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    twosackjohn got a reaction from TBar1977 in Nolf vs IMar   
    I just hope that Nolf follows iMart up in weight class and show him the lights for the next three years. You all that hate Penn State deserve to see this take place, and it will. Nolf is simply the better athlete. With experience his gap betwen iMart will do nothing but increase. Accept it, live with it, suck on it.
    If the kid's dad just died, that should have fueled his fire, not the other way around. Circumstances outside the circle had NOTHING to do with your pet/favorite getting decked by a superior wrestler.
    Change of the guard ... you just witnessed it.
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    twosackjohn got a reaction from jtothep in Will Tsirtsis break the record ....   
    Don't know if my stats check out for sure ... but Taylor seemed to beat the same guy Dake wrestled by a wider margin of victory, but we all saw the result of the Taylor/Dake matchups. I see Dake as more of a thinner edged winning strategist, if you will. But the guy was dang near perfect as such.
    I guess all I am trying to say is that margin of victory does not detract from the overall "quality" of a great wrestler with a high winning percentage record. If Tsirtsis runs the table from here on out, he will be one loss shy of Dake and as many NCs thus inserting himself into an all-time great conversation. (in my long sighted/optimistic opinion)
    I only use Dake to compare as I think the two will have comparable collegiate careers. Not trying to knock Dake at all, in fact, just the opposite. Dake is one bada$$ son of a gun.
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