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  1. He said in a previous interview that doing both (juniors and seniors) next year is a possibility.
  2. What about Steveson against Seniors?
  3. 125: Watters- Going to be some awesome semi's 133: Stieber- Kid is solid, but could see Ramos winning. wouldn't be surprised if Dardanes can make the top semi and pull an upset then losing to Ramos in the finals. 141: Maple-Should have an easy of a time to the finals as anyone r 149: Ness- Can't wait to see where Ness gets seeded. Hopefully him and Olivier can meet in the finals for an epic match 157: Green- Not sure about this weight, but would like to see a rematch of Green and Welch 165: Dake- Going to be a great final, but I see the senior pulling it out 174: Storley- As loaded of a weight as any, but I see Logan winning. Should be some great 1/4's and semi's 184: Ruth- He's too much. I'd like to see a rematch with Steinhaus, with Ruth winning 95% of the time 197: Kigore- Too good. Won't be touched until the finals HWT: Nelson- Could be a good (boring) semi's and finals
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