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  1. How can it be a disadvantage? You basically get three redshirt years, allowing you to compete from age 21-24 against kids 2-3 years younger than you. It's a bit silly
  2. So SHP has devised a system to help him figure out the best wrestler each year, it has yet to predict the eventual winner but he still continues to act as if it is a worthwhile effort. Really? Ruth vs dake vs Stieber might be arguable but Ramos?? What didn't Dake do this year that has him after Ramos? Not enough pins? Maybe it's time for SHP to admit his bias
  3. No one is saying that occasionally dropping to a knee is stalling but if a wrestler is spending 80% of his time on one knee, how is it not stalling? How many offensive shots can you take from that position? It seems clear that the wrestler on his knee recognizes his opponents superiority in the neutral position and is looking to negate that disadvantage. If the opponent were to simply remain in a good position and not force the action, what would the match look like? One wrestler remaining on a knee forces the opponent to initiate everything or else there would be no action at all. It isn't wrestling. It is also just simply awful to watch.
  4. Old marine, you are right, I will go to the other threads where they say "what an amazing job Cael has done.". Thought people might jump between threads and make the linkage, my bad.
  5. With folks from Pa, you can never tell if they are being sarcastic or if they simply never made it out of high school
  6. Can we hold off on the "Cael is greatest coach ever" until we see how PSU does without three of the most prolific point scorers in NCAA history? Replace Ruth, Taylor and Wright with three average (sic) 3rd or 4th place AAs and how would PSU have finished today? Not saying he is or isn't a great coach but, just like the patriots/belichick look like the best ever when Brady is throwing the ball, let's see what happens in two years. Until then, enjoy Ruth and Taylor's brilliance.
  7. Pretty sure Jagger is living in a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER
  8. But respect his class. Tough loss for megaludis but while Delgado is celebrating with coaches, nico is there, ready to shake hands. Have to appreciate that, especially when compared to some other behavior we have seen. Made me a quasi fan (still can't root for PSU)
  9. I hate to be the PC police here but that's a good point. How does Penn State, located in the middle of nowhere, have a more diverse lineup than Rutgers? Look at the PSU lineup and you see a cross section of high school wrestling. Look at the Rutgers lineup and it looks like the team is made up of Jersey Shore castoffs. Is The Situation the ideal recruit for wrestling?
  10. Truly moronic post jinks. If you think Koll, Hahn, spates or gray would cheer an injury to anyone, you must be a Lehigh fan. Like Cornell or not, no one has ever accused the Cornell coaches of being classless.
  11. When Hamlin and Bosak wrestled earlier this year, Bosak was coming off a serious infection and was working himself into shape but a loss is a loss so no one argued when Hamlin was ranked above Bosak. Hamlin was going to lose his match at the EIWA tournament BEFORE he defaulted so how does this loss get ignored by the seeding committee? Furthermore, with what seems to be a serious injury, how does the committee expect him to wrestle as well as he was wrestling before the injury? Is he expected to heal completely in 10 days? Hamlin at 85% or even 90% is not the third best wrestler at 184.
  12. Hamlin was losing 4 - 1 when he defaulted. If wrestlers are rewarded for not completing qualifying tournaments, don't you think we will see more defaults to protect high rankings in the future? Bosak is defending champion at 184, has beaten Bennett in the past and placed higher than Hamlin in the qualifying tournament - how does that place him 4th seed?
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