied that almost everyone is juicing, and there is no way to catch most except the stupid onces
  11. I am not an expert, so I will assume what you are saying is true. If so, then there are two conclusions to be made 1. the ones who got caught are the ones who were really bad at this 2. there are probably lots of people juicing and not getting caught If the above is true, then the whole sport is a joke. Let’s just legalize juicing to at least make it fair.
  12. So let me some serious points here. First of all, I think most if not all of us agree that juicing is bad, is cheating, sleazy and bad for the sport. There are two points of contention What to do to a wrestler after they have been caught juicing My idea - After their ban, they should be tested more frequently than others, as in every competition. Trust, but verify others - They can never be trusted again. Once a cheater, always a cheater What to do with countries that have a really bad track record of juicing My idea - their athletes should be test more frequently. perhaps in every competition. Again, trust, but verify others - Everyone from that country is juicing We have gone around in circles with this debate, and I really do not have much more to say. As far as the first point is concerned, I could accept an argument that any juicing bans you for life, but until we have that rule, i refuse to rule out that people can redeem themselves As far as the second point is concerned, I still say it's absurd to say EVERYONE from Russia is juicing
  13. But we do, it's called testing. I believe science
  14. In general, who looked like the better wrestler to you? Nasiri or Maghsoudi?
  15. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 27m I just talked to President Putin, and he assured me that Russian athletes have never juiced, and never will. I believe him. People like @AHamiltonshould stop making unfounded accusations
  16. I still don't. Never heard that expression before.
  17. You have done it. I am now a huge fan of mohammadian! Hope he wins Olympic gold I am also going to report you to President Trump for dis respecting his Russian friends! He’ll probably send a mean tweet about you!
  18. I don’t think WADA thinks ALL Russians are juicing I do not know what it means to be blinded by Laundry, that is a new expression for me. i am going to guess that Mohammadian will continue to improve, so get ready for some more accusations.
  19. I think it is Ridiculous to accuse ANY RUSSIAN of cheating when you lose to them i also think it’s a stretch to accuse Mohammadian of juicing now because he juiced 5 years ago. I personally think someone who lost 4 years of their prime because they cheated once is unlikely to lose their career due to cheating again I agree cheating is weakness. Cheating is weak, and sleazy. On that we agree!
  20. Since we just discussed this on another thread, let’s get it right complaining about doping in sports is legitimate. Doping has ruined cycling, weightlifting and has damaged wrestling. Accusing the winner of joining every time you guy loses, is in fact very weak.
  21. This guy from Zimbabwe must have juiced. I demand a test before he makes it to the olympics and destroys everyone
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