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  1. Mark Shultz moves up to 177 and beats defending champ Banach 16-8 in 1982 finals
  2. Gary Barton from Clarion looks like a cast member of the Walking Dead and Peterson reminds me of Lurch :)
  3. So now that Fix has made the world team do you think he'll take an oly red shirt for 2019-2020? If so do you see Okie State dropping Brock back to 133, Gfeller to 141, and lewallen 149 ?
  4. Thus Ok State may have been able to score more tournament points with rogers at 165, joe at 174, and Jacobe at 184
  5. Pittsburgh will be my 17th. First was Maryland in 1972 while in high school - got to see milkoviches, carl adams, ben peterson, wade schallles Then long drought until 1990s and started going again - for a wreslting fan you can't beat it.
  6. Joe Smith loses in quarters to Romero who Rogers has pinned before. Smith in danger of not making tourney. Decision backfired?
  7. i have no prob with the wrestle off for 165 but as another poster mentioned which lineup is going to get better results: smith, rogers, smith, weigel OR smith, smith, geer, weigel
  8. Personally I would have set the line up at: 165 Smith Jr 2x AA 174 Rogers Sr 2x AA 184 Smith SR 1x AA 197 Weigel Sr 1x AA odd man out would be Geer who is only a soph and never an AA The only question would have been who gets 165 with loser going to 174 That, I believe, is the "right" thing to do. Its not as if John's decision would give the team a chance to upset PSU this year
  9. One of the best duals of the year but I don't see that Flo has picked it up is it televised ? Some great matchups
  10. we'll find out this weekend how Gfeller stacks up against Ashnault Ok State at Rutgers sunday 1/13 also fix v suriano which will be very interesting
  11. agree with this - but Gfeller could AA at 149 too
  12. I'm a Fix fan but red shirt frosh against two experienced senior studs does not bode well. The only way fix has a chance is to make it a take down battle and does not take bottom at all costs
  13. 17 First was 1972 at Maryland when our high school coach took us - got to see the Milkovich bros, Schalles, Carl Adams, Ben Peterson all win titles. Then 1991-1994, then 2003 - 2017 with a couple of breaks. Will be back for Pittsburgh next year.
  14. worse seeding that I could imagine for the pokes
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