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  1. Hmmm...great stuff, Jaroslav! I've been doing some thinking myself..
  2. You bring up a very good point (in bold), sockobuw. You're spot on really. Many point out that the nit-picky nature of my article ultimately results in the downfall of the piece. They may be right, and I must admit error in the way I delivered my critique. I should've emphasized that it was not only the minute distortions in wrestling terminology and facts that upset me but also that in combination with the lack of excitement expressed by the highly polished commentators. This push for a formal, polished, safe viewing experience...I'm willing to sacrifice it for a more amplified and exciting approach -that called by experts. Many on these board are going to hate me for saying this (watch this thread grow a couple more pages), but: I personally think wrestling needs more Joe Rogans and less Joe Bucks to call our NCAA Finals. We've been dealing with the Joe Buck types for decades, and for what? A comfortable viewing experience once a year? I'll gladly sacrifice a bit of formality for a heightened emotional experience. I pick wrestling expertise over formal broadcasting training. Now old timers (and journalism majors) will most likely say that when formal training goes out the window so does "professionalism" (the buzz word of the week). Well, I disagree. Let's go back to Joe Rogan for a second. Not exactly the ESPN type, he oftentimes comes off brash, even obnoxious to some -he's far from polished. But when the man calls a PPV, he does so with supreme accuracy, expertise and delivers for his viewers an experience that keeps them coming back -hell, I keep coming back. What's more professional than that? The whole point of my article was not to belittle the efforts of the polished professionals who called our NCAA Semi's and Finals. It was to suggest (my opinion) that we can do better with whom we choose to have call our Super Bowl. I really don't think I'm crazy for thinking that. Food for thought: if Jason Bryant (or another polished wrestling broadcaster) were to call the SuperBowl or NBA Finals alongside Troy Aikman or Jeff Van Gundy the same way Amin and Johnson called the NCAA Finals...would NFL and NBA die-hards think something was fishy? or would they describe it as the best viewing experience they've ever had? No offense to Bryant (a seasoned pro) but I'm confident that if he called a formation wrong, incorrectly identified a player or simply just turned the broadcast into a snooze-fest, he would immediately be put on blast through social media. Why, as wrestling fans, can we not do the same? More food for thought: if Amin or Johnson had been calling UFC PPV's for the past 5 or so years, would the UFC be in the same place it is now? All just my two cents... *Sorry for the hypothetical, Jason. I like ya and know you would never call a formation wrong, big dog. :)
  3. Ha, a stern talking to? The Flo bros generally love my wild card antics; they're not exactly worried about my interactions w/trolls on themat.com Nope, I'm being genuine here, Ocho. I know I ruffle some feathers with my opinions sometimes, and yea I'm pretty unapologetic about that...but I don't like clogging up these boards with petty fights all day (I'm sure Richard Immel hates me right now).
  4. 1) yes, you're a message boards troll. you try to get into arguments with poster after poster in thread after thread, you fancy yourself a maven on here for some reason 2) I didn't exactly rip ESPN's coverage of the tournament. I compliment their top-notch production, their distribution of their product, etc. I have plenty of great things to say about ESPN and plenty of not-so-great things to say about their commentary during the NCAA semi finals and finals broadcasts (the only ones I saw, the only ones I commented on) Don't take me too seriously though, NJWC. I mean no real harm. Heck, I even feel bad about insulting your intelligence in previous posts -I'll admit it: I have a tough time holding back when someone calls me a d-bag or "dolt." lol
  5. 1) yes, you're a message boards troll. you try to get into arguments with poster after poster in thread after thread, you fancy yourself a maven on here for some reason 2) I didn't exactly rip ESPN's coverage of the tournament. I compliment their top-notch production, their distribution of their product, etc. I have plenty of great things to say about ESPN and plenty of not-so-great things to say about their commentary during the NCAA semi finals and finals broadcasts (the only ones I saw) Don't take me too seriously though, NJWC. I mean no real harm. Heck, I even feel bad about insulting your intelligence in previous posts -I'll admit it: I have a tough time holding back when someone calls me a d-bag or "dolt." lol
  6. Ahh I wrote too soon. You are right, PF -forgot it was the Jordan/Heil upset at Ironman that spawned our back n' forth. When NJWC said preseason tournament, I thought he was talking about the Heil/Pico match I wrote about. Must admit I do feel a bit foolish now. :( To NJWC: Historic HS Matchups? IDK...but Tyler Berger did win his second FloNationals title. Sam Krivus did too. They join this group of past 2x champs: Morgan McIntosh, Jason Tsirtsis, Joey Davis -all high school legends. And here's the list of posters who called you out for writing something ridiculous: ClarkSpring,LeshisMore, BigBrog, Township, LkwdSteve, Husker (Willie) Keep trolling my friend. All the best.
