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  1. This is the biggest piece of evidence suggesting that McDonough was either not injured or not seriously injured. If he shows up to the team banquet in a sling, I'll recant, but I'll change my tune to wondering what the coaching staff was thinking having him wrestle that much in matches where his result did not affect the team score and the match was not important for future seeding. possibly he was injured and it wasn't as severe initially so McD, wanting to tough it out(no surgery, extra time off, ect) and with the coaches letting him ultimately choose, he wrestled and it also probably worsend when it was already too late...accompanied with the weight cut ...the scenarios can go on & on
  2. Post of the week right here. Its 100% right. As an aside, does anyone remember the candid interviews Q gave at NCAAs his sophomore year to Flo, before and just after winning his first title, talking about the falling out he had with the coaching staff? He talked of his mid-season struggles resulting from he (Q) always wanting to throw, and his coaches wanting him to abandon that stuff in favor of more conservative leg attacks. He talked about how he and his coaches banged heads over that, until they found a middle ground of sorts by season's end where they stopped working at cross-purposes and incorporated both. The rest was history. I suspect Cael learned some good coaching lessons from having Q under his tutelage. Cael was never an upper-body guy, and maybe his initial coaching instincts were to push guys away from that. But seeing Q's success with it, and figuring out a way to blend it with other offense to make the throws higher percentage and the wrestler more dangerous overall, may well have changed his tune. Hope someone asks him that the next time he's interviewed. excellent point. i agree this deffinatley broadend cael's horizon of coaching wrestlers with different styles than his, and improved his phenomenal coaching knowledge that much more
  3. sorry hamlin, butI think Ben & Jerrys wins the title of best anything from Vermont
  4. (cont) unfortunatley JB has all these things but with his incredible reflexes (who else is shooting 3 doubles, even from his knees) a great part of this group of seniors who will transition into the international styles, will be the talent/skill levels. especially guys like oliver, kilgore, q, bradley, maybe McD, ect. just glancing, it seems to have the potential for a large group, adding alot of quality depth in rapid succession as fast and technical as he does??).
  5. i'd say that title of best ever prob was earned by Jersey's own Bruce Baumgartner. nit-picking asaide, i agree too, this is JB's spot for awhile. dakes best assets are his will power and his knowledge of technique and positions,
  6. it appears the MAC did well, for it self and relative to the other conferences.
  7. There you go. We'll just stop having Logan wrestle matches, just have him walk out and the refs raise his hand. That's fine, as long as Ramos is there to shake it. +1
  8. they really have a great thing going there. you don't see them with highly ranked recruiting classes regularly, and in the freezing erie at your small school of roughly 10,000.... you have a coach who knows the formula for success and the ability to really connect with his guys. you have guys who will really buy into the system, starters and non, and work theyre butts off in relative obscurity. Then you have an administration who will back and supports you(4-time olympic medalist for an a.d., thank you very much). this is why they continually "overachieve" compared to everyone elses expectations. i think this is the first time they've had two semi-finalists(not 100%)
  9. and ending with the heavyweight match that is often won by 1 point, frequently in overtime, is a better bet? maybe if golagaev(sp?) is involved
  10. Not an upset... It made sense. Hamlin's only (real) losses were to #1 Ruth and #2 Bennett. He beat #4 Bosak and #5 Steinhaus (all star). So by your logic, Bosak wins EIWA's and was unable to avenge his regular season loss because Hamlin lost badly, injury or NOT, prior to the finals and should be penalized while Hamlin should get a free pass? This happened 2 other times with Von Ohlen and Fleming. YOU ABSOLUTELY should be penalized for not winning your conference qualifiers when the guy who wins it was ranked so close to you. It is a qualifier for a reason. You wrestle until you make the AQ you get enough of a prize for qualifying. You DON'T deserved to be seeded like the loss/forfeit didn't happen!! By the same logic, Bosak was still sick recovering from Staph when he lost to Hamlin earlier in the year. I'm not even going to point out the guy is the returning national champion. But thats not the same logic, Bosak competed in the match, sick or recovering, while the other never materialized. regardless, i can't agree with bosak getting the lower seed. previous ncaa champ, eiwa champ,...what else do they need
  11. You should have to imagine he would earn a wild card if he defaults to 6th Sent from my VM670 using Tapatalk 2
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