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  1. I'll take a swing at this


    125 gilman by dec      3-0    iowa

    133 clark by mdec      7-0    iowa

    141 carton by dec     10-0    iowa

    149 zr by dec            10-3    iowa

    157 nolf by mdec      10-7    iowa

    165 joseph by mdec 10-11  PSU  

    174 meyer by dec     13-11  iowa

    184 nickal by dec      13-14  PSU

    197 matt m by dec    13-17  PSU

    UNL nevills by dec    13-20  PSU

  2. When I was a high school junior I got fed up with the cutting weight/practice grind and "quit".  I tried soccer for 1 week and knew that was not the ticket. I asked the coach to come back and he said sure but you must ask the team as well. So I asked my team mates to take me back which they did and in my first varsity match I won by fall which was the best medicine of all. Wrestling has never left my psyche since then and I will be always appreciative of the life lessons it taught.    

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