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  1. Zavatsky got turned a few times in the 1st period. I want to say Cutch was up by 11 or 12 after 1. After that he more or less wrestled him evenly. I'd pick Cutch in a rematch, but it'd be close...1-3 pts.
  2. There was an article on the PennLive website where Cael said there is a chance Nevills wrestles Friday, and that Nevills is planning on wrestling...
  3. Coach Pop was doing good things at Binghamton before going to NC State....I'd wager they'll be a top 15 team while he's at the helm.
  4. I'll go Nolf, Marstellar, Hall. Great bracket!
  5. No, big struggles today. Purdue has a shot to win this dual. Crazy.
  6. http://www.millersvilleathletics.com/documents/2015/1/18//Shorty_Rd_3.pdf?id=2022
  7. Escapesports should have the brackets. Edit to say, I guess I'm mistaken..they were handling the registration, but I see no brackets listed.
  8. Really sound analysis overall. I think you may be selling Tomasello a bit short. I also think Lavion Mayes may exceed your expectations. Its hard to see anyone other than Iowa, Minnesota, or tOSU winning it.
  9. Its a pretty cool wrestling specific venue. Not too many of those around anymore.
  10. Maybe a little better perspective from this picture.
  11. I don't believe he has wrestled competitively at all this year. Really haven't heard much about him, at all.
  12. I'd love to see the map, if you can find a working link.
  13. I voted tOSU. I'm not happy about that. But its how I see it.
  14. I'd predict a 4th-6th B1G finish for that bunch. It will be interesting to see how they develop as the year goes on.
  15. Most Successful: Snyder, with the caveat that he can hold 197 all the way through. Least Successful: Haines. This isn't an indictment on his abilities, I just think he may have a hard time breaking into the starting lineup. First to win a national title: Snyder has to go into this season as one of the favorites at 197, he's one of the only guys on the list who is almost certainly going to start his freshman year. Last to AA: Haines Most likely to win 4 national titles: Snyder Most likely to never AA: McKenna Most likely to finish as a 4x AA but no national title: Marstellar. Just a hunch. More AA honors/national titles: PSU/OSU Better Careers Chisko/Nolf, Brill/Jordan, Nevills/Haines? Nolf, Jordan, Nevills. I think Nolf will end up as a 157/165 though, so he may get compared with Brill/Jordan when its all said and done.
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