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  1. Anyone know why he is not wrestling at Oregon State?
  2. Any word on the Okie State Cowboys?
  3. I do not understand the comment of the cupboard being emptied considerably prior to Brands coming home. He inherited Falck, Dennis, Tsirtsis, Galanakis, Grunder, Morningstar, Luedke, Perry, Keddy, Luke Lofthouse, Beatty, Erekson, and maybe even Hand or Fields, I am not sure. I do not see Iowa as being the favorite at all this coming year. We are something like 7th-9th in returning points, depending on whether or not Missouri's Waters points are included from the prior year.
  4. Fabio Maldonado was 22-0, with 21 KO's as a pro boxer and was destroyed by Miocic in round 1. Miocic wrestled at Cleveland State.
  5. My point about Arreola is that some say how much more money boxers make than mma fighters. Maybe at the very top but that's it. As far as his being a fringe fighter, according to wikipedia, he was national champ golden gloves, fought for the world title twice, and has a record of 36-3-0 with 31 KO's.
  6. Hello, Chasden. Sorry the confusion about Jones and Toney. Many similarities: Toney born 8-24-68, about the same age as Jones, and similar records, Jones 57-8 and Toney 76-9-3. Couture destroyed Toney, not Jones. Yes, I have been in and seen many fights between boxers and wrestlers with the aforementioned results.
  7. Roy Jones was born 1-16-69, Couture 6-22-63. The wrestler who was 5 years, 7 months older made the boxer look like a little girl. Anyone who believes a boxer is a serious threat to a wrestler in a fight is, in my opinion, either uninformed or not a realist. I have been in and/or seen MANY fights in real life, and wrestlers ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE BOXERS. As far as money is concerned, Chris Arreolla, long time heavyweight contender who has fought for the world title, has been, and I believe is currently broke.
  8. Saw on a PSU site that they may redshirt Megaludis and Retherford. I wonder if Cael is giving up on winning the team title in 2015?
  9. I do not know why snapspinscore started this topic. I am just learning more and more about the sport, and this site along with the Penn State and Iowa forums are very good sources for me.
  10. Does anyone know whether or not these figures include points from 2013, such as Hunter Stieber's 14.5 and Alan Waters' 12.5?
  11. Every time I try to access this link, it will not open.
  12. Does anyone have an ACCURATE list of team's returning NCAA points? I have seen some lists but they vary. Also, any info on additional returning points and or wrestlers from the prior year. I have figured that over the last 3 years, PSU has scored 376, MN 324.5 and Okie State 282. Over the last 2 years, PSU 233, Okie State 216 and MN 207. I think Okie State lost Perry and Caldwell but has the top rated class coming in, with the top rated wrestler. Penn State lost Taylor and Ruth but seems to be reloading. Got kicked off computer. Anyway, I think MN lost Thorn, Zilverberg, Steinhaus and Nelson. Just thinking about next year's serious team threats, including Ohio State and maybe Cornell and Iowa in the mix.
  13. I got the top 3, and in order, but I did not claim the order at the time. Got Iowa and tOSU, and would have gotten Oklahoma, too, if Rutt had delivered. Next year could be a scramble.
  14. Is it just me, or does it seem Oregon State is falling short of what is expected of them? Not trying to prejudge but it appears that way to me.
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