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  1. denger

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    I have an innovative idea! Hear me out... Zain has an slight advantage given the current outcome... Lets have him reach into a bag of balls and draw one. the rules are fine. The officiating was questionable, but the outcome of this thing isn't going to change in any way that is "fair". Lets move on.
  2. denger

    Final X - Lincoln

    I'm a fan of Graff! Heck Yes, Man! I've always respected his heart, but he just showed some hammer. Miracle was just as impressive. Snyder with some Guts! The rest were expected.
  3. denger

    Final X - Lincoln

    "biggest balls in the world!"
  4. denger

    Thomas Gilman History

    He was often chippy in college and would apparently succumb to emotions in close matches. I think he's matured since then. I didn't see the "Jap" comment as a racial slur, but questioned how an educated person could think it was OK to say that in an interview. He's a Brands product, after all, so being an A-hole is encouraged. I was not a fan of him at all until his Senior International career took root. It's hard to not be a fan of such a tough competitor, even if I don't necessarily like his attitude on the side of the mat.
  5. denger

    Right now, who is our p4p best freestyler?

    I'm a fan of both, but Maroulis isn't competing "right now", is she? I'm hoping the best for her, but I don't think she's in this. Gray is, and I'd put her ahead of anyone who hasn't won a world gold, which is 6th on Ragu's list.
  6. denger

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    I don't like it, but it seems to have gotten into Heflin's head a little. I think Downey could have been called in the first, but they were both escalating.
  7. denger


    I'll continue to love watching him - squirming in my seat makes it an even better experience as a fan. Additionally, I think Yianni is only beginning to appear physically developed at 20: kinda reminds me of David Taylor who didn't get his man muscles until his mid 20s.
  8. denger


    Did anyone else cringe seeing Yianni's head-plant counters - like, can he do that without suffering head and neck injuries? I love that he found ways to win, and that cerebral style is freaky and exciting to see, but man does he make me squirm in anticipation of an injury!
  9. denger

    When is Hall gonna wrestle?

    Maybe the boys are just trying to finish their semesters strong? We can't (and probably shouldn't) know what these guys' goals and challenges are. The only good thing about y'all writing them off is that they're probably going to come storming back in the next year or two and kick your dangling doubts back through your nostrils. Lee and Hall are total studs. My guess is that they're achieving academic goals right now. That's not an easy thing to be a fan of on a USA wrestling discussion board, but our long NCAA season needs some reprieve, and the US Open is happening during finals week for many Universities.
  10. denger

    Logan Stieber retiring

    Congrats to Logan. He's been such a great wrestler to follow- going back to high school when he started shaking up the Senior level guys! And yes, that offensive style has been great for our sport. On the side topic of eating meat, I'm happy to eat local, pasture-raised meats. Six years ago we made that change for health, moral and economic reasons. We spend the same as we used to, which means we eat less than half as much meat as before. The lower omega 6 to 3 ratio of animals' fat that walk around and eat grass is much healthier for humans to consume, and I like knowing that the animal wasn't wading through manure while eating frosted flakes for the last half of its life. I also like that my money goes directly into the pocket of a farmer whom I've met, instead of being spent on fossil fuels to feed and move around the government-subsidized factory farm goods. I think most of my reasons are truly conservative, but that word doesn't mean what it used to mean. Good for the vegans, though! Whether they make their decisions for personal health, empathy for animals or environmental concerns - all of those are noble reasons, and I like to believe that Stieber is a noble guy. And I think that describing one of our star athletes for being noble off the mat is a perfectly fine thing to do on this board.
  11. denger

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    Cael has an excellent track record of getting his top recruits into truly dominant form. This has been especially noticeable with the heavier half of his lineup, but not exclusive to that (Nolf & Retherford). I like to believe that his repeated success with the heavier guys is directly related to his own physical assets, which will eventually deteriorate. Cael turns 40 this year. Certainly, his staff will be crucial to maintaining success, but there's obviously plenty of great things going on in that program to help maintain it. I think when PSU is eventually unseated as the dynasty team, it will be under another upstart leadership of a superstar like JB or Snyder. It'll be like Smith disrupting Gable, and Cael disrupting Smith (albeit to a lesser degree - I don't know if OSU reached dynasty level). In the mean time I'm looking forward to some competitive years with the other well-equipt teams challenging PSU.
  12. denger

    Coach John Smith

    During the review I thought the same thing. I'm not going to disparage anyone for their hair, but if the ref was looking for indisputable evidence, then there was more than one reason why Suriano's fingertips could not be seen in the video. Judging by the number of polished heads on top the stripes last week, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a depilatory bias amongst the officials.
  13. Good question! I don't have any insights there, just a feeling that Jordan's pedigree will make the lineup. Maybe one of those guys will be 184?
  14. denger

    Throwing the brick...

    I thought that from the top view Yianni's later TD over McKenna proved to be unsubstantiated. I also wondered if the call went that way to compensate for the first challenge where Yianni dumped him over for a near danger count, but it didn't go his way. I like that they take a second look, and I especially appreciate when the officials decide to take a look on their own accord. What we want is a fair match, but there are times when I think the coach is trying to slow down the action for his wrestler, and that should absolutely be penalized. Maybe just adopt the International Rules of losing a match point if the challenge is dismissed.