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  1. I was wondering about this over the weekend. We all know that Stieber has had some great success against high level international opponents, as has Pico. Let's say Molinaro goes to the first tournament and does not qualify- Could the US coaches choose who they want to send to the last qualifier?
  2. I absolutely agree it is a huge form of control. I just meant the folkstyle definition of the word control, I'm not sure how to explain the differences between the two styles without using that word.. For example if you get in a scramble and roll the guy through, you won't score points until you establish "control". Or if you are on bottom and trying to reverse your opponent, even if he is on his back you won't start getting back points until you've established control. In folkstyle you get back points for "controlling" your opponent in a pinning combination, exposing his back and not allowing him to get off. Obviously if you are in JB's leg lace, he is controlling you! But I only meant the way the term is often used to differentiate Folkstyle vs Freestyle
  3. Ahh you're right, thanks for confirming. I remember one year at NCAA's he did his snap/shuck for takedowns over and over one match. Sure everyone at NCAA's can do shrugs, shucks, and snaps for a takedown, but I thought it was impressive how he was able to do it repeatedly as his go-to move against guys at that level who obviously know it's coming. Same thing with Pico-- everyone knows it's coming. But like mnmike and Maligned said, he feels that pressure and has that timing/rhythm down, and guys can't stop it.
  4. If someone "slips and falls" as you call it in any form of wrestling, their opponent can capitalize to score points. I just watched the sequence again- if someone shoots in folkstyle and you hip into them how Molinaro did and they go off balance, people score takedowns in that scenario all the time. Since this was a freestyle match Molinaro was not necessarily concerned about "control", he went for exposure. Exposure like the Metcalf situation or JB's leg lace would not establish someone as a better folkstyle wrestler, hence why you don't see people rolling around repeatedly in folkstyle. But they clearly do establish someone as better in freestyle, and it sounds like you aren't too familiar with that style of wrestling
  5. I don't understand the last point you made. He lost to the 9th seed in our qualifier.... Who happened to win the Olympic Trials over a field of studs. To refer to Molinaro only as "the 9th seed" in what comes across as an insult, without mentioning the fact that he is Olympic Trials champion is silly
  6. Those are all good examples as well. Howe and Pico are both incredibly heavy on the head, and seem to be exhausting for anyone to wrestle. With Howe, to me it looks like he is just using brute strength and muscling the guy down, but watching Pico it doesn't really look like that to me. It looks more fluid, and like you said very quick and technical. Burroughs incredible movement throughout matches along with fakes, changing directions, etc gets his opponents so off balance, and I think that plays a factor in making his snaps so effective. He is just the total package. His re-shots are unstoppable, and I feel like he is still improving-- his ability to get angles and transitions to laces seem better than ever
  7. After watching Pico the last couple years, from Cadets to Juniors and now at the Senior level, one thing that I can't wrap my head around are his snap downs. It doesn't matter who he is facing, how strong, how talented, etc., Pico snaps are still so effective. When other wrestlers are hand fighting and snap down their opponent, it often doesn't have much of an effect and the guy remains balanced, while Pico snaps his opponents to their face half the time. What is he doing that is so different than everyone else? There was a wrestler in the early 2000's, I am not positive who it was. He used to score a lot of takedowns from snapping his opponent and spinning behind (I don't remember exactly as it was a long time ago). Maybe it was Zach Roberson? If anyone remembers who I am referring to, let me know
  8. I can see where some people could say Garrett was stepping back, but I saw it differently (and I like both Ramos and Garrett). Garrett's style involves a ton of movement, forward, back, left, right, then shot. He initiated all of the offense in that match, even in the 2nd period. That first passivity call happened right after Garrett shot deep on a blast double... Literally right after. I'll have to watch the match again, but watching live I felt Ramos was just charging and pushing forward, not actually attempting any offense. I think that was a complete robbery, because with three months to focus on just freestyle Garrett could have done well I think
  9. So.... I think what ohcomeon is saying is if Snyder really wants become a god, he needs to get a sex change and then still win men's worlds.
  10. Did you watch the match? The knee injury had absolutely nothing to do with who won... Weatherspoon was winning 7-4 with short time when the injury happened
  11. Well he did beat Jordan and Michigan State, both guys who he had lost to just a few weeks before Big Tens. So he obviously was wrestling better to some degree. I could see him possibly beating Manley, and depending on which Mecate shows up, that match may be winnable. But it definitely looks like a tall task for Gulibon to get on the podium.
  12. I just searched for this documentary but I could only find the preview. Any idea where I could watch it/ purchase it?
  13. Marable was tied 7-7 but in position to win on criteria with about 30 seconds left, and then they awarded the other guy 1 to make it 8-7. Can anyone tell me what that point was for?
  14. Can you send me an invite to jubele182@g.rwu.edu? Thanks!
  15. Please email me an invite to: jubele182@g.rwu.edu Thanks!
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