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  1. I assume there is some exaggeration or personal mythology in your answer, but even if your story is accurate, it's still quite shy of the Mills legend.
  2. What was the weight for the bout? Did they even say?
  3. Nonsense. A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. I suppose Mills drank 4 gallons after weigh-in and never pissed before taking the mat.
  4. I am surprised that any B10 wrestler can be 0-18. Don't they wrestle some weak opponents?
  5. Was Dake stalling? Or was he saying he can win without shooting even once?
  6. He better get sure b/c he won't beat Snyder or Cox. Shocked to see him dominated like that.
  7. "it's like putting the punctuation at the end of a sentence. It really makes a statement."
  8. "i'll tell you what: Those points may not be big, but they really add up and that's how you win a match."
  9. If you miss it live, but you subscribe, can you watch later?
  10. Oh, right. My bad. So it was three golds PLUS a bronze.
  11. OK, Chapman had said three gold medalists. It was really 2 golds and a bronze.
  12. The Banachs are two of them, right? Who is the third?
  13. Why are you fat shaming Mean Gene the Pinning Machine?
  14. Is it possible to see this match online?
  15. I went and watched his finals match against Gonzalez. He looks no bigger than Gonzo and the announcers said how Gonzo looks 10-15 pounds heavier.
  16. Did you know that the Babe was also a great wrestler in high school? (not really, but he could have been).
  17. "Supposedly"? Do you really think that's true or even close to true?
  18. Also, the entire world was weak all those times he won world titles.
  19. Trenton State was D3, was it not?
  20. Hmmm, I never knew this was a world-shattering question.
  21. Well, is it also obvious that I was suggesting an alternative?
  22. I am not sure why this is obvious. The Lakers play the Clippers and the Nets in the regular season even though they may meet in the playoffs. Granted, they have no choice, but no one says that a prior competition causes either team an insurmountable disadvantage. If Gabe wrestles Taylor, one will win and one will lose. But both get a good match and may learn something. Why not think of it like that?
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