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  1. "Practice and other athletic training opportunities for enrolled student-athletes will be permitted provided they are structured in accordance with each institution’s procedures and applicable state regulations." Seems pretty clear.
  2. Oh, my bad. I also thought he had two (like Dake).
  3. Doesn't Stanford have another problem: No local competition. With the exception possibly of Fresno State, are there any other D1 teams within driving distance?
  4. Aren't Taylor's world to titles also in non-Olympic weights?
  5. How does Stanford decide it cannot afford wrestling or anything else? Obviously, it has the money. But just as obviously the wrestling team loses money-- but so does the English department.
  6. And Stanford is fabbbbbulously wealthy. I guess it intends to stay that way or become even more so.
  7. I don't think this score is possible. All scores are multiples of 10.
  8. I don't believe that for a second. And how does anyone know Y's scores?
  9. Cael's problem would be that he has a world gold medalist at any weight he could make.
  10. Ed Ruth at 170. He looked cut from granite at 184. How is this possible?
  11. So he was almost done with HS, then moved to Ithaca and graduated from diploma mill. It actually makes sense if his focus is on wrestling.
  12. That does not seem at all sketchy.
  13. Oh, and did he greyshirt as well?
  14. Who are the 4 qualifiers on the bench?
  15. Just looked attractive the roster and saw that Yapoujian is a graduate of Jeffco Virtual Academy (though he wrestled somewhere else). Looks like Jeffco is a school for kids who don't wanna go to school. Must be an interesting story about how he wound up there and then wound up at Cornell.
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