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  1. I believe the limit is 21 schools must participate to be a sanctioned sport. Men's gymnastics is the exception to that rule and has a waiver from the NCAA as an Olympic sport and are partially funded by USA Gymnastics.
  2. Good for you! Finally some good news.
  3. it is my understanding Big Tens will revert back to the historical schedule and it will be PSU, Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern and then Nebraska in 2025 and Maryland in 2026. Nebraska had the option of hosting after the end of the last cycle - which was thrown off when Purdue and Northwestern swapped years due to the remodel at Mackey Arena in 2011. As Nebraska turned it down they were advised they would not host until the end of the next cycle. The schedule changed this year when Rutgers partitioned the Big 10 two years ago to host Big 10 championships in multiple sports. As a result the schedule as altered to allow Rutgers to host in 2020.
  4. There was a time when you could buy single session tickets as it did not always sell out. In the early 80's you would see local wrestling clubs in upper deck sections but only for a session or two. Seen that done in both OK City and Chapel Hill. Back in the day you did not have a Fan Fest because vendors were in the arena corridors. Doors opened a couple of hours early and it was a great way to meet wrestling fans. There were some venues where outside vendors served breakfast and sold meals. That was back when the early sessions started at 9AM and the late sessions lasted much later.
  5. This is what happens when vendors took all the good seats, they gave tickets away to people that were not true wrestling fans. As they had nothing out of pocket many of those tickets were sold on the street or people failed to show up. There were multiple empty seats each session, not complete sections however there were open seats throughout the arena. We had friends buy tickets on the street and as other people said there was no demand and cheap prices. They paid less than face most sessions and finals tickets were $50.00 for lowers. Semi's cost them $75.00 for ok upper bowl seats.
  6. Coming from the midwest it is cheaper to fly to LA, PHX, SD or DFW than Pittsburgh. The limited number of flights out of Pittsburgh allowed airfares to increase drastically. There is also a limited number of hotels in downtown Pittsburgh it allowed hotels to nearly double the rack rate. Ticket availability was also a significant issue - secondary market prices were more than double face value. The good news is prices scared off enough people that scalper prices were very reasonable. Next year in Minneapolis the available number of rooms within walking distance will be more than double Pittsburgh, of which 90% of those rooms will be connected via the Skywalk system in downtown Minneapolis. Temps will not be a factor as you will not need to walk outside. (downtown hotels are more than double those in Pittsburgh when your radius is one mile or less from the stadiums/arenas) The light rail picks up directly in front of the stadium, and it also has direct access from the airport in addition to St Paul and Mall of America. LA also offers light rail from the airport and PHX and SD airports are actually located near downtown. If you were not from the area and not staying with friends and family Pittsburgh was one of the most expensive cities in the past 20 years. NYC offers enough options you can find inexpensive lodging and food plus the cost of flights are reduced by the number of flights, airlines and airports. Pittsburgh crime rates are in-line with most of the larger metro areas in the USA - excluding St Louis and Detroit.
  7. Sadly it goes back to St Louis but only for one year. We should see RFP's going out sometime after the Minneapolis finals. Having worked in arena management the bid process takes some time to work through the RFP and calculate revenue and expenses. Historically once the RFP's are received the committee will narrow the field down to a reasonable number. The number will depend on how many years they are accepting bids. Those chosen will then be scheduled for a presentation. The committee will then cut the field in half and there will be a final presentation based upon feedback from the committee. I have NO inside information however if the tournament does will in the dome I anticipate new bidders from almost every large domed facility in the USA. If the line of sight issues can be resolved it would be great holding his in most of those cities.
  8. I agree with you 100%!!!!!! Not only is downtown a dump its unsafe. The arena has continued to decline over the years as it is city owned however the new operators of the now Enterprise Center have promised updates. (Formerly known as Kiel Center, Savvis Center and Scottrade Center) My son went to law school in St Louis and would not go downtown unless there was a baseball game due to the high crime rate. People want to blame the high rate on East St Louis however the west side of the river is not far behind on crime. I hear about how great is is having a casino and strip clubs so close. The Landing has all but shut down, and baseball village is only an option when the Cards are in town. We waited hours for a restaurant downtown because they were not aware wrestling was in town.
