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  1. They are the Enrons of Education.
  2. Agreed, tho some of these guys might be a little too good in FS to make the switch. Nickal and Cenzo might fall into that category (no offense to the others).
  3. IIRC, Dake won Fargo in greco (that or he lost to David T., in a match he still disputes). If Dake were not quite as good as he is, if he was just short of making the USA freestyle team, he would be just the kind of guy who the US should have on its greco team. At least that's my theory, knowing little about greco. (Cue the responses that also know nothing about FS/anything.)
  4. Touche. You may be surprised that I actually knew Henry a little and that I have a great story about him, told to me buy his teammate at CCNY.
  5. There seems to be some dispute as to how many programs are profitable? And when you say "X teams with wrestling made a profit" you really mean "23 PROGRAMS with wrestling TEAMS made a profit." Isn't that right? Meanwhile, do you know if any wrestling teams made a profit? PSU would be most likely, is my guess. But is PSU even profitable? Iowa? Anyone else? Does anyone know?
  6. Wait. Hasn't there been a D1 champ in football for the last 5 years or so (even if the camp was only "mythical," as they said, before that)?
  7. Of course, the question of whether they are in different galaxies changed completely just today.
  8. I feel like this is a joke and that I should get it. But I don't.
  9. Great data, especially for Cornell fans. Did you determine whether if impacts the order of the best-of-rest list?
  10. That's funny b/c WKN basically disputed what you correctly call an obvious point. Also, the related point I was making is not so obvious.
  11. Arguably Davidson will soon challenge PSU with or without Cael coaching its team.
  12. JB could and should get a better job. For more on this point, see the long thread on JB coaching. Oh wait, that thread was deleted.
  13. That was the triceps removal surgery, right?
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