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  1. I believe a Dr Gilman gave him the covid test
  2. For us old timers what we have now is a hell of a lot better than abc showing highlights of the final matches period. So to me this is wrestling nirvana.
  3. didn't mean to to send so here's a few more 157 young - berge 165 - smith whittlake 165 o'toole - amine 165 griffith - weber
  4. 141 woods - demas 125 mckee - latona 149 storr - andonian 149 lovett - murin (rematch) 157
  5. O’toole vs Amine 2nd round mainelli vs Griffith quarters
  6. Latest Flo rankings dropped him to 14. Don't think so. If Griffith can lose and be ranked 4th then I say Whittlake gets an 8 seed at worse. Marinelli - Whittlake in quarters? Also Flo has Brooks at # 4 after Big 10s.. No Way. To me he's a clear #1
  7. why is Marinelli missing from the 165 rankings? Did I miss an injury announcement?
  8. And the next year Mark Shultz went up a weight and beat Banach in a great match
  9. sorry but smith is > jb. 2 time olympic gold, 6x world champ - no contest
  10. I went with Mark cuz he's a 3x champ - Dave was a 1x champ
  11. well, just for fun while we're killing time which two of these matches would you most like to see? 126 stephen abas v barry davis 134 tj jaworsky v tom brands 142 john smith v dan gable 149 Lincoln Mac v Zain Rutherford 157 Pat Smith v Jim Zalesky 167 Kyle Dake v Mark Churella 174 Mark Shultz v Royce Alger 184 Bo Nickal v Cael Sanderson 197 Jden Cox v Ed Banach UNL Kyle Snyder v Stephen Neal
  12. The NCAA should issue full ticket refunds
  13. after seeing the dominoes falling to today with the NCAA BBall tourney my bet, unfortunately, is that the ncaa wrestling tourney will be tv and media only by this weekend.:(
  14. Where/when are these televised? And flo not covering ?
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