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    W0W, 195 at S32 already has 2 Sr. Joel Dixon Edmond North OK 3 3 Sr. Chip Ness Buford GA 5 4 Sr. Derek White Edmond N. OK 6 5 Sr. Nathan Rose Sibley East MN 1 This is going to be Fun
  2. Good for Thomas Haines, now if Kyle Snyder can make 197 for 4yrs they will be in Great Shape. {What Great Workout Partners those Two will make} :)
  3. I don't really know what any of that means, but it shows he has exposure to other aspects of MMA in addition to being the absolute cream of the crop in wrestling. If I were him I would think about moving to the OTC, getting a GED, and taking some college classes on personal finance and business. I would also cross train with boxing. (I think Saitiev did that.) Then, I would give the 2016 Olympics a shot. After that, time to go MMA full time. Make money. College will always be there. The ability to make a ton of money with MMA will not always be there. Doesn't need OTC, will be Traveling around the World with His Coach to Train
  4. i missed these comments.... what interview is it from? kalika made a comment about us athletes being misguided through the college system in the article on the fila homepage, but neither of them said he was done with folkstyle or bypassing college in that interview. InterMat, Good Interview {Must be a Member to read it} About what was said was Pico is done with Folk, taking extra Classes to Graduate in 2015 {also taking a University English On-line} so he will have a Full Yr to Train for 2016 & Hopefully for 2020 {that is His main Goal} & go into Boxing & MMA when His FS Wrestling is done. {there was a lot more in the Interview} Not Pushing InterMat but it's really not that Expensive {Well Worth the $$$$} IMO
  5. Didn't any of U Guys see the Pico Interview, says he is Done with Folk. Aaron said when He is done Wrestling FS He will be going into Boxing & MMA {Hopefully that is after 2020} Right now he said He has only One Goal, winning an Olympic Gold
  6. PICO is Golden, Wins 8-6 over Japan {Great Job Aaron Pico} :D
  7. Pico in Finals & Bo going for Bronze {Good Luck to both} Pico pulls a Kyle Snyder, down 4-0 at the Break & Scores the next 8 Points {The mark of a Champion, coming from behind to Win} :D
  8. Shocked that Spencer Lee didn't medal, would of Lost the Farm on that one. When U Look at how far ahead of everyone else in the US @ that Wt {FS} Shows how Far we have to go to :( I love watching Lee Wrestle FS
  9. I Predict Two Gold's in FS, Lee & Pico & I will be :D
  10. WoW, another Kool-Aid Drinker. I Wish Chance all the Luck in the World But when U say "Kyle Who" Ur a IDIOT :ugeek: Aren't U the same Idiot that was saying the same thing about a Couple other Guys that went to PSU
  11. I wonder how Big of a :?: this would be if Kyle was from Pa & Chance was from Md ;)
  12. Have had it for a while now, 0 Problems & well worth the $$$$ IMO
  13. Thomas will not Dominate the ACC, U can count on it ;)
  14. Just heard Thomas is a Free Agent again as of Today, any Truth to that :?:
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