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  1. Seems like all countries, no matter how advanced, build a lot of facilities for the games. Maybe whoever had the games last could step in. But all countries have a Covid-19 problem.
  2. I have no idea whether the games will be cancelled-- a friend from Japan who is knowledgable about such things is sure they will be-- but I put little stock in denials. Everyone involved MUST deny cancellation rumors right up to the minute the cancellation actually happens.
  3. It sucks that-- if there is an Olympics-- the USA will likely leave at least two world champs at home.
  4. If the Games are cancelled is there any chance that individual sports (like wrestling) could hold the world championships that they would not host if there WAS an Olympics?
  5. Though Cornell is not competing, Cornell wrestling had a great week. Dake and Yianni won the Henri Deglane and both looked great doing it. Vito did not place at that tourney, but he looked good taking 5th. Meanwhile, Cornell was named the 5th best program of the 2010s. That ranking is no huge surprise, but damned impressive neverthless.
  6. It's not. I was referring to the fact that guys with his college career usually don't place at international tourneys or even enter them. That he is wrestling for Israel at least gave him a shot.
  7. I though there was a 2Kg allowance
  8. You'd be a bad king as you fail to comprehend. I am not saying that a point would be added to the criteria-leader DURING the match. No, when the match ends with a tie score, the criteria winner would be awarded on point (call it a criteria point) so he would look like a winner on the final scoreboard. The score would be 5-4 (criteria).
  9. So this means that the only reason he went to 79K was to avoid JB? I always thought it was a tough cut, though necessary in Olympic years.
  10. And you think they don't want to join the community because they'd have to understand the scoring? No, I don't think that. But to the extent non-community members stop by and look at some results, a 4-4 victory would confuse them. Even fans of folkstyle may be confused unless they also follow freestyle. Fans of other sports (like soccer, where 4-4 result is a TIE) may be confused This is not freestyle's biggest problem, but it is an easy one to fix.
  11. No-- I think 99% of the people are not in the wrestling community.
  12. Agreed, but why use a different name for the tournament than the one everyone understands.
  13. I would think that 99% of the people would think, how could someone "win" by 4-4. The other 1% (who are avid fans) would understand, but even they would benefit from my reform.
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