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  1. Just watched Taylor get teched by World Champion Dennis Tsargush at the Yasar Dogu. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Americans have a hard time finishing takedowns when there behind and the opponent hangs/scrambles in a tripod position. Under high school/NCAA rules a takedown would be awarded when the hands hit the mat. In International styles one has to break their opponent to a knee for the referee to award two points. Is this a position that Americans are weak in because they don't have to practice it in folkstyle? What are your thoughts?
  2. Your welcome I challenge every forum to make a small pledge like mine. In no time you'll have reached your goals. I just saw on Facebook that Gary Tharaldson already pledged $10,000. You guys are on roll keep up the good work!
  3. Sending my pledge of $70 in. All we need is another 999 pledges and we reached the target. Go Northern State Wrestling!!
  4. All levels of wrestling need to constantly change and innovate to keep the sport exciting! Look at the NFL rule changes in the last few years to make the game safer, produce more scoring, and shorten the length of games. The NNFL owners want to even get rid of the extra point. I think the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee should put everything on the table for discussion, every year. Change is good. When wrestlers and coaches learn how to game the current system of rules change them. It's in their nature to adapt to the set of rules presented them. Want more scoring? Change the rules!!! The lesson of professional sports on this topic is clear. Football v. Baseball (Which sport has more rule changes in the past 10 years?)
  5. Missouri v. Iowa could come down to heavyweight. Could Missouri be in a situation to bump Cox to heavyweight to win the National Dual Title? Post some scenarios that could present themselves to Coach Smith and his staff.
  6. Bob, Could you please explain your rationale for not including any New York teams in the top 40? It seems by chance in such a large wrestling rich state that some team might make it to at least #40. Thanks, AWN Subscriber
  7. The United States Wrestling Foundation Fund made this new program possible through their $15,000 grant.Kudos to that organization!! Support their continued efforts to add more collegiate wrestling programs by donating at the link below. https://ssl.4agoodcause.com/cfnj/gift-wrestling.aspx
  8. This is great news. I hope the NWCA and other organizations are working hard to lobby for reinstatement. This should be a national effort.
  9. With the current conflict in the Crimea between Ukrainian and Russian troops it should be a heated dual meet. I wonder if it will get added news coverage for that reason.
  10. I'm rooting for the University at Buffalo to win the tournament!!! Go Bulls!!!
  11. It understandable that a referee makes a mistake in regards to judgement such as a takedown, or an escape when the criteria for control is debatable. However with two officials and video review a Division I official should never misapply a rule like fleeing the mat. With the proper preparation and referee training it should never happen. It does not seem like the officials for Penn State v. Minnesota were well trained this season.
  12. Check out this story on BU Wrestling. Great reporting by the Boston Globe. We need to comment, tweet about and email responses to this story. Let's keep the pressure up to Save BU Wrestling. Read it here: http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2013/12/27/wrestling-program-grapples-with-realities-extinction/szkon64EJSPcoLB0QkpfrJ/story.html
  13. Wrestling needs to change the rules regarding how mat returns are called. I believe the number cause of concussions in wrestling are legal mat returns where the defensive wrestler cannot prevent his head from hitting the mat. These type mat returns need to be made illegal!!!. Then wrestling would be almost immune from the concussion debate.
  14. Great news!! We need more programs. Hopefully another Junior College and/or Division III will add. Weschester CC, Stony Brook and RPI have strong NCWA club teams.
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