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  1. sorry but smith is > jb. 2 time olympic gold, 6x world champ - no contest
  2. I went with Mark cuz he's a 3x champ - Dave was a 1x champ
  3. well, just for fun while we're killing time which two of these matches would you most like to see? 126 stephen abas v barry davis 134 tj jaworsky v tom brands 142 john smith v dan gable 149 Lincoln Mac v Zain Rutherford 157 Pat Smith v Jim Zalesky 167 Kyle Dake v Mark Churella 174 Mark Shultz v Royce Alger 184 Bo Nickal v Cael Sanderson 197 Jden Cox v Ed Banach UNL Kyle Snyder v Stephen Neal
  4. The NCAA should issue full ticket refunds
  5. after seeing the dominoes falling to today with the NCAA BBall tourney my bet, unfortunately, is that the ncaa wrestling tourney will be tv and media only by this weekend.:(
  6. Where/when are these televised? And flo not covering ?
  7. think the cowboys will take it on the chin this time. 125 Lee by major 4-0 133 Desanto by major or tech 8-0 141 Murin by dec 11-0 149 Lewellan by dec 11-3 (50/50) 157 Young by dec 14-3 (sheets improving but not enough) 165 Marinelli by dec 17-3 (whitlake good frosh so hold to a dec) 174 Kemerer by major 21-3 (Smith struggling) 184 Montalvo by dec 21-6 (going with slight upset) 197 Wood by dec 24-6 (will be a tight one) UNL Cass by fall 30-6 ( no contest) Worst case this could be a shutout - best case Cowboys pick up upset at 157 and 197
  8. That was one of the best duals I've seen in a while. Blood , guts, suspense, rally, crowd. Love being able to see these live. Not like the old days when I had to wait for my Amateur Wrestling News to arrive to get the scoop.
  9. What is the IOCs rationale for only having 6 weights? Why not have the same # as the World 's. ? Makes no sense to me and deprives worthy athletes and wrestling fans.
  10. Looks like this tournament is quickly fading in the sunset on the collegiate level - compare the 2020 national college division to 2010 placers Virginia Duals National College Division (2020 participants) #1 Virgina vs. Kent State #4 Old Dominion vs. Penn #3 Fresno State vs. Maryland #2 Rider vs. Duke Virginia Duals National College Division (2010 Placers) 1. Oklahoma State 2. Lehigh 3. Penn State 4. Oklahoma 5. Kent State 6. Virginia Tech 7. Virginia 8. Michigan I suppose Southern Scuffle has drawn the interest but even this year it has diluted.
  11. Our high school coach took us to see the finals. Some great matches like milkovich-owings, adams-dziedzik, and schalles pinning Hubbard. Great memory
  12. Gary Barton looks like a cast member for the Walking Dead
  13. Any news on whether Gfeller will be in line up at 141 and Smith at 174? without them could be tossup match
  14. Mark Shultz moves up to 177 and beats defending champ Banach 16-8 in 1982 finals
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