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  1. Are there any tournaments where Cox could try to wrestle Snyder in 97 to see where he stands?
  2. In case you are serious, he was very positive on Tedeev Perhaps it did not come across in my amateurish translation. every time I hear Tedeev’s name I remember how he destroyed Dabir in Tehran, the year after Dabir won the Olympic s .
  3. Does anyone know how much Cox had to cut to make 92? I am wondering how difficult it will be with the new weighing rules for him to make 86
  4. Is there confirmation from any reliable source that Cox is in fact looking at 86 Kg? The Iranian source could just be a simple case of someone misunderstanding what he said in his interview
  5. No guarantee that Cox is really going to 86 No guarantee that if Fox goes to 86 he will defeat Taylor I think, Yazdani, and all Yazdani fans want Taylor. Taylor has destroyed Yazdani the last two times they met, this is Yazdani's only chance to redeem himself
  6. Lol at the newspaper heading in Iran about Abdevali Mr. always complaining did not reach the finals آقای همیشه معترض به فینال جهانی نرسید/ شکست عبدولی در ۲۸ ثانیه پایانی
  7. Based on positive feedback on my other post, I decided to post my translation of the more of the interview with Hassan Yazdani . م. Third gold Olympic or world gold medal for you? Hazdani - I thank all the fans who prayed for me and my team mates. I worked very hard for this, and I wanted Gold, and thank god I was able to achieve a good result. I hope this is the trend that continues in the Olympics, and I can achieve a good medal there too, and bring joy to the people of Iran People were upset and heartbroken after your unexpected loss last year, but this year witnessed the same Hassan as always, and you brought joy to the people Yazdani - People have always been kind to me, and all my success it due to their prayers. Last year, I was truly surprised at the world championship, and was very upset myself, but thank god I was able to get a bronze medal, At that time, I promised myself to make up for my loss, and give the best to the people of Iran. Fortunately, I had the best training in this period, and I hope this Gold Medal partially answers people's kindness to me Of course, everyone was impatiently anticipating your rematch with Taylor, the American wrestler The qualify of competition is always higher in the championship before the Olympics, and this year it was so. Unfortunately, my american opponent was injured and unable to compete. Hopefully, we will have our rematch in the Olympics, perhaps in the finals After hearing the news about Taylor's injury, you wished him well. Everyone was anticipating your rematch yes, I was upset and I wished him well. His injury appears to be serious, since he missed the championship. I was hoping for a rematch with him, but I guess it will have to wait for another time, perhaps the Olympic finals. After losing in the last championship, everyone was anticipating your revenge against your opponent It's not about revenge, it's about competing honorably with respect and dignity. I was hoping to compete against him this year, to redeem myself, because I know my fans were upset and I wanted to make them happy again Everyone was anticipating a sweet victory in the final, but apparently, lots of fans, specially Iranians gathered to watch you final, but your Indian opponent did not want to have a bitter defeat go along with his sweet silver medal I do not know if he was really hurt or not, but Hossein Karimi, his Iranian coach of the India team told me that he has an ankle injury. As you say, it's a lot sweeter to win a gold by winning the final, specially when there are so many fans out there J'aiden Cox, Karimi's opponent has said that he wants to move to your 86 KG weight for the Olympics. surely this will make the competition even tougher? Yazdani: Yes, I have heard that too. Cox has very good character and we are friends. We show respect to each other every time that we see each other in tournaments. He has told me a few times and I just respond by laughing. For me it does not matter who my opponent is. If I am Iran's representative in the Olympics, I will do my best for success and raising the flag of my country, and to bring joy to people of Iran. As a competitor, it is my duty t fight in the field Many say that you do not have any real competitors, and they try not to lose to badly to you No, it's not like that. I respect all my opponents, but my style is such that I finish my matches early. It does not mean I don't respect my opponents Apparently you did not even wrestle for 8 minutes in these championships, many call it the 8 minute storm People are kind to me. I do not know the exact stats, but I really do not let my matches reach the second half You were received well by the Kazak fans. It appears that they know you well, and you are popular there. Did you expect that? I knew Kazaks like wrestling and know wrestling well, but I did not expect such a reception. I am honored to represent Iran to them, and hope that I am a good ambassador and show them Iran's culture. Of course, I also need to thank the Iranian fans who came there to support me Russian Wrestling coach DZHAMBULAT TEDEEV put a picture of the two of you on his page, and after you won he sent his congratulations and referred to you as his brother Tedeev is a known and famous coach and does not need me to say positive things about him. I am honored that he feels this way about me, and I have expressed my gratitude to him Arsen Fadzayev, the Freestyle legend congratulated you, and invited you to wrestle in the tournament in Yerevan where other famous champions compete Yes, he is very kind to me. My schedule is determined by the wrestling technical committee, and I will do whatever they decide is best What are your plans between now and the Olympics? I will rest a little bit, then compete in the wrestling league based on my contract, rest some again, and then start training for the Olympics https://www.khabarvarzeshi.com/fa/news/229371/یزدانی-دیدار-با-حریف-آمریکایی-بماند-برای-فینال-المپیک