  7. NJWC, I'm the fella who, along w/Willie Saylor and about half a dozen other posters, clowned you for not knowing the definition of simple words like "historic" and "legendary." You didn't (and still don't) seem to know anything about high school wrestling as the match you refer to is the Dean Heil v Aaron Pico match at Super 32. The match was not 1/1/1 and neither were sophomores at the time. I'm sure I already lost you with "Aaron Pico" though so I'll stop. Keep killin' it on the boards, man! I hear nothing but good things about you.
  8. Cletus, your billing problem -was it post All Star this year or All Star 2012? And has it been taken care of? If not, DM me your Flo username and email associated and I'll make sure support takes care of you today.
  9. ha the Superman a la Cam Newton! Mark Hall rocks
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  11. DF's posts are pure gold. His "richest state champ" and "unwritten rules of wrestling" threads are timeless. Dude knows how to stir the pot. Keep em coming, DF!
  12. Some of these complaints are warranted, those who've experienced billing issues do not deserve such treatment. We've recently overhauled, among other things, our support workflow so subscribers should be able to get the help they need. If you need help, you can contact us: at support@flocasts.zendesk.com HERE'S WHAT I CAN TELL YOU: Flowrestling will be putting together our greatest coverage ever for World Team Trials 2013. We've put plenty of resources and mind share behind this event, and we can guarantee that those who've Flo Pro subscriptions will get a top notch product -the best of the best. As far as reoccurring billing goes...well, it's the industry standard. Your cable/internet bill is reoccurring, netflix billing is reoccurring, BigTenNetwork billing is reoccurring...I could go on and on. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THE BEST WRESTLING EVENT OF THE SUMMER LIVE. You'll regret it.
  13. Wanted to let all you international wrestling fanatics know that 2013 Russian Nationals videos are being uploaded on Flo hourly. 55kg and 66kg matches are already up. Here's the link if you want to keep up with all RN action through the weekend: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/250790-Russian-Nationals-2013/videos
  14. Cletus, sounds to me like you did everything correctly, and I think I even may remember who you are...though it's been months since we last exchanged emails. I cannot give you an answer as to why you were charged again after I refunded you. Doesn't make sense to me, but I'm willing to investigate (have our software engineers investigate rather). I do apologize for not responding to follow up emails from you. We stopped taking emails to technique.wave@flowrestling.org and instead started filtering all of our emails into our workflow software. I tried to forward all emails to Molly as she started to manage all support for all verticals in our company. If she or I did not respond to more emails from you, then that is on me and no one else. I am sorry for not following through with your case. I should've emailed you after your received your refund to make sure that everything was in line with your subscription. And in this scenario, I would've done the exact same thing you did. Did you end up getting your money back? If not, I'd like to refund you right now for the unnecessary charges, and I'd like to check in our databases to confirm your account is canceled and your CC will not billed again. If need be, please PM me so I can make this happen for you. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  15. Twosac, I apologize for being "chippy," but that seems to be the standard on these boards. One thing you will never see me do on here is curse. Perhaps I have been too salty on here today...I'm outta control busy, and I'm trying to congregate and resolve all the customer service complaints I can before I hop on a plane to NCAA's. Sorry, man. I'm in a time crunch, and I'm a bit stressed. About your subscription/cancelation: I don't understand what you are trying to say when you write, "It didn't "'take.'" Since you mention "user error" as being out of the question, does that mean that you think there is some coding error on our part? If so, where do you think this occurred? We have not received a single complaint about a coding error on any of our cancelation forms, so I'm taking your case more seriously than most others. Please PM me, in detail, exactly the process that you went through when you tried to cancel. I will forward your information to our engineers, and I will provide you with a prorated refund if you have not received one already.