  9. Hotels: B pricey and not directly connected to the arena Food: A- multiple options however limited after the last session downtown. Arena: C There is nothing unique about the arena inside. Line of sight was limited in the upper decks due to the limited floor space, making tables close to mats. Terrible job of getting people in and out. Felt very old. Heard the coaches and wrestlers didn't like it. Location: B pretty close to the majority of the hotels and the downtown area. I know of multiple people that flew into Cleveland and DC and drove due to the high cost and limited flight availability into Pittsburgh. Cost for flying home on Sunday were very high and limited. Traffic: D There was no coordination on traffic flow. One police officer would hold up traffic in one direction only to get to the next intersection and with another ten minutes. Ticket Prices: D- This was a sham! There were multiple empty seats for all sessions and scalping prices were at the low end. There were not a large number of buyers looking for tickets because they had been scared away. Overall: C- I agree move it to a warm location. To help the sport grow lets send it west and reward those programs that have kept wrestling. LA, San Diego Phoenix Arena doors need to open 90 minutes prior to the first match not 60. It was not bad if you went around to the other two entrances - smaller lines. New York City A Oklahoma City A - love Bricktown Cleveland A- Downtown restaurants, bars and hotels were all close and prepared to handle the crowds Omaha B Great downtown however just too small. Flights were also very limited Philadelphia B A little pricey but sooooooooo many downtown options and with the subway traffic was not an issue Chapel Hill B- Great weather, traffic was perfect, hotels were outstanding - arena was designed for basketball and seats were tight. Love to see it return to the area Washington DC/College Park B- LOVED IT! Arena stunk! Send it back to downtown DC. Des Moines B- Great skywalks, hotels were close, lots of bars downtown. Outstanding food choices! City and arena are just to small to handle the event Minneapolis B- Again love the hotels, restaurants, bars and sights to see downtown. The Target Center was not designed for wrestling and the line of sight was bad. This time - new arena - light rail is up and running. Downtown has actually grown in food and bar options, excited to return St Louis B--/C+ It's getting old going to the same place. Dirty downtown - Union Station is all but gone. Love The Hill and places away from downtown Pittsburgh C+ See above Kansas City C Love KC BBQ however holding the event at Kemper was a bad choice. Move it to the Sprint Center downtown and it's a great place. Detroit C- A lot of the issue had to do with it being held at Auburn Hills. This time it will be downtown - safe for the most part during the day however evenings do not have great food and bar options in the evenings. Ames/Iowa City/Cedar Falls Great places however just too small to hold the event.
  10. Cael actually lost a match in his redshirt year to Paul Jenn's at the UNI Open. Jenn's was redshirting that year after wrestling for Iowa Central. Cael was winning the match entering the third period however Jenn's being older and stronger scored multiple takedowns in the third period to win the match. Cael never lost to Jenn's again and sadly Paul Jenn's was killed on the way to his wedding.
  11. Found our seats! Now have one extra room reservation to cancel. Have a room at Residence Inn 13 miles from arena. Two bedroom suite $140.00 plus tax. Can transfer into your name - nothing to me - you pay hotel. Thank you, Alan
  12. Sam Stoll should have never been on the mat prior to Big Ten's. He clearly has issues with strength in the left knee - he would have been better served spending his hours rehabbing the knee and not on the mat. His body will not allow him to shoot and finish like he did three and four years ago. In the next two weeks he needs to develop some type of take down other than a single or double. He does not have the strength to get off the bottom from 90% of the heavyweights. If you win the toss take up and ride him because he lacks the leg strength to get up and out. Everything I have seen the young man wrestle he has displayed great sportsmanship - win or lose. He deserved more respect than was shown to him by a freshman at Big Ten's. While not an Iowa fan I am happy he was rewarded for his time in the sport and wish him the best after wrestling.
  13. Still looking for 2 tickets - upper or lower Thank you, Alan 402-955-9506 Based upon multiple web site searches today - ticket prices are falling and those that are listed at the higher end have been there for an extended period of time and not selling.
  14. I believe Seth Gross will need to be awarded a 6th year of eligibility or he cannot compete transfer or no transfer. If I am not mistaken he has applied for the additional year - I was not aware graduation transfers have to enter the portal.
  15. Still looking for 3 tickets - upper or lower Thank you, Alan 402-955-9506
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