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  1. I know he didnt have a great finish to at the nationals.Did he have a injury or problem making weight this year or just had a tough year at the tournement.I am not here to knock him or the program just was curious.I would have lost alot of money if i were bet he would have been a AA this year.
  2. I think with Pritzlaffs B10 exp he would get the job done.
  3. is it to late to get in abcfyre@aol.com I got one team in cant get the the second one in send invite
  4. Goodale did a nice job getting the program out of the basement.Now its time to bring in a exp B10 wrestler and coach.I think if any one has a shot it should be Pritzlaff with his exp at Wisconsin and Michigan he can recruit anywhere and knows how to win.
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