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  1. Can't you buy them for a fraction of that on Stubhub?
  2. It also could be that when he wrestles a third period, he only needs a point or two to get his tech fall. For instance, he goes in leading 13-1; he gives up an escape and then gets a TD and 2 back points to win 17-2, thus winning the third period by only 4-1.
  3. This is surprising; wonder it it's true. Does a kid going to a JUCO take the SAT again? And even if it's good JUCO, why would Cornell be impressed by a good GPA there?
  4. Wait, what? I was always under the impression that the greyshirt guys had been admitted and deferred. If they might not be admitted, aren't the greyshirt guys taking a helluva risk. Also, why would a year at a podunk JUCO help a guy get admitted?
  5. Turned on the TV last night and started flipping channels. To my amazement, I saw TWO college matches being aired, Duke v NC and Minnesota v. Nebraska. Pretty amazing, at least to me.
  6. What about a guy like Howard Harris (I think that's his name)? He won at heavyweight even though he weighed about 220. And this was when the heavyweight class had NO weight limit.
  7. Why would it be wrong or even seem wrong? If a basketball team with three of the top 10 scorers in the league lost to a team with five solid guys, would that be wrong?
  8. Right, and Yianni. But doing it at 125 seems more common than at higher weights.
  9. This is kind of the Elam ending that worked so wall at the NBA All Star game
  10. If I am not mistaken, Troy Nickerson did not greyshirt. Isn't Greg D in the same class?
  11. Amateur boxers fight for three rounds (as wrestlers did at one time). But pros go 10 or 12 rounds (and used to go up to 15). What would happen if wrestlers battled for 10 3-minute rounds? Would the pace be so slow that'd be a snooze. Would pins (or tech falls) tend to come early. Would it be fun to watch?
  12. The show stinks. it's an unfunny comedy about a comedienne who is herself not funny.
  13. Is the EIWA dual title really a thing? I never heard of anyone else winning it. Also, how many of the EIWA teams even face each other in duals?
  14. Is this the whole list? One champ and one 4th place finisher?
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