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  1. Why was't the scramble TD by Zahid counted for 2? Doesn't it fall into the no reaction time rule? Hall landed on his butt with Zahid on both legs....
  2. Please shut these guys up....... I want to hear the match being called....
  3. Placing behind Arizona State and South Dakota State..........very surprising.
  4. Wilson has been the most exciting wrestler in the tournament IMO. He is a TD machine. 5 TDs on Gross.....how many TDs did Gross give up all season?
  5. How many teams get an NCAA trophy? Top 3 or top 4? Is there a list that shows the history of the placing teams?
  6. No. Gross will see Bridges at the Big 12.
  7. They will see each other at the Big 12.
  8. I saw a lot of photographers there. I am interested in the Big 12 podium shots. 2017 141 lbs 2016 149 lbs Any help?
  9. Bakersfield HS (Drillers) Sean Nickel 125 CSUB Timmy Box 141 UNC Coleman Hammond 149 CSUB
  10. Myles Martin had to beat Bryce Hammond, a returning All American, to get into the quarter finals.
  11. The shot clock needs to go or have more consistency on how it is applied. Almost every key match I watched this