  16. We have not ignored user complaints. Ignored comments on themat.com ...maybe. We've been working with those who've subscriptions since day one. Overcharging occurs for two reasons: 1. a user signs up for a yearly subscription when he/she meant to sign up for a monthly, 2. a user is automatically billed for another monthly or yearly subscription when he/she wanted to cancel before being billed again. In both scenarios, we offer refunds. We are very gracious with refunds and issue them regularly upon request. No one asks for anything. We don't take requests upon demand. We have a very simple subscription system actually: Users are given the option of choosing between two pricing plans. Users sign up on their own and then are billed. Subscriptions renew automatically. Users can cancel their subscription at anytime. I don't want to get into the cancelation process with you again. I wrote sentence after sentence explaining the many ways that users can cancel their subscriptions (either manually or through us). This thread has definitely digressed, and I've already produced a post that users who are having problems with Tech Wave can refer to. I want to help anyone out who needs it. Anyone who is having a problem with his/her subscription can PM me. I will do my best to work with you on a day-by-day basis...even though I am extremely busy right now. Another way to receive expedited support is to email: molly@flocasts.com
  17. Buckeye, personal message me. Maybe we can all meet up in b/t sessions at Des Moines. Bader, Joe and Willie Smalls are wrestling encyclopedias....Bader, in particular, is like a college wrestling guru. He's made me privy to much in that arena. If time allows, we'll try to run into you and talk some wrestling!
  18. Thanks for the constructive feedback, Skikayaker. We will seriously take your subscription package ideas into consideration. Here is a link to our current live schedule (I will continue to update it regularly so that users are able to forecast the events they'd like to sign up for): http://www.flowrestling.org/article/184 ... t-Schedule
  19. Ryan, I am personally looking into your case right now (at least I'm trying to). You mentioned on page one of this thread that you signed up for a yearly subscription ($150) on January 5th...I found only one Ryan who signed up on January 5th. And he did not sign up for a yearly subscription, $150. He signed up for a monthly subscription, $20. I'm guessing that you either got your dates wrong or the amount of the charge wrong....or maybe your name isn't really 'Ryan.' Maybe that's just your avatar. Perhaps you could private message me -letting me know who you are so I can check on this charge. I'm sure you weren't "ripped off." If you want me to help you with your subscription, get you a full refund, etc., then message me. I'd love to help you out, take care of your case before I head to Des Moines for Nationals. Otherwise, I'm going to have to refer you to Molly, our customer support specialist. She'll be able to work with you over an extended period of time.
  20. I'm guessing you're talking about live? cuz we do college coverages all over the country -every week of the season. We just don't have the rights to go live for everything we'd like to. I'm sure you watched the Southern Scuffle though. I'd put that live event above Vegas and EIWA's. And, yes, we've read the dozens of posts on Bader's commentary on here. I don't think I'm off in believing that the creators of those critical posts represent a relatively small, atypical cross section of the wrestling market. Maybe your network of friends who don't like his commentary is far larger than the themat.com message boards though...
  21. I read what you wrote, and I already responded. Read my post on page one of this thread. It's hard to miss as it is rather lengthy. At the end of it, I respond directly to you. And I think you're off with your criticism of Bader's commentary. Most people love Bader's stuff. You're in the minority.
