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  1. Just to clarify, entering the tournament qualifies the spot for the country, right? Like when Retherford weighed in but didn't compete at Pan Ams?
  2. Like I said, it's been a while...but: https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8659823/iowa-hawkeyes-wrestlers-banned-campus-rabbit-hunt https://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/10/iowa-wrestler-duck-hunting I also have some stories about a bunch of the Hawkeyes from the early 90s, including T&T, bird hunting with an Art Professor who was a former wrestler and fan (also role model and a friend of mine).
  3. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure the Hawkeyes still lead the World in NCAA wrestlers hunting on campus.
  4. Yep. I grew up in the NW Ohio cornfields. I coached in my hometown program through my undergrad years at BGSU. We had a pretty good team in the mid-2000s - I suppose our claim to fame was beating Graham in the state duals. A handful of the boys went on to wrestle in college, which is what made me a fan on NCAA wrestling and now international too.
  5. That's how I remember it too. I remember him in grade school and middle school always appearing physically immature, and he continued to look that way through college and into his mid-20s while dismantling guys who appeared more physically developed. I don't think there's anything suspicious about his slower-than-usual physical development.
  6. Thanks for the insights. I'd been operating under the assumption that more=better...And had been supposing that tough kids would continue to find practice partners, which still seems likely. I certainly hadn't considered that the overall level of competition that the girls face would go down - Something that seems obvious now that you've stated it. Can the girls still compete against boys? Like in open tournaments, etc. - are there enough girls participating to now to fill open tournaments enough to make them worthwhile? Not that it would make up for the rigor of wrestling 100-200 matches against stronger competition over 4years of high school, but I remember being coached to find 30-50 matches in the off-season. Are coed clubs a thing, or are those separated now too? The tough girls I grew up with in the mid 90s joined the off-season clubs. It was a rough time for them - they weren't welcomed in many programs, but they'd get some tough goes in at the club. It was rare back then for a girl to find a place to wrestle at all, and even more rare for a girl to compete past middle school.
  7. In the 2019 case, the Belarussian, Azamat Nurykau, lost to Burroughs 11-10. The same guy made it to the Bronze medal bout in 2021 but took 5th. I'm not gonna track down all the opponents accolades, but this one fits your description of challenging, even if just to wear a guy out.
  8. Thanks AnklePicker. I don't know how I got confused about that - I remember thinking that was the case, then just didn't get it right. I appreciate the correction!
  9. Sorry, Jim. I was just a little grumpy last night. ; ) I always thought the speculation about the cadet entry was overblown and/or out of touch. It makes more sense to me to just believe the given age because no amount of speculation will reveal a different number. Ultimately, I think age and health will become central to the rivalry between Snyder and Sadulaev in a few years. Hopefully, we get to see some matches between them before then.
  10. How long should we dwell on the idea that Sadulaev looked way to good to be an age-group winner last decade? He's made almost every grown man look like they don't belong on the Senior World stage since then, isn't that enough? I mean, even if the Russians cheated and put their Goliath out here to whoop some kids before he started whooping grown men, does that change anything? What, a little controversy to garner internet attention from tens of thousands of people before he started making men look like cadets? I really don't understand why that speculation is interesting beyond the fact that he's always been really good. I, for one, am glad Snyder has a long-time rival. Heck, at this point I just hope we get to see them wrestle again!
  11. I agree 100% To me, the most unfortunate aspects discount achievements of three or more incredible competitors in order to score argument points. We're lucky to be having the conversation two years in a row. If things go well for Team USA, we'll keep parsing it every year. If we're really lucky, it will hit a peak in 2024, then again in 2028. I have no idea what 2032 will bring, but I hope it happens again then as well!
  12. Have any of our former wrestler turned MMA guys made it back from MMA to wrestling on a world team?
  13. I don't think Elor will be denied. If she is, I'll be just as happy, but she just did something special, and she's still getting better and stronger. It's also great that she has a group of elite peers to push her domestically, and to back up our dominance in upper weights for the next decade. I doubt any of the youngsters is shooting for TMS in 2024, but I don't know what the younger wrestlers will grow into. Gray moved up over the years. Helen moved down then back up. Hildebrandt moved down. The 53 - 65 have a lot of movement in general. But, I think those young elites are going to aim for 76 in 2024 before setting their next goals.
  14. While browsing the UWW site for participants' profiles in the last few years, I noticed that the women were a little older than the men. Most of the weights had several entries in their early-mid thirties, while the men only had one or two World Medalist still likely to compete in 2028 & their current age: Amit Elor: 18 Dom Parrish: 25 Kayla Miracle: 26 Malory Velte: 27 Forrest Molinari: 27 Becca Leathers: 25 Women's wrestling is ripe with opportunity in the USA - they're separating from the field while chasing Japan. It'll be emotional when our seasoned veterans retire, but I think it will be mostly joyful. The work these women have put in to make the whole country better probably won't stop when they retire: They'll be the most accomplished generation ever, and their retirement could align with great NCAA coaching opportunities. I believe it's the beginning of a bigger thing rather than the end of an era.
  15. JB started with a 70-match win streak from April of 2011 through February 2014, when he dropped one 4-4 on criteria to Nick Marable at the Yasar Dogu. He won his next 22 matches before falling to Tsargush of Russia 9-2 at the 2014 World Championships in September. He won 39 over the next 2years more before falling to Geduev 3-2 in the 2016 Olympics; Then he didn't recover and got rolled by Bekzod Abdurakhmonov 11-1 in repechage; Yazdani of Iran debuted at 74 winning that Olympic bracket. So, yeah, he had 4 losses in his first 6 years, and three of them when it counted. Excluding JB's 2007 University Nationals silver, where he lost in the finals to Teyon Ware 1-1, 0-1 as a college sophomore, JB's Senior Freestyle record is 218 - 14. Of those 14 losses, 6 have been even scores decided on criteria, and 5 have been decided by a single point. The three decisive losses include the 9-2 loss to Tsargush, the 11-1 repechage loss to Bekzod on that bad day in Rio, and the 3-0 loss to Dake at 2020(1) OTT finals. JB also has 7 wins over 5x medalist (4Gold) Dake to 3 losses. JB was 2-1 vs 4-time medalist (3Gold) Tsargush. He's 3-1 vs 3xBronze medalist Bekzod. He was 2-1 vs 2x medalist Geduev. He's 3-2 vs 5x medalist (2Gold) Chamizo. 0-2 vs 3x Champ Sidakov. JB is also 4-1 over 4x medalist (3 Gold) David Taylor. JB's only losses to non-medalists have been on even-score criteria to domestic foes Marable, Martinez, and Marsteller. (this is all gleaned from JB's record listed on wikipedia)
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