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  1. It hurts when your guy loses. It stings more when he gets destroyed. But that is part of the sport, and you have to take it like a man. I love Hassan Yazdani. It broke my heart when he got pinned by Taylor in front of the home town fans. But, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Taylor. We all need to respect the sport and our opponents.
  2. The comments show how angry people are.
  3. LOL WTF? Looks like a comedy sketch
  4. can you post the video please? You are killing me here
  5. No one will like me after this post, but here it goes It is really bad form to disrespect a legend and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.Burroughs is one of the greatest of all time and should be treated with the respect he deserves. I am also disappointed that every time an American loses some of the posters here accuse the winner of juicing. What happened to innocent till proven guilty? I remember people here were accusing Hassan Yazdani of juicing because he grew very fast, but as soon as he lost to Taylor, everything was OK.
  6. I have a video of the commotion that happened after the match. It's ugly and embarrassing and I would prefer not to post it. I will PM it to you if interested
  7. Is Mehdizadeh related to the former FS world champion Mehdizadeh?
  8. Yes, that is true. I am not aware of any that improve your wrestling skills though, are you?
  9. I am going to assume that you have some familiarity with wrestling: To be successful as a wrestler, you need physical strengths, endurance, technical skills, speed, and the right mental attitude. Having strength in each area, can help in the other areas. What I stated before was that he seems to dominate his opponents by showing superior skills, and not because he overpowered them. Yes, being stronger can help you perform techniques better, but what I saw in his matches showed more skills, and less strength. I accept that you have made up your mind, and think that he has improved only because he juiced 4 years ago, and is juicing now; you are entitled to your opinion.
  10. I am not sure I understand your question. He was banned for 4 years, and obviously did not have any matches in those four years He returned from his ban, and has won two tournaments since his return. He won the military games in December, where he barely beat Hushtyn in the finals, and then won the Italian ranking tournament where he completed dominated everyone he wrestled, including Hushtyn. It should be pointed out that he is NOT winning his matches by outpowering his opponents, he is doing it by out wrestling them. To my knowledge, juicing does not improve your wrestling skills.
  11. As @wrestlingnerd eloquently stated: "he's probably less likely to gamble away four peak years again in a young man's sport." Although if he does it again and gets caught, I expect the ban to be longer than 4 years this time, effectively ending his career I am not a fan juicers, they are cheaters and deserve to be punished. This guy cheated, got caught and got punished. I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt going forward. I accept that you are not
  12. Your sarcasm aside, he did work very hard the four years that he was banned. If he is juicing again, I trust the system will catch him. Juicers usually get caught.
  13. I think Hadi or Zare would be favored against Gwiz too, so silver or bronze would require a really good draw
  14. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Zare and Perris is that Zare was given more chances after he got pinned, and he shined. Perris has not been tested in Freestyle since he dominated the juniors. All the theories about him not being ready are just that, theories. He deserves to be tested and groomed. If he is not ready, then fine. He has far higher potential in the long term than Gwiz. Gwiz has had multiple chances, and he may be a top 5-6 guy at best in the worlds.
  15. and has he been dominating in folkstyle?
  16. Has he participated in any tournaments since his stellar win at the Juniors?
  17. His father did NOT cut a lot of weight, he was, and still is a very small and slim wrestler. The son wrestled at 86 Kg when he was 20 and was well over 6 ft tall, four years before getting banned for juicing, so I think it's probably fair to say that at least not all of his size is related to juicing. he probably found some size genes in his family tree as you said.
  18. Has Reza Yazdani officially acknowledged his retirement?
  19. We agree. At this point, I would say Mohammadian would be a slight favorite against Sharipov and Snyder, but anything can happen. Mohammadian does seem to be improving at a very high rate. Just a few months ago, he barely beat Hushtyn in a close match. He just destroyed Hushtyn 9-0.
  20. I finally watched the video of Snyder vs Mohammadian This is my assessment: Snyder started aggressively and went for a takedown immediately. Mohammadian defended well and they went to the ground. They grappled, and it was 50/50, and then Snyder got caught. If they wrestle 10 times, Snyder will not get pinned again. Mohammadian did impress me with his speed and ability to defend against someone of Snyder's caliber. he is very quick for a 97 Kg wrestler. I agree that winning this tournament is not very meaningful, but his performance was very impressive against premier wrestlers (most of them with the exception of the number 1 guy) I fully expect Mohammadian to qualify for the olympics, and depending on his draw, I think a silver or bronze should be expected of him.
  21. https://twitter.com/Irani__V/status/1218164610043392005?s=20 Mohammadian vs the Kazak
  22. Thanks for educating us Can you elaborate what the ranking tournament is good for if don't qualify? I assume it helps the ranking of those who qualify, but useless for those who don't?
  23. I think he means he has not qualified for the Iran national team yet
  24. You were questioning if he would even make the Mazandaran team :)
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