  22. Hey guys, I wanted to respond to some of these complaints and resolve issues users have going forward. Flowrestling does greatly value the user experience of its subscribers (and the community as a whole), and we have been working hard to systemize support so that subscribers who contact support are responded to in a timely manner and receive any/every refund, credit back that complies with our subscription policies and Terms and Conditions. At the end of the day, we care WAYYYYY more about our community than we do money...and with any developing business, there is going to be growing pains, and there are going to be users who are disappointed with one aspect or another of a given product -this is universal, every company in the world (including Apple, Netflix, Google, Nike, etc., etc.,etc.) receives customer/product complaints every single day. I want to stress that we have a great community of users (subscribers and not) who support our premium products and greatly value all that is Flowrestling. We appreciate these users BIG TIME, and we will continue to do more and more for them going forward. I'll address some issues first, then try to get in contact with users like, Cletus_Tucker & Ryan, to work on their individual cases so that we can resolve any problems that've occurred. Canceling Tech Wave: Some MB posters have complained that it is hard to cancel their subscriptions. I don't see how this is the case. The easiest way to cancel your subscription is by clicking on your username (located at the top right of every page) and then going into your 'Account Settings.' From there, you will find a tab, 'Manage Subscription,' which allows you to cancel. We also have a 'SUPPORT' button at the top right of the nav bar. This 'SUPPORT' button (and the nav bar) are visible on every single page users go to. Anyone who has a complaint or customer support need can email us right away. We have no problem canceling user subscriptions manually; we are even willing to walk those less internet-savvy through how to navigate the website, cancel their subscription, etc. Users also have the ability to cancel their subscriptions themselves by going into their "Subscription Settings," which can be found at the bottom of the 'Technicians' dashboard on any premium videos page. Users also have the ability to fill out our 'Contact Form,' which can be found at the bottom of every single navigable page on the site, to request a cancelation. Subscription vs. PPV: We do not offer PPV just as Netflix does not allow you to purchase just one film. We feel that a Tech Wave subscription is well worth the money as users are given thousands of technique videos, original documentary-style productions as well as live access to the best wrestling events in the country. Users get this all AT ONCE as soon as they subscribe. Tech Wave offerings: Tech Wave Techniques: Wrestlers often purchase DVD's from camps/clinics for $20+ -I know I've done it. These DVD's usually feature only one clinician and highlight no more than a few dozen techniques. We've over one hundred technicians showing thousands and thousands of techniques. The Program: I'm not even going to get into this one. I'd pay $20+ just to watch the series on Iowa. We offer series on Iowa, NC State, Ohio State, Cornell...and tOSU & Cornell series haven't even concluded yet. And, yes, we plan on doing 'The Program' on more and more schools. LIVE: $20 is a small price to pay to see the best events in the country live. In less than one month's time, we live streamed the KC Stampede, Powerade, The Clash, The Southern Scuffle and Doc B for users. In the past month, we've live streamed the National Duals Regionals, Prep Nationals, the PA State Championships, the EIWA Championships, the NCWA National Championships, the NY vs NJ All Star Meet and the Dapper Dan. I'd definitely say a $20 subscription is worth the price. Automatic Renewal vs. One Time Charges: Automatic renewal is the industry standard. I could site a million and a half examples of high-profile companies who run their subscription services through an automatic renewal system. Washedupcoach's post should get you started. Cletus_Tucker I will investigate into why you were charged again. I'm guessing there is some technicality with your account that prohibited your subscription termination for the period you mentioned. You did say that you recently canceled your subscription. I'd like to confirm that and then refund you for any months you were undeservedly charged. To expedite the process: please send an inbox message to our Facebook page right away with your first name, last name, username and email. We will take care of you right away, homie! I'm sorry for the stress you've encountered due to cancelation difficulties. Ryan Ryan, please inbox message our Facebook page with your first name, last name, username and email. Judging from the date you signed up (the date Doc B was live on FLO), I can tell you that you were supposed to be charged that day for watching the event (albeit at $20 and not $150). If you were charged $150, then that is because you signed up for a yearly subscription and not a monthly subscription. No worries. People do that all the time. We can credit you back for the difference. Concerning us lying to your credit card company: nothing could be further from the truth. When dealing with credit card companies, we send in all of our documented records that indicate every step of your subscription process (with records, data) that they ask for. I can assure you that they prefer to side with the credit card holder in nearly every scenario so if they ruled in our favor, you didn't send them (or us) any documentation showing a cancelation date, record of charges, etc. Regardless, we will do our best to help you out here, man. Thanks for hearing me out, guys! I/we at Flo take it personally when users are upset with our products/way of doing business. We are not perfect, but we believe we are getting better and better at what we do. We will work with anyone who is having problems on a case by case basis. For help, please email: molly@flocasts.com Hope to see y'all in Des Moines for one of the greatest NCAA Tournaments ever!
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