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  1. They do seem to have some VERY expensive packages available, no tickets w/o a package.
  2. Yup. Everything still sold out. Not just wrestling.
  3. Isn't Cassar a potential rival? Or is Cassar a freestyle heavyweight?
  4. Also, isn't Dagestan fairly anti-Russian?
  5. Perhaps, but you are great at hiding it.
  6. Why do you say that? It's been a while since he was at 74 and he seems a full size 79. You might be right-- I think it's happened before-- but how do you know?
  7. Does anyone know anything about getting tickets for the Olympics? I went to the website for Cosport, the ticket seller for the U.S. and it indicated that every wrestling even was sold out. I went to some other events-- they were all sold out, too. Is this because the tickets are not even for sale yet? I don't see anything on Stubhub either. What's going on?
  8. I think the time Howe beat Dake, Dake was a 149 pounder, but wrestled 74K for freestyle. The sweat match was, of course, razor close. Of course, Howe was one of the best in world at one time himself, according to JB.
  9. Howe and Dake wrestled at least twice, despite their age difference. The sweaty OT match was at the OTT, IIRC. Dake won.
  10. I believe wrestlers are wiped down only at the break, regardless or how much they sweat. Remember the OT match between Dake and the guy from Wisconsin (forgot his name). They were both drenched; neither was wiped down.
  11. Why not make the US Open and true open. Right now it should be called the US Closed, as in closed to non-Americans. It could then be an international ranking tournament. And it could still be a qualifier for the US WTT.
  12. Grey did not go to Blair. His brother did. I guess he has ties to Blair, but so do a lot of guys. I think if Dake went to recruit a Blair kid, the kid would listen.
  13. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. But at any wrestling event, kids flock to him. He speaks well, even if he has some nutty ideas. Grey is kind of dull.
  14. Dake is a wrestling savant. No one knows more than he.
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