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  1. Chance is a special wrestler, no question about that. A kid deserves the right to chose the college he thinks is the best fit. I only wish him the best but it hurts to lose him. Chance was do well wherever he ends up. Every time I seeba chance reference it's sure to be followed by kolat. While I believe chance is the best of of our times kolat was superior by a large margin. Nobody compares to kokats dominance. Good luck chance at osu I will be pulling for you!!!!
  2. Got to give Bubba credit, he doesn't avoid competition. Having said that, Dake will dominate IMO.
  3. Kolat was just so far ahead of his time. Its not that he won, during his hs yrs, its that he destroyed. He was 137-0 with only 10 opponents going the distance. He did beat 2 ncaa champs while still in hs. Their have been so many great points discussed during this thread. I loved the post about his college yrs!! Its hard to compare guys from era vs era and weight differences. I believe he is the most dominant wrestler in hs that has ever put on a pair of wrestling shoes. I would love to see another like him because it was great to see the first time!
  4. Jordan surprised me this year. I thought he was a solid wrestler but he overshot my expectation. Gulibon was young coming out of hs by today's standards. I think the rs will serve him well. He is a gifted wrestler with insane speed. Even with all his accomplishments, I don't think he is even close to his potential. He is supposed to be a monster in the practice room by just about anyone I have ever talked to that has witnessed him. I think its the norm to be excited by a blue chip recruit like him. Look for him to be a force in years to come and I wouldn't be surprised by aa placement next year.
  5. I imagine Mcd really could careless what people might think. I don't think he thought he would get the backlash from throwing his plaque in the can nor do I think he thought he would be praised for wishing Nico goodluck. Maybe he has a certain amount of respect for the way Nico handles his business on the mat. At the end of the day, no one would be dissecting everything this guy does if he had an average career. I loved Mcd intensity and wish I could bottle that up because I could make a ton off of it!!
  6. USMC29


    I'm not sure I see why Clark is so much improved from last time he wrestled Gulibon. Clark was a 4x champ. That means stud to me. How can we possibly compare how Gulibon would do against 125lbrs? It comes off as Clark is on another level than Gulibon and I sure don't believe that! Gulibon proved he was better not once but twice. Can't wait to watch these two throughout their careers.
  7. USMC29


    Great article! The man will always be an Iowa legend in my eyes. That just proves he shows class even in defeat. I just don't buy that the weight cut finally caught up to him notion. This man held it for 5yrs!! I understand their isn't excuses but the man was injured. I only wish him luck in the future and I hope when he wished Nico "good luck", that was a passing of the torch!!
  8. Mcd has set the bar so high that when perfection is not attained that we begin to question that something must be wrong. Maybe their is but Iowa wrestlers battle through it without making excuses. Their is just so much talent at 25 that you better be a monster to AA. Mcd shows up for war every time he walks on the mat and I will always respect that. Sure hope its a Nico vs Mcd finals!!!!
  9. Mcd has not reached the level he is on by accepting second place. IMO, he showed the proper respect to his opponent and simply had no use for his award. I'm sure he didn't think people would dig up his plaque from a trash can and make a big deal over it. This kid is under a microscope and anything he seems to do is picked apart. Even if he falls short of his bid to win 3 titles, he has done more than most can say. I'm a PSU fan and would take a kid like MCD, on and off the mat, every recruiting class if we could!
  10. I believe the sr. version of Burroughs would beat Dake and Taylor. I give fresh through jr yrs to both Dake and Taylor. Burroughs advanced so much through his college years. It would be hard for me to imagine either of them stopping at least one and probly two blast doubles during his sr yr.
  11. 126 - Nico 133 - Steiber 141 - Maple 149 - JO 157 - Green 165 - Taylor 174 - Evans 184 - Ruth 197 - Kilgore HWT - Nelson
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