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  1. okwrestle

    GFeller is gonna win NCAAs

    we'll find out this weekend how Gfeller stacks up against Ashnault Ok State at Rutgers sunday 1/13 also fix v suriano which will be very interesting
  2. okwrestle

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    agree with this - but Gfeller could AA at 149 too
  3. okwrestle

    Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

    I'm a Fix fan but red shirt frosh against two experienced senior studs does not bode well. The only way fix has a chance is to make it a take down battle and does not take bottom at all costs
  4. okwrestle

    How many NCAAs have you attended

    17 First was 1972 at Maryland when our high school coach took us - got to see the Milkovich bros, Schalles, Carl Adams, Ben Peterson all win titles. Then 1991-1994, then 2003 - 2017 with a couple of breaks. Will be back for Pittsburgh next year.
  5. okwrestle

    OK State got hosed

    worse seeding that I could imagine for the pokes
  6. okwrestle

    Seeding 165

    the way I see it: 1. Martinez 2. McFadden 3. Joseph 4. Walsh 5. Rogers 6. Lewis 7. Wick 8. Massa 9. Marinelli
  7. Payed football, wrestled , and ran track all four years in hs, Wrestling was by far the most demanding primarily because of the weight cutting. Our coach used to tell us that if we can handle wrestling's demands we'd be better prepared for whatever life throws at us. In hindsight, I agree, that the discipline and mental toughness aspect has helped me. I'm 62 and still work out 5 days/week Mon - Fri in the am before work. I credit part of that discipline to wrestling which has stayed in my blood. I love the sport and have a deep appreciation for the talent and sacrifice of those at at the D1 level.
  8. okwrestle

    Hawk Brakedown with Mudflap

    Excellent. LOL always look forward to mud flap
  9. The track wrestling site says 2:30pm central. Is that correct ?
  10. okwrestle

    Junior World Freestyle Aug 1 -2

    If the US has a 2 point lead how can Russia catch up if you only get 1 point for a win?
  11. okwrestle

    Iowa State

    Strange and kinda sad to see the cyclones at the bottom of the tournament with 1 point. hopefully Dresser can restore the rich tradition of the program. No where to go but up. 57 Clarion, PA Clarion, PA (GET) CLAR 2 1.0 57. Columbia, NY Columbia, NY (GET) COL 2 1.0 57. Iowa State, IA Iowa State, IA (GET) ISU 3 1.0
  12. okwrestle

    Suriano OUT!!!

    they should definitely reseed and everyone below # 3 should move up a seed. Cruz goes from 4 to 3, lambert goes from 5 to 4 etc.... you can't just give the # 14 seed an easy path to the 1/4 finals.
  13. okwrestle

    PSU - IOWA predictions

    I'll take a swing at this 125 gilman by dec 3-0 iowa 133 clark by mdec 7-0 iowa 141 carton by dec 10-0 iowa 149 zr by dec 10-3 iowa 157 nolf by mdec 10-7 iowa 165 joseph by mdec 10-11 PSU 174 meyer by dec 13-11 iowa 184 nickal by dec 13-14 PSU 197 matt m by dec 13-17 PSU UNL nevills by dec 13-20 PSU
  14. okwrestle

    Dake vs Taylor --- Round X

    can cox make the cut to 86 kg and be effective ?