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  1. think the cowboys will take it on the chin this time.

    125  Lee by major   4-0

    133  Desanto by major or tech   8-0

    141  Murin by dec  11-0

    149 Lewellan by dec 11-3 (50/50)

    157  Young by dec 14-3 (sheets improving but not enough)

    165 Marinelli by dec 17-3 (whitlake good frosh so hold to a dec)

    174  Kemerer by major 21-3 (Smith struggling)

    184  Montalvo by dec 21-6 (going with slight upset)

    197  Wood by dec  24-6 (will be a tight one)

    UNL Cass by fall 30-6  ( no contest)

    Worst case this could be a shutout - best case Cowboys pick up upset at 157 and 197 

  2. Looks like this tournament is quickly fading in the sunset on the collegiate level - compare the 2020 national college division to 2010 placers

    Virginia Duals National College Division (2020 participants)
    #1 Virgina vs. Kent State
    #4 Old Dominion vs. Penn
    #3 Fresno State vs. Maryland
    #2 Rider vs. Duke

    Virginia Duals National College Division (2010 Placers)

    1. Oklahoma State

     2. Lehigh  3.

    Penn State  4. Oklahoma  5. Kent State 6. Virginia Tech  7. Virginia  8. Michigan

    I suppose Southern Scuffle has drawn the interest but even this year it has diluted.



  3. 1 hour ago, boconnell said:

    The moral of the story is only apparent if you actually pay attention.  

    If you're an OSU fan like you say, then you know Joe would have been at 165 by the Scuffle but Joe, Jacobe Smith, and Geer all moved/stayed up to help the team after Weigel's injury.  If Weigel doesn't get hurt then Chandler loses his spot 2 months ago.  

    Rodgers cannot beat Joe and he cannot beat Jacobe.  That is terrible for him, but I cannot believe how many people think that fair is when the guy who isn't the best gets the spot.  

    i have no prob with the wrestle off for 165 but as another poster mentioned which lineup is going to get better results:

     smith, rogers, smith, weigel   


     smith, smith, geer, weigel

  4. Personally I would have set the line up at:

    165   Smith     Jr  2x AA

    174   Rogers   Sr  2x AA

    184   Smith     SR  1x AA

    197   Weigel    Sr   1x AA

    odd man out would be Geer who is only a soph and never an AA

    The only question would have been who gets 165 with loser going to 174

    That, I believe, is the "right" thing to do.  Its not as if John's decision would give the team a chance to upset PSU this year

  5. On 11/19/2018 at 11:37 AM, spladle08 said:

    Can I also add. 
    Gfeller should start over Brock. 
    Brock may be able to beat him in the room, but that comes when you regularly wrestle somebody. 
    But as far as vs the rest of the nation.... Give me Gfeller all day! 

    agree with this - but Gfeller could AA at 149 too

  6. Payed football, wrestled , and ran track all four years in hs,

    Wrestling was by far the most demanding primarily because of the weight cutting.

    Our coach used to tell us that if we can handle wrestling's demands we'd be better prepared for whatever life throws at us.

    In hindsight, I agree, that the discipline and mental toughness aspect has helped me.

    I'm 62 and still work out 5 days/week Mon - Fri in the am before work. I credit part of that discipline to wrestling which has stayed in my blood.

    I love the sport and have a deep appreciation for the talent and sacrifice of those at at the D1 level. 

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