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  1. I tried the booster club idea with Nebraska back when they hosted in Omaha. Epic fail! My seats were 2 rows from the ceiling of the arena. I wound up sitting lower level for all rounds when I spotted some empty seats and a lazy security guard. If you want to avoid the scalpers, just keep an eye out for the average fan looking to unload their extras. If it's before the first session, most fans with extra will sell the whole set at face value. If not, the scalpers are usually pretty reasonable - they're looking to unload as much as they can as fast as possible.
  2. will the slush fund be taking care of Stoll? Sam Stoll Suffers Gunshot Wound To KneeJun 19, 2018
  3. Just like every other year, good seats are not available thru Ticketmaster even if you are on the website at 10am sharp. Unfortunately, it's how they operate. NCAA, Ticketmaster or whomever is in charge of ticket allocation does not make good lower level seats available to the general public.
  4. If Bubba stayed at PSU, one of them would have been at 165lb - Penn State didn't qualify 165 in 2011. My guess would have been Taylor 157, Bubba 165.
  5. Arizona State to host at the Coyote's (hockey) arena in Chandeler? or better yet, U. of Phoenix Stadium. Arizona sure is nice in March. How cool would it be to have the tournament in the football stadium with the roof open?
  6. Here's a nice list that The Open Mat puts out each week. http://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/live-stream-schedule-ncaa-division-wrestling-nov-10th-nov-12th-2017/64782
  7. so for the price of minimum price of $635 for the cheapest Fan Experience package you get a ticket and entrance to the fan experience. What exactly do you get for the extra $400? I lower level seat and a couple of "free" drinks and sandwiches?
  8. BobDole - been doing option #3 for the past 15 years. I don't think I ever sat in my original seats for the entire tournament. I tried option #2 several years back when they were in Omaha (joined Nebraska's booster club) and my seats were so bad I could almost touch the ceiling of the arena.
  9. Let me be the first to say...NCAA sucks when it comes to ticket sales to the general public. Unless you have some type of connection to a school, wrestling organization, the arena, whatever - there's just about zero chance of ordering tickets in lower level. The fact that I was online and ordering at exactly 10am and got crap upper level seats says it all.
  10. So does anyone know what is the official ticket site for purchasing 2018 championship tickets? NCAA website says tickets on sale Wednesday but doesn't specify Ticketmaster, Quicken Loans Arena box office, etc. In past years I'd say 90% of the time it's Ticketmaster but does anyone know for sure? I know there are always the alternate routes such as buying outside the arena, Stub Hub, or through a school's booster club but I really am just looking for where to buy online when they go on sale Wednesday morning. Thanks in advance and everyone enjoy the upcoming tournament!
  11. "My point here is, those other teams DIDN'T have Ruth/DT because Cael is a good recruiter" Cael didn't recruit Ruth...Sunderland's recruit
  12. different definitions depending on who you trust more: Peter Griffen Andy Dufrane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dakxwoVV7yM
  13. 65. Brian Dobzanski Delsea NJ 220 - signed to play baseball at Louisville.
  14. Maybe someone can explain the seeding at this weight since I don't have the exact criteria. I get it that sheptock is undefeated. But Ruth had one loss on the year ( to a guy he earlier beat) and wrestled a conference and out of conference schedule that is arguably much tougher than sheptock. And also won a tougher conference and had a ton of bonus point wins. I would think a more appropriate seeding would be Ruth>sheptock>dean
  15. This weight is actually straightforward. Delgado lost to gillman (who isn't in the tournament) and once to Nico (then beat nico to win B1Gs). Garrett lost to Delgado and beat nico 2x. Delgado>Garrett>nico
  16. Pennsyrules - If you want a great steak from a local place you need to check out Cattleman's. I'm not sure the location - you'll have to look it up but I remember it was in a small town off the highway. The Food Network's Man vs Food was there a few years back (not for an eating stunt, just for a spotlight on a great steakhouse). The stockyards are a few hundred yards from it literally in its backyard. BigApple - thanks for the guide. By any chance do you know if Club Rodeo is still around? This place was a huge bar in a warehouse type building with an indoor bull ring. They had a wet buns contest the night I was there and the place got pretty nuts.
  17. Cael agrees with turn the clock off and let them wrestle to a winner - around 5:30 http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... wP3fHmaZks
  18. your choices are: 1) Stub hub (and get crushed with ticket price ) 2) NCAA ticket exchange (see above) 3) buy them outside the arena...I've been going to this for years and every year there's both the guys selling for the ticket brokers and the guys with extra tickets that they're not using. Either way better than the ticket exchange or stub hub. There's always tickets available but I have noticed that there's been less and less each year. Also, outside chance you can hook up with one of the big schools or host school's booster club. I did that with Nebraska several years ago when the tournament was in Omaha. Seats stunk but I was in the arena at a reasonable price.
  19. easy solution - sudden victory on their feet...turn off the clock. First score wins. No ride outs, no riding time.
  20. Perry hanging on once again with that bs merkle. When are refs going to grow a pair and call it for what it is. Perry has made a living of winning the close ones win little more than hanging on with that nonsense.
  21. Beitz gets the call again today. Considering the recent performance of Andrew is he on the shelf for the rest of the year?
  22. I'm trying to get in touch with my buddy who holds our tickets. We have 4 tickets going unused today. If he gets back to me I'll post ASAP and let you know. Don't worry, I won''t crush you on price. People on stub hub drive me nuts. Have you seen what they're asking for NCAA tickets?
  23. The call to go to neutral (which appeared to be made by Molinaro) is either a rookie mistake by a rookie coach or its an indictment of Winston's failure to develop the necessary skills to be successful at the D-1 level (i.e. the ability to mat wrestle). If it was Molinaro out there wrestling for his own career I guarentee there was no way he'd let a guy up in that situation. So it's gotta be the latter.
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