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  1. Mike Evans has a classic 70's porn stars stash. That's hard to beat. Not Hawkeye fan but Evans wins
  2. its a great time to be a fan of usa wrestling i just wish there was a spot for all 3. im a dake fan but JB is the champ untill someone can take it from him. my intrest level is at a all time high to see how this all plays out in future years.
  3. without bunch colman doesnt get that medal.
  4. dont get me wrong guys. I am not an Iowa fan and i think logan is awsome. But its kind nice to see a questionable call go against him for once
  5. ok i have been coming hear and the old forum for years. I have never posted mainly because my grammer and spelling make me a easy target. I just read everyones posts because alot of you have great inside knowlege and information. When it comes to this topic nobody is really talking about how Dake seems to be on another level when it comes to the tournment. I tried to look it up but was wondering how many total points hes given up at the Tournment so far. It cant be many.
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