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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to some great matches.
  2. Having trouble finding the start schedule? Anyone have a link or info.
  3. mcm2

    EIWA note

    BTW.....since coaching changes were mentioned, let me throw out a guy that will land an HC job and do a tremendous job... Brian Snyder...... did you hear that folks out in Bison-land.
  4. mcm2

    EIWA note

    What a great tourny! never dissappoints. EIWA wrestled tough...bit young this year... Lehigh came to battle....always a Santoro fan so it was nice to see them compete hard. The Koll machine looks to be primed for a huge run next year. I know it's been discussed many times but the couple of things that kept replaying in my mind after the finals was first the tremendous performance by Chris Perry and the sheer excitement of John Smith/Espo as time ran out and also the stunning ability of Ramos to get the backs when things looked bleak. I feel for Graff as he will replay the sequence over in his mind for a long time....two tough dudes.
  5. mcm2

    EIWA note

    As an EIWA fan, tough to admit that the tourney will expose how weak the conference was this year.Cornell will wrestle tough as usual but the the EIWA field looks to be in big trouble. As a side....what the heck is going on @ Bucknell?
  6. nj star-Ledger always does such a great job with HS wrestling all season long....tip my cap. One quick note and it always brings a few arguements, but the amount of greyshirts in the tourny is incredible. Not sure if it is as prevelant in other sports as it is in wrestling.
  7. Early glance @ the brackets have some nice early round match-ups and some fantastic 1/4 round bouts! Pennsy...I'll be back in a day or two with some thoughts and notes!
  8. Pennsy, It's been a brutal dry spell for old NJ. The past two years have produced the lowest number of AA's from NJ in a long,long time. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear this year will be much better. Many thoughts and theories but things have gone downhill quickly from the "glory days" of last decade. Some of it is cyclical and due to relatively weaker classes, but I don't think you can ignore the "AA" sinkhole that RU is. Many of the RU recruits of the past 4-5 years were historically Big10/EIWA/EWL recruits who went on to great collegiate careers. It would help if the state could get a little more production out of Rider as well. They don't normally get the top line recruits that RU gets, but their AA production has been a bit soft recently. Pa. will get it's 10 plus again. NJ will have to wrestle with their hair on fire to reach 4-5 AA's...most likely scenario is a paltry 3 or 4.
  9. I'm in the physiology/mental camp.... everybody's lung capacity/air intake system is different as well as the ability to convert oxygen at certain rates. We've probably all seen wrestlers or teammates that could go forever that didn't outwork the rest of the room. That said, if a wrestler has started to question his ability to comepete late in matches, then it becomes a self-fulfilling situation. Alton is one of the most exciting guys in the country to watch and part of that is the thought that he better stick 'em early cause the tank runs dry late!
  10. Schwabby!!!!! Love the small gym....love the UNI interviews. Coaching....coaching....coaching....it's what it's all about....right Ban Basketball !!!!
  11. Have a feelin old ban basketball may be coming around to Schwab! When Schwab, Popolizzi (or whatever NC State's coach's name is), and Bono were finalists for the UNI job I was asked on a local radio call in show who I preferred of the three. My answer, you ask? Schwab. So, I "came around" to Schwab even before he was hired. I'd beg for you to find a comment that I've made anywhere that says anything otherwise. Relax Ban....I'm a Schwab fan....loved how UNI wrestled @ the 2013 NCAA's and commented last spring: mcm2 wrote:Ban.... As a UNI guy you must like to see the intensity your team wrestles with....no? I'm not counting AA's....I talking about the willingness to compete and fight. Sure, but I'm one of only 100 or so hard core, through thick and thin UNI fans that always felt that we had that, even during the "lean" years. Schwab has definitely been able to bring in recruits, the rest has yet to be determined. All of the guys wrestling this weekend were Penrith recruits, and likely would have accomplished what they are accomplishing today with penrith in the corner. Their talent doesn't change because of a coach. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
  12. Have a feelin old ban basketball may be coming around to Schwab!
  13. I like the current RU squad better than previous ones. Unlike what a few posters believe, I am confident that Molinaro will make a difference in the room in terms of pace and attacking. He has the young guy's attention.....unlike the graduated seniors who considered him a peer. Look for a more exciting,high pace style from RU vs. their past tight, brutal 3-2 3rd period..... backing up...injury time out...head gear adjustment...one eye on the clock, style. Pennsy.... you mention Visicaro.... gotta say...he may surprise some people ...perfect guy for Molinaro to develop....tough attitude...nice pace ...wrestles going forward. But as you know.....our sport is built upon the March podium and until RU delivers AA's- the staff will continue to catch some heat.
  14. Nice solid hire. Mester was tough on the mat and has been mentored by some of the best in the business during his coaching career. Does anybody know if any of the Bloom wrestlers that wrestled for Stutz transfeerd to Buff? If not, the Huskies should be in pretty good shape this year.
  15. My understanding is that Bloom has narrowed the search down to 3 candidates and will make a decision shortly. For my money Josh Moore is an outstanding candidate who has done a super job with Andrassy @ Kent St.. Also heard that Rocky Bonomo has made the final cut..... great guy....not sure if it's a great fit. Third candidate would be a shock....wrestled briefly for Bloom and spent some assistant time @ Buff & Bing. and may have the backing of former HC Stutzman. Keep in mind, I'm just throwing out a few rumors to keep our board alive!!!
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