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  1. Who do you have winning the team race and how many champs will each team have!!!
  2. Who are some unexpected wrestlers that can make a run to be an all American or even make it to the finals.
  3. Is there anywhere that I can print the current intermat rankings.
  4. Had a friend get robbed at gun point in front of hooters a few years back.
  5. Any word on any of the above mentioned????
  6. Wasn't Ian Miller hurt heading into NCAAs last year also????/
  7. Just wondering how bad Lavion Mayes and Ian Millers injuries are. Also any other injuries of note.
  8. Have 4 Suite tickets that I may be willing to get rid of. Looking for LL tickets and maybe some $$$
  9. Anyone know why Josh Martinez injury defaulted out of there conference tournament? Thanks in advance..
  10. I have tried all the above and it seems that the rooms have been blocked by schools. Still looking thanks!! I spent less than 20 seconds at http://www.hotels.com and found around 50 hotels in the OK City area that still have rooms available.[/quote Sorry I should have specified within walking distance to the arena.
  11. I have tried all the above and it seems that the rooms have been blocked by schools. Still looking thanks!!
  12. Looking for 2 rooms as close as possible to the arena in Oklahoma City if anyone has a block of rooms or know of any rooms available please let me know. Thanks!!
  13. Looking for ncaa suite tickets or lower level tickets. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Everyone who signed up please make sure that you get josh payed so that way he can get the prize money sent out as soon as possible.
  15. You can do your own pool if you'd like but we are trying to keep the large pool going as herkcy wasn't enjoying doing all the work year in and out and never finishing in the money. Penn pm me an email ill get ya an invite
  16. I have sent out invites to all that have responded, lets get signed up!!!
  17. Payout will depend on entry's just like before. If you want in get me your email and I can get you an invite. I guess you can't just sign up for some reason.
  18. Found this on hawkeye report. They Want it to be a large pool like it was!! League Name: Lets Go Hawks Password: TONYRAMOS. Squads are $25.00 each. -All money collected will be paid out. - Please mail checks to: Josh Schoonover 14264 Mourning Dove LN #101 Noblesville, IN 46060
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