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  1. Excellent. LOL always look forward to mud flap
  2. The track wrestling site says 2:30pm central. Is that correct ?
  3. If the US has a 2 point lead how can Russia catch up if you only get 1 point for a win?
  4. Strange and kinda sad to see the cyclones at the bottom of the tournament with 1 point. hopefully Dresser can restore the rich tradition of the program. No where to go but up. 57 Clarion, PA Clarion, PA (GET) CLAR 2 1.0 57. Columbia, NY Columbia, NY (GET) COL 2 1.0 57. Iowa State, IA Iowa State, IA (GET) ISU 3 1.0
  5. they should definitely reseed and everyone below # 3 should move up a seed. Cruz goes from 4 to 3, lambert goes from 5 to 4 etc.... you can't just give the # 14 seed an easy path to the 1/4 finals.
  6. I'll take a swing at this 125 gilman by dec 3-0 iowa 133 clark by mdec 7-0 iowa 141 carton by dec 10-0 iowa 149 zr by dec 10-3 iowa 157 nolf by mdec 10-7 iowa 165 joseph by mdec 10-11 PSU 174 meyer by dec 13-11 iowa 184 nickal by dec 13-14 PSU 197 matt m by dec 13-17 PSU UNL nevills by dec 13-20 PSU
  7. can cox make the cut to 86 kg and be effective ?
  8. I think he would fit in well at Okie State. He could redshirt next year and then step into Boyd's slot.
  9. 1991-1994 2003-2006 2011 -2015 so 13. wont be going to msg but will be back in st louie next year
  10. whoops hit the post too soon 174 rodgers would have epperly 2nd round 184 i wish boyd was in the bottom half cuz i think he could take out brooks 197 bid 12 champ weigel gets Pfarr first match - not good
  11. As an Okie State Fan, not so much: 125 klimara has a returning AA out of the gate vs Youtsey 149 collica has been on a tear and is seeded 11th. Pinned Henderson who is seeded 8th. Will catch Tshiirts in rd 2. 157 I wish JoJo was seeded 7th to match up with Gantt in the qtrs instead of Nolf 174
  12. Harding taking 7th is a big stretch. He'd have score some upsets.
  13. so what are the weight certification rules? If Rogers cut to 165 he can't wrestle that weight because he's not "certified" at that weight this season?
  14. This dual might be more interesting if OSU would bump Dieringer up to face Nickal and have Rogers wrestle 165. If both Crutch and Smith are out its a stretch though.
  15. Jason I was looking at the virginia high school rankings and didn't see Bill Adusei-Poku, the 2 time virginia st champ from Mt Vernon High. What happened to him? Thought he was a senior and a college prospect. Thanks
  16. please post scoring as it happens cant find any live score sites
  17. Wonder if Brock and Smith will start in place of Harding and Marsteller based on last week's tournament.
  18. Also you can move collica from 157 to 149 -okie state marsteller will be going 157 - if he can make the cut consistently
  19. (unfinished) 134 frick (lehigh) vs brands 150 mcilravy v nate carr 158 pat smith v carl adams iowa st 158 kemp v zalesky 177 mark shultz v kevin randleman 126 abas vs gene mills
  20. 167 schalles vs churella 134 jaworksi vs brands 134
  21. When I was a high school junior I got fed up with the cutting weight/practice grind and "quit". I tried soccer for 1 week and knew that was not the ticket. I asked the coach to come back and he said sure but you must ask the team as well. So I asked my team mates to take me back which they did and in my first varsity match I won by fall which was the best medicine of all. Wrestling has never left my psyche since then and I will be always appreciative of the life lessons it taught.
  22. Fox Baldwin and Joe Smith in top bracket aren't shabby
  23. Pushing out shouldn't be a legit wrestling move for folk or free. Should be just for greco since its upperbody focused. Instead, stalling should be more agressively enforced which would force wrestlers to be offensive.
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