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  1. Amazing!!! You've lowered yourself to making fun of a 3 time finalist/2 time Champion.
  2. Brilliant, or just stating the obvious ?
  3. I'm sure it's not the last one, but Ken Mallory (Montclair St) was unseeded and defeated Frank Deangelis (Oklahoma) also unseeded in the finals at 134 in 1978.
  4. So after The first session, your interest will be in the consolation bracket :D
  5. Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993.
  6. They also had 5 second place finishers for a total of 12 out of 20 finalists. FYI, 2008 was their best year of the last 10, with 14 finalists and 7 champions. Yes, they've always been at or near the top in champions, finalists and All-Americans
  7. What do you know? He is doing whats best for the team. Shut your mouth. Being as you're from MinnySoota you may have heard of this phrase "A snowballs chance in he$$" IMO, that's Thorn's chance of beating Waters. Like someone said earlier, Thorn going 0-2 is more likely than him beating Waters.
  8. Let's put this to rest for the last time. Weight cut is NOT the issue with McDonough.
  9. This will be 39 in a row for me and the misses
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