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  1. denger

    Sad / Taylor

    I'm guessing this reply is tongue in cheek, but he was a Cadet World Champ five years ago at 85kg, Senior Champ in 2014 at 86. His birthday is May 9, 1996 - about six months younger than Snyder, who is currently 22 years old. Nobody doubts that the guy is a total badass, but I don't understand the doubt around his youth. I just don't see what advantage the Russians could have been seeking by holding him back. It's not like he's a kid from the Great Lakes Region, USA, who is hunting for a future college scholarship. He's from the wrestling hotbed of the World. I just don't see it. I think this is really good for Kyle Snyder, just as Sadulaev's loss was good for him last year. I also see why it appears lopsided, as if Snyder's win was a fluke I'll take Snyder in 2020, and I'll let 2019 further inform that idea.
  2. denger

    Sad / Taylor

    Did anyone predict our medalists the way they ended up? If I knew ahead of the event that we'd win three golds, I don't think I would have picked those three to win - probably one and maybe two. It's perfectly logical in hindsight, but still... That's to say - I don't think Taylor and Cox are bigger giants to kill than Snyder is. He certainly avenged his loss, but I don't think the story is over, nor do I want it to be. Also, I think there is zero chance of Sad dropping back down to his teenage weight.
  3. I did not watch, but the $30 wasn't a barrier. I was traveling ahead of the event and through the MFS sessions, and then catching up at work after traveling - simply didn't have time to watch this one. I probably could have made time for Greco, and I might have shelled it out late if we had a guy medal...still might I suppose, but I'll probably just watch replays when they go public.
  4. denger

    2 Lawsuits filed against Ohio State

    He also allegedly confronted the doctor for being "too hands on" with the athletes. That might have been "creepy" in 1985, but after Nassar, those descriptions will never again be so vague.
  5. denger

    2 Lawsuits filed against Ohio State

    Tbar had an observation on one of the deleted threads that I thought made sense. I won't call this paraphrasing, but I think it captures the apparent logic: Total denial is his best option. Any acknowledgement opens the door to criticism of real things, and it will come hard if he admits knowing anything. Hard evidence proving that he's lying is going to be really hard to find from that time, so he might as well deny it. Again, I don't think that captures Tbar's sentiment, but I think it describes the logic of denial. I'm deciding to not believe that he knew that there was "abuse" as it would have been described 30 years ago. He must have known that something wasn't quite right, though. Also, I get why he's denying any knowledge, and I don't blame him for stonewalling it. I'd respect him more if his initial response was, "Hellickson and I talked about it, and he reported it up the chain." It puts it all on Hellickson, which is the landing pad that tOSU will be examining anyway. Instead of being straightforward, he's being a lawyer and politician.
  6. denger

    Some guys have something "special".

    Nope. It's people that we're afraid of - especially the ones who have convinced themselves that their will is God's will.
  7. denger

    Some guys have something "special".

    Yeah, I get that. I am one after all. Why don't we ever hear a champ say, "Glory be to Me. I've done it all to serve Myself... My opponent was formidable, but at the end of the day it was My will that prevailed... The more glory I give to Myself, the more blessings fall upon Me... It's for My own glory. I gave Myself these talents, so I put them in the spotlight to glorify Myself... I compete for Myself primarily and everything else is secondary..."???
  8. denger

    Some guys have something "special".

    I agree, that's most of it. But I think there's something about faith that takes a few people further. I think athleticism at the highest level is razor thin when comparing champs too - obviously different athletes have different natural gifts, which leads to some wrestlers being better matched against some than others. Although, I've heard Zain described as "not particularly athletic, just hard nosed and determined", which makes me happy to be wrong about this. Back to that point about faith - When I look at Burroughs and Snyder, I do see them as having an unusual level of belief in their ability to perform. Maybe that's just what they exude. Maybe it's only observable because of their success. But the "All I See Is Gold" thing worked out great for JB. And I stand by my thoughts on Snyder from a few years ago, that he had no business going out there and beating the world...until he proved us all wrong! I'm pretty sure religious faith supports that greater than faith. I suspect that an atheist would be way to logical to beat someone who thinks it's their destiny.
  9. denger

    Ten Million Dollar Gold Medal

    I wish it were more like: World Olympics Gold 100K 1M Silver 50K 100K Bronze 35K 70K I don't see why anyone earning a medal at the world level should have less than a median income, and everyone knows it's more competitive during the Olympics. Isn't the payout for an Olympic Gold repeat currently $500K? I like the idea of repeat medalists doing even better than their first time - it might keep some of the veterans involved for a little longer, which should keep the depth pool deep. And like JH said, spread the rest around so a greater depth of athletes can focus on training.
  10. I feel a little unlucky as a fan who didn't get to see all that. From what I read, Oliver might be unlucky if unwittingly taking cold medicine kept him out of the WTTs. I don't know why Zain didn't enter. A few people like to dismiss Logan, and they must be some really miserable fans - I mean, they truly deserve to feel terrible about his success... Stieber's luck did not win him the spot. Maybe his comparatively good health did.
  11. denger

    Why no love for Nahshon

    Different wrestlers and different year. I mean, I'm a Stieber fan, but Logan's losses are certainly not transitive in measuring Nashon's potential. I agree completely. With his athleticism and past accomplishments I see no limit to his ceiling. His floor has been the confounding part - unraveling with some great leads and losing some head scratchers...who can forget that loss to Ramos in the OTT 2016? Excellent reply! He was a 4x All American and undefeated champ at 133 in 2016, pinning Brewer in the semis before taking out runner-up Cory Clark. I was stoked on Nashon in 2016, and I've been anticipating his success. I see why we have doubts about our light weights vs the World, but Garrett's potential is very high. It seems to me that his training and coaching has worked in his favor for the last couple years too. His reaction time and re-attacks are awesome to watch. He's getting some turns going too. I think the international experience will be a good one for him...and our best talents often enjoy international success in their first World appearance.
  12. denger

    Total Medal Count

    I haven't followed our Greco team much since 2016. Do we expect much out of them? Last year was pretty bad. Kamal Bey is exciting, and it's easy to be a fan of Coon.
  13. I don't think the format changed any outcomes, it just set a more even stage for the final. That said, I think the bottom 4 weight classes could have all been scrambled if we backed up a couple months and did it over again. I don't think anyone was getting by Gilman or Green, though, and Stieber proved to be the man after that unexpected Eireman loss. Colon - Nashon you could say is still a toss-up, but Nashon punctuated that series very nicely. I sure hope we see that kind of dominance at Worlds!
  14. I enjoyed three consecutive Saturday evenings. I'll take that over another full weekend of sitting around, and over a 2/3 series with one guy fully rested vs one who just worked through a field of champs. Tonight was glitchy and annoying. It totally sucks that we can't have a dependable source, but that's on Flo more than the format. As an internet fan, I'll give Final X a B for its first run - It was better than the status quo. I'd be glad to change that grade if the athletes voice a problem with it.