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  1. I know but man it gets sickening hearing so many just complain about PSU wrestlers, but never rag or complain about their teams wrestlers. Zain is a beast and someone finding something else to complain about his style of wrestling. The kid is a talent and Cael himself he is the best leader he ever coached(something along those lines). I also was told a very cool story about Zain from a family member who goes to PSU, and without telling the story the kid is all class. Anyway I was kind of poking fun with my post and plus still irritated Nolf lost. Sorry for rambling.
  2. LOL. Coming from the biggest PA hater and d-bag. You are the king of creepy with your obsession of PA wrestling. Now leave me alone because I have no more desire to ever respond to you again.
  3. Not only that, Zain is the biggest staller on top. He like does nothing but puts legs in and stalls. Nico is also a big staller too. All that motion is just to fool refs, but I know he is just a staller. Man and did you see Macintosh stall the whole match versus Burak, absolutely pathetic. Let's not forget Cutch always faking injuries to avoid wrestling tough matches. Don't even get me started on Gulibon...
  4. I have it on DVR from the BTN channel. I have no desire to watch that match again. Plain and simple as much smack as mar talks, he just slowed the match down and refused to wrestle the whole match. He knows what happened last time he tried and wrestle with Nolf. What do you think of Perry's total BS complaining to the ref to give imar a breather? Come on total cheap tactics and I refuse to root for any of that garbage. Can not wait til NCAA's.
  5. I thought it was a terrible match. Nolf lost. All imar did was use that cheap delgado trick and grab onto the leg on Nolf for dear life to avoid TD's. I guess you give some credit to him for slowing the pace down and just wait for one damn scoring opportunity late. My gosh it was 1-1 and people act like it was a great match. imar was great just throwing in his underhooks and holding on and killing time, oh and just holding on in the front headlock position just wasting more time. He did not actually start to wrestle till it was OT when he came to life and starting looking for a TD, which I agree he should have got and the refs made the wrong call. That said Nolf NEEDS to finish those few TD's early he was in on next time and MAKE imar wrestle the whole match. I would still take Nolf on my team any day over him. It will be an injustice if Gant is the number one seed and Nolf and martinez are the 2 and 3 at NCAA's.
  6. Gwiz will be a 3 time NCAA champ, Snyder will have to settle for second place again.
  7. PSU fan here, and I have this bad feeling Nico, Nickal, Nevills, Cutch and McIntosh are ALL going to lose their next match.
  8. I remember when a family member of mine wrestled Racciato when he was a senior in HS. He obviously knew who he was and scouted him. Well after he got pinned he told me he never in his life felt anything like that in a match. Haha. He was super athletic who just dominated kids in HS. This person told me that back in HS that Racciato did no off season training and just wrestled during the season which is crazy. I am not sure if this is true or not but it sure seems that way the last few years went during his Pitt career. He showed glimpses of talent...
  9. Lets see Snyder at Big Tens with a good big heavy before we start talking NCAA finals with him and Gwiz.
  10. I totally disagree with pretty much everything you wrote. I will leave it at that.
  11. I am looking forward to the Gilman/Mega rematch, sure they wrestled a few years ago but still it will be interesting to see how things go this time when they meet in the semi's. Huge Nico fan but with Gilman's strength and he obviously improved since last time they met, I would say this is even match. Should be much better than the Nato/Nico match. Tomasello did not do a whole lot when he wrestled Nico, where I think Gilman will be attacking and him and Nico will be an exciting match. Everyone wants to see the Nolf/Imar rematch! Just recently read somewhere Imar had the flu but did not say anything because he did not want to make excuses??? Does anyone know if that is true or just the a joke where everyone has the flu when they lose?
  12. Chance has got to do what is best for him. But as an outsider looking in, I would be out of there! Chance should have kept his weight up and wrestled 174 from day one(Ringer 165)! Two years basically wasted sucking down to 157 and losing to kids he should have never lost to. My gosh he was 170 and above his last two years of HS and was the best kid his senior year in the USA. To see a PA kid like Zavasky, who Chance hammered at states having great success at a heavier weight(184) just irks me. Or a Pete Renda(184) who Chance was head and shoulders better than. I know this subject has been beating to death. Anyway I hope to see him wrestle in a different single next year.
  13. I have been leaning towards Morelli for a while now, I think the staff made the right call. Me personally I like Morelli's gas tank and stinginess better than Shakur. Realistically though both are not going to score many points at NCAA's. Not trying to sound negative, just being honest.
  14. -Iowa fans would stop calling him Carl, Kale, etc. -Iowa would have won a bunch of NCAA Championships under Cael. -Iowa would have got more blue chip recruits. -Iowa fans would say he can coach AND develop talent. -Iowa wrestlers would be scoring a ton more bonus and takedowns. -Iowa wrestlers would start having fun and get to play dodgeball. -Gilman would help his opponents up off the mat after pinning them. -All Young Guns wrestlers would go straight to Iowa after HS. -Iowa fans would stop hating on PSU. -David Taylor...
  15. Nice job NC State, and so happy for Renda. Watched Renda for 4 years in high school, each year improving until he finally won a state title his senior year. Kid always showed class while wrestling.
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