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  1. You're wrong. He just lost to an oversized 197 lber. Gable wasn't able.
  2. Keep in mind he has now "verbaled" to three different universities in the past year or so. Minnesota, OSU now tOSU. I know he has grown quite a bit but not sure this one will stick either. He's very good and I'm bummed he couldn't make 197 at Minnesota and understand why he has gone a couple other places but with this many verbals don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  3. A 3X heavy champ. Would be pretty impressive where does he belong all-time as a heavy?
  4. Exactly what I originally asked Snyder has lost so he can't be the next Cael. Additionally Snyder took an Olympic RS so he may be by definition a true freshman but...
  5. Agree completely a ref who called it right and wasn't afraid.
  6. Finally a ref not afraid to call stalling in the last few seconds. Ballsy move by him and done correctly.
  7. Two great challenges win Brown the championship.
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