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  1. Trump's selections are kind of comical. As someone said, he has not given many, but he did award Rush Limbaugh and Miriam Adelson. Also 9 of his 17 were given to athletes, including fable fornicators Tiger Woods and Babe Ruth. Of course, a lot of people are talking about what a great job Ruth has been doing. He also gave one to Elvis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom_recipients#President_Trump_(2017–)
  2. Sadly, in some way Gable will be diminished by accepting this award while being a pawn for Trump at what is likely to be a superspreader event.
  3. Why do you say that Dean is doing it in his spare time. He is an assistant wrestling coach. His job and his "hobby" are both wrestling. And isn't it the case that most of the USA team members have historically been assistant coaches?
  4. Good chance, some chance or no chance? Also, how is Pat Downey ranked above Taylor?
  5. Fair points, but don't all the top programs have the same problem, but still try to land the very top recruits?
  6. Looks like a good class, not a great class. No one in the top 10.
  7. Wouldn't it be better to delay another year and then have the Olympics WITH fans. This option would screw some athletes, but would be just as good for athletes as a group. Obviously it would be better for fans as a group.
  8. This Zeke Jones match against Jordanov is crazy. Zeke is so fast. There was so much cheating. And there is a creepy shot of John DuPont in the coach's corner.
  9. Tucker actually has the 88th ranked show. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2020/06/08/ratings-top-100-shows-2019-2020-tv-season/3144382001/ You are off by 87. That's not really close. Maybe he has the #1 shouting show, but I think Hannity beats him.
  10. NJDan


    There is really only one good match, right?
  11. Yianni Diakomihalis vs Vladimir Khinchegashvili Set For BTS, Sept. 17th. How are the mavens handicapping Yianni vs a 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist?
  12. Shaq would be way too heavy even for heavyweight.
  13. NJDan

    BTS 9/17

    My guess is that they are not competing for their schools, like a summer tournament.
  14. Is Cornell allowing students on campus? If not, why enroll, especially if the wrestling season will only start (if at all) in the second semester?
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