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  1. Why has no one mentioned IMart?
  2. I would think so, but I gather the NCAA has not said so. That may be because it's still difficult for 22 year-olds to get the vaccine. But if it becomes readily available, as it likely will, the NCAA may require it just as it requires the absence of skin diseases and such.
  3. I won't pretend to know or want to know what Nom was thinking, but I agree with your second point. BTW, I don't know about Lee, but I do recall TNick wrestling in the LCQ, but that was post-injury.
  4. You didn't start the thread so I don't see how you decide the purpose. The OP was: " Which wrestlers stand out to you as woulda coulda shoulda if not for some circumstances." Is says nothing about freestyle. So your 'tude in NOT ok.
  5. Lee was a two-time champ. Nickerson won just one, but had 4 top-4 finishes. They did OK.
  6. Alex Cisneros was three-time state champion in California and four-time state finalist and a consensus top 10 national recruit in high school. He went to Cornell and did very little. Probably Koll's most disappointing recruit.
  7. Max Dean can go where he wants (tho I would not rule out his staying at Cornell). But what about Gabe? Is it at all likely that a major program will hire Gabe to be an assistant coach in order to secure the services of Max? I believe there are situations where a college basketball program hires a high school coach as an assistant in the hope that the coach's star player will follow him to campus. But does that happen in wrestling? And, if it did, would it be seen as a scandal?
  8. I noticed the mailbag is still behind a paywall. Frankly, I don't think Intermat's content is compelling enough to subscribe. Most of it seems to be press releases. The mailbag was pretty good, but it wasn't based on reporting. It was mostly just fairly off-the-cuff commentary. I wonder who pays to subcribe.
  9. I'd love to know what the Deans are up to and why.
  10. When, in a wrestle-off or at Last Chance? Edit: Sorry, I see now it was Last Chance. Is it certain that Foca will go 184 and not 174? Anyway, it could be he lost his spot. If so, no one will want to admit that. If there is an academic angle, why not just say it?
  11. I just read this, too: "Athletes may not leave the weigh-in area or initiate any activity for means of weight reduction." I thought it was standard practice for guys to weigh-in above weight and then work out vigorously to lose the last pound or two. Am I wrong about that? If I am right, the weigh-in rules seem to be routinely broken without consequence.
  12. Not at all. Some rules have discretionary language (any wrestler weighing in late may be disqualified). Others are mandatory, Even in-competition rules allow for judgment calls. If the rule is as clear as you seem to think it is, the USAW could just quote the rule. But maybe it is not so clear (as with the rule that was invoked during last chance about re-starting the clock). In this case, maybe it WAS possible to say that "We accept Cox's statement that his coach misinformed him and we will grant a 15-minute extension." Cases in courts of law contain permit exceptions like that routinely. Not every rule is black and white.
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