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  1. Kollin Moore on attack rate and (lack of) physique. He was never as polished. Also, I wouldn't describe his style as playful or fun, but relentless nonetheless.
  2. Seems like a most-attractive model - certainly fan friendly and good for wrestling families.
  3. It's promising to see a school with Iowa's history embracing this. Dan Gable has said positive things about women's wrestling for years, so it's kinda surprising that it took this long. Still, I'm not sold on the idea that the big schools will add that much value. Given what I see from my tiny DII school and how they compete in rugby and triathlon (other emerging NCAA sports), it seems like any school that invests the necessary resources to make a program good can attract world class athletes and compete at the highest level. A major difference for wrestling is the RTCs - if those resources are also shared, then I see how some programs would have an advantage. An unfortunate outcome could emerge, though - As @TexRef mentioned, that could have an adverse effect on the pioneering DIII schools.
  4. Does your state sanction girls wrestling? I'm wondering if your observation squares with @gimpeltf's
  5. I’m not suggesting it will be a flood, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see some international students in the equation. I’m questioning whether it will be attractive to women wrestlers. I won’t pretend to know the socioeconomic standing of international women wrestlers, but it’s often a working-class sport. The international student athletes I’ve met are indeed privileged. So, I don’t know if a partial scholarship would make it accessible, let alone attractive. I imagine the RTC model adds value. It’s obviously more attractive to come over for women’s freestyle than it is for young men and the prospect of folk style - which is pretty rare.
  6. Maybe for a world class education? USA is still the best in the world for higher ed. Are we sure that it needs to be Power 5 to be interesting? There haven't been any before Iowa, right?...and it still got a good start in smaller schools. I teach at a D2 school that attracts international talent in swimming, triathlon, rugby, Track & CC, soccer, golf, Canadian lacrosse players, and some Euro women in field hockey. Triathlon, swimming, track & field, have seen Junior World reps, and we've had a handful of Olympians (from other countries) I'll be curious to see to what extent we get international women wrestling NCAA - It strikes me that most of the sports I listed above are for the privileged. The international students I've met are really great - usually around 3.5GPA, intellectually curious and well-reasoned, good math & science backgrounds, often multi-lingual. Many of them try to stick around after they graduate, too. They're all terrified that they'll get sick and end up in a hospital, or get shot...and end up in a hospital, but otherwise they're really happy to be here! I don't think many are on a full-ride, though. There's still a bill to pay, and there isn't much difference between state schools and private schools for international students I think there's a lot of attractive things about coming to the US to wrestle at a university. I really don't know whether it appeals to women wrestling elsewhere. Like TripNsweep said, if they're getting paid and helping their family, and they're comparing that to a discounted but not free education, it'd be a tough call - especially if the family needs that income and doesn't have the funds to cover the remainder of an education.
  7. Except Russia's women were competitive. They were 7th out of 36, in the hunt for 3rd place team, put 4 in medal matches, and had 7/10 place top-10 USA Greco was 18th out of 49, and 7/10 didn't win a single match. It's surprising to me how close USA is to Russia in combined scores.
  8. Do you think it’s under-supported or just unpopular? Maybe both? I really have no idea what USA Greco needs, but I really want Hancock to medal! He’s been a bright spot for a while. I hope he breaks through for himself and for Team USA
  9. “Smith still has an advantage on excellence, but it's not by as much as some are arguing” He lost an Olympic match. Spin it if you must. Ultimately, I agree that it doesn’t affect the argument that he has the most excellent career.
  10. I’ll watch the replay this evening and ask myself, what was Hancock doing differently in the second?
  11. I see your point on forced parterre. Hancock wasn't pulling an Otorguro, but I see why his action was called passive.
  12. I saw similar leads protected by more aggressive positioning yesterday. I don't think it was a terrible call. Still discouraging.
  13. ...because when a leading wrestler stops wrestling he can be defeated?
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