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  1. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    Lawyer Up. To retain counsel. The term was popularized by the fictional detectives of ABC's NYPD Blue, who lament when suspects ruin the fun of an interrogation by "lawyering up." http://www.legalaffairs.org/issues/January-February-2003/scene_hanft_janfeb2003.msp
  2. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    The term "lawyered up" comes, I believe, from "NYPD Blue." It refers to a criminal defendant invoking his right to counsel and not answering questions from the police. Koll is not a criminal defendant and he has not refused to answer questions. Thus he has not lawyered up. He may have hired a lawyer to help FLWC or Cornell draft an appeal letter. Why does anyone have a problem with that? The only problem I have is his rather ignorant bashing of the legal profession even as he seeks its aide.
  3. NJDan

    Zain's left knee?

    This whole debate is bizarre. USAW organized the trip and (I imagine) paid Yianni's way. The Team USA coaches were there. If they had a problem with Yianni wrestling, they would have said so.
  4. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    Because no one is expecting to see you wrestle at that tournament. OTOH, if you enter a tournament, make it to the semis and win, everyone expects you to wrestle in the finals.
  5. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    I assume the forfeiters had their own best interests at heart. I guess the problem is the incentives created by UWW or whoever. Because an unjustified (that is, not injury induced) is bad for the sport, they should create a rule that penalizes such conduct such as be deducting ranking points, a financial penalty or a suspension. Having a system that encourages forfeiting is just sad.
  6. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    Wait, Zain got hurt and quit the repechage. The question is whether the finalists were actually hurt at all. And whether there should be some obligation to compete even if you have a tweak.
  7. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    You mean there are guys who enter and then forfeit? I guess they have to do that to make the NCAAs. Does wrestling at Yasar qualify anyone for the worlds? Or is it just a seed?
  8. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    If there is no point in wrestling at Yasar, why did they register in the first place. They could have "no, sir" to Yasar. But if you say Yas to Dogu, do Dogu all the way.
  9. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    Not the NCAAs-- yes, I know. But I am not sure it's a "random" freestyle tournament. It's a tournament that people travel to from all over Europe and even the USA and Canada. If it's such a crappy event, why did Team USA go?
  10. NJDan

    Final Forfeits

    Isn't it outrageous that JB's and Yianni's opponents for forfeited in the finals? seems very disrespectful to the fans, the organizers, the other wrestlers. I don't recall anyone ever forfeiting in the finals of the NCAAs. Does anyone ever forfeit in the finals of a conference tournament? Were these guys actually hurt? Does anyone know?
  11. NJDan

    What we learned at Dogu

    Snyder was challenged in the final. How has Downey improved?
  12. NJDan

    Yasar Sunday

    Snyder's early TD stands up for 2-1 win. Lackluster event, but USA dominates.
  13. NJDan

    Yasar Sunday

    Cox's mouthguard is new, right? Seems it has made him even better.
  14. NJDan

    Yasar Sunday

    He seems strange to me. I wish him well, but he looks bored on the mat and does not attack his opponent's legs. Also, I would doubt he can attract sponsors.
  15. NJDan

    Yasar Sunday

    Downey loses by 7-6 after being up 6-2. Once his man bun unraveled, so did he.