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  1. As far as I can recall, no one has been publicly busted for PEDs during the Tokyo games (not just in wrestling, but all sports). Am I missing something? Or did all athletes get suddenly clean? Or did they get better at beating the tests? Or is testing still not complete?
  2. Dake beat Taylor at 86-- twice. And this was when Dake was way below 86. So we already know Dake can beat Taylor at 86 and at 74. Maybe there is some weight that Taylor could win, like 81.5.
  3. Is that really true? I would think that anyone who cares could tell the difference.
  4. Dake and Taylor both have two world titles. You are just arbitrarily elevating the one medal that DT has. Dake has more NCAA titles. To you they don't matter b/c your boy has only 2.
  5. That's likely true this year since the WCs are so soon after the Olys. But is it still true for WCs that happen 1--3 years after the Olys? And even so, if a wrestler is comfortable at 57Kg, he will likely wrestle at that weight in the Olys and the WCs. But what about a guy like Daton Fix or RBY or others who are too big for 57 and small for 65, but otherwise just as good as the 57 guy in their country? They might go up or down in the Oly year and may or may not make a team. But the same guy may prefer an non-Oly weight when that weight is being contested.
  6. I get why an Olympic weight medal could be deemed better than a world championship medal, but to me that b/c wrestlers from 10 weight classes converge into 6 weight classes. But when the world championship is contested, it's not like the non-Olympic weights are contested by beginners. Some guys who wrestled in the Olympics move up or down to non-Olympic weights. Some guys who may be just as good, but were too small or too big for Olympic weights, but who are otherwise just as good, will now be able to compete.
  7. I wonder if online degrees are respected by employers in general and colleges in particular.
  8. Dake has beaten Taylor TWICE at 86. No need to speculate.
  9. Didn't Dake also beat Taylor at 86 and then lose to Cox? Actually, I just checked. Dake beat Taylor twice at 86, once in 2015 and again in 2016.
  10. 133 was his best weight. The only reason he ever wrestled 157 was to give the littler kids a chance.
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