  8. جی دن کاکس، حریف آمریکایی علیرضا کریمی اخیرا گفته برای حضور در المپیک تصمیم به تغییر وزن دارد و می‌خواهد از ۹۲ به ۸۶ کیلوگرم وزن شما بیاید و در این صروت قطعا رقابت سنگینتر خواهد شد؟ یزدانی: بله، من هم شنیده‌ام؛ کاکس شخصیت بسیار خوبی دارد و با یکدیگر دوست هستیم و هر وقت در مسابقات یکدیگر را می‌بینیم احترام زیادی می‌گذاریم. جند بار هم به من گفته که می‌خواهد برای المپیک تغییر وزن دهد که من با خنده پاسخش را داده‌ام. برای من فرقی نمی‌کند با چه حریفی کشتی بگیرم، اگر نماینده ایران در المپیک باشم تمام تلاشم را برای موفقیت و اهتزاز پرچم کشورم و شادی دل مردم ایران انجام می‌دهم. به عنوان یک سرباز وظیفه من جنگیدن در میدان مبارزه است. Transtaion Yazdani: Yes, I have heard that too. Cox has very good character and we are friends. We show respect to each other every time that we see each other in tournaments. He has told me a few times that he wants to change weight for the Olympics, and I respond with a laugh. For me it does not matter who my opponent is. If I am Iran's representative in the Olympics, I will do my best for success and raising the flag of my country, and to bring joy to people of Iran. As a competitor, it is my duty t fight in the field
  9. I just read an interview with Hassan Yazdani. To me, the interview highlights the issue with Yazdani He prides himself in finishing all his matches in the first half, and he says I will not allow the match to reach the second half. Taylor is the one guy who can withstand the storm. Granted, Yazdani built a large lead, but the lead was not good enough to withstand Taylor's come back when Yazdani is gassed. Yazdani needs to do at least one of two things Improve his endurance conditioning so he does not run out of gas change his wrestling style against taylor, take it slow in the first half, and go all out in the second half I believe that Taylor does not have a chance against Yazdani when Yazdani is not out of gas, and history demonstrates that Yazdani does not have a shot against Taylor when Yuzdani is out of gas!
  10. In an interview in with Hassan Yazdani in an Iranian newspaper, they asked him what he thinks about Cox announcing that he wants to wrestle 86 Kg in the Olympics. Is this true? Has Cox made such an announcement?
  11. I agree with you. Besides what does he expect Yazdani to do? it's not like he chose his opponents. Silly comment
  12. The issue of Yazdani losing to Taylor twice brings up a question. Are Iranian coaches capable of scouting an opponents and changing the strategy to beat that opponent? Historically, Iran has a very poor track record of doing that, but I can think of two cases where they had success Ali Reza Heidari repeatedly lost to Kurtanidze, and even lost to him in the finals in Tehran, but he finally managed to win their last match in his last Olympics where he got a bronze Resoul Khadem lost to a seemingly unbeatable Khatardsev, before beating three times in a row. This might be more of a case of Khadem maturing into a world champion while Khatardsev was towards the end of his career
  13. Thanks @Shiraz123 Well what he is saying is true, but he is saying as if he is blaming Yazdani. What is Yazdani supposed to do? For the non Persian speaking people reading this, Ali Reza Dabir, the new head of the federation says "Mr. Yazdani, your gold does not count, your competitors were all easy" He then goes on to say that Yazdani has one worthy competitor, and he has lost to him twice. I think what he is saying is true, but it's not necessary to say it. On a separate note, Dabir looks very different, I would not have recognized him
  14. What did Dabir say about Yazdani, and which Yazdani are we talking about?
  15. I just heard that Ehsanipour wants to change his weight class
  16. All, and all, not a bad tournament for Iran. My biggest disappointment was Shabani, and perhaps it shows that the technical committee knows best after all. The coaches now have a year to figure out how Yazdani can beat Taylor. To me it's pretty easy: Taylor does not have a chance against Yazdani when Yazdani is not out of gas. The first two times they met, Yazdani tried to tech Taylor in the first half, and came close, but by doing so, he completely ran out of gas. So, I would do two things: 1. Change the strategy: slow the pace of the match in the first half, and keep the score close, then go all out in the last two minutes 2. Have Yazdani work hard on his endurance, get on a treadmill one hour a day In FS wrestling, Yazdani is Iran's only chance for gold. Iran has to get it right
  17. In all honesty, so far it has not been a good championship for Iran, but then again, everyone has done pretty much as expected. Atri, and Mohebbi in fact may have done better than I expected. The younger Yazdani was at his first seniors tournament in a very competetive weight, so one win is not terrible
  18. Can you tell us about Karimi's matches, how does he look?
  19. There are some good twitter accounts for International wrestling. Do you have any good ones that you would recommend? Below are the few that I found informative https://twitter.com/wrestling https://twitter.com/Irani__V https://twitter.com/wrestlingnomad https://twitter.com/SethPetar (this one has lots of political posts included, so follow at your own discretion) https://twitter.com/TeamUSA
  20. so best case scenario, two bronzes out of these first 5 weight classes?
  21. A non stop flight is a 50-60 minutes flight They would not let them fly straight into UAE form Qatar, they had to go to Kuwait, and wait there for some reason, and then fly to UAE. Very childish behavior
  22. Other examples of making decisions based on politics that impact sports competition IOC expelled South Africa from the IOC and South Africa was not allowed to competed in the Olympics from 64-88 During the Asian Cup, which is a FIFA tournament, UAE did not allow the Qatar team to take a direct flight into UAE, and what would have been a 30 minute trip was turned into a 5 hour flight. The UAE also did not let a Qatari sportscaster into the country, and did not let Qatari fans into the stadium to watch their team play. This story has a happy ending, the Qatari team kicked the UAE team's ass in the Semi, before they won the tournament. I just wish sports where the once play where all politics and hatred would be put aside, and athletes would be allowed to compete.
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