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  1. The Dominican guy at 61 looked solid. Maybe Mack will get a good match.
  2. at least I learned something
  3. The officiating in McKenna's quarterfinal is absurd. The head pinch in the first half was a questionable 4, but I don't know what was happening with the challenge at the end. McKenna scored his turn to go up 14-4, but they challenged for a reversal point and won. Then McKenna ends up on top for par terre to score again(?) Just weird.
  4. Steveson's Guatemalan opponent looked pretty awful. 18 seconds, two snatch singles, lifted him, dropped him flat on his back, the second was followed by a turn while the local guy gripped his own shoulder in pain. Obviously Steveson is on another level, but that match didn't look like a meaningful experience for either guy. *I might have been watching the match vs Columbia, was over too quickly for me to know.
  5. I'm an Art Professor at a liberal arts institution, where Physics is in the College of Arts and Sciences (home of the liberal arts). I have a great relationship with their faculty as we've worked together on a makers space and other opportunities for the math minds to practice what they've imagined. Here's my recount of a casual conversation with a Physics major/Studio Art minor in the studio yesterday: Me: You can always assume that I’ll be a round – I’m the 3D Art Professor, so that should always be true. Student: Ah, I see your point. Me: Don’t get me started on my one-dimensional colleagues. We all appreciate that they have a point, but we should expect that they can also make connections between points and make sure those points are presented plane-ly. Student: How ‘bout the four-dimensional profs? They’d be great, if you could only track them down… Me: Yes, they do not share the same understanding of time as most of us. Good talk!
  6. On the last weekend in November: "I don't give a damn about the whole state of #ichigan. The whole state of #ichigan. The whole state of #ichigan. "I don't give a damn about the whole state of #ichigan, 'cause I'm from OHIO!" I've never felt that way about Michigan on any other day, and certainly never about its wrestlers. There have been wrestlers I root against - and I appreciate the occasional thread where they're described as "heels". I've never rooted against any wrestling team, but I've certainly rooted for any given underdog. It's really rare that I root against any wrestler, either. I rooted against both Gilman and Waters one year, but I eventually came around on Gilman. Desanto for part of last year, but then I came around to appreciate him too.
  7. A good win for Jordan! I would have liked to see Moore look for bonus.
  8. I'm reading reactions to absurdity, which I think is different from criticism. I respect the faith of the devout, and I think it's obviously useful for people like Kyle to focus every decision through the tiny orifice of his faith. He's made a series of great decisions, which led to unprecedented success - some of that success was at least as irrational as his faith, but he believed it and #U¢k¡nG DID IT! I hope he continues to find success! That said, for those of us who don't think that our internal dialogue is an intimate, 2-way conversation with the Creator of the Universe, seeing someone profess that every career decision is God's Will is absolutely absurd. I'm grateful that Kyle's faith is unique. I mean, if everyman's will was internally perceived as God's Will, then we would all do irrational things to each other, and I doubt we would have 7billion people.
  9. The international styles used to have balls Now we throw padded bricks
  10. I'm surprised to see him on a list here. He was one of my favorite guys to watch while living in Mt. Pleasant, MI. He beat some high-ranked guys at home during his time, and it was never pretty - just strength, guts, and some kinda meanness! I never met the guy, but from the arena he seemed like a great leader with all the work ethic we could ever admire.
  11. I agree, and the upside is exciting. He had a lot of well timed shots last year just rarely finished. He's a little more selective now, and he's finishing more. He seems to have the athleticism. Hope he keeps improving.
  12. Who's the starter at 165? The what-if on the red shirts isn't really a December argument.
  13. I'm sorry to see it go behind the paywall. I haven't decided yet if I'm willing to pay for any of the content on Intermat. I think Foley is a useful troll. I doubt he identifies as such, but he obviously enjoys challenging the right-wing biases, which I think are the majority in our community. I enjoyed reading how excited people would get when their idea was challenged - it tended to escalate quickly, but that's the effect of anonymity and an internet problem in general. I don't think we'll see that scrum in the comments after Mailbag anymore - just more preaching to the choir. Also, I think we should expect to see politics in sport. Sport is part of American culture, and so is politics. I love that sport brings people together who wouldn't usually congregate. So what if we don't agree - being disagreeable is innately American. Nobody is being forced to listen to anybody's idea - we have lots of ways to ignore things we don't want to hear, so I don't understand the argument that he was cramming any idea down someone's throat. Ideas are meant to be challenged. Arguments are lost everyday and for good reason. All that said, wtf is jacket-wearing? Contextually, I gather that it's uncivilized to not wear a jacket..? If so, I don't like the metaphor - it takes a lot more than a suit to have a good idea.
  14. How many times will Jordan get thrown to his back this year?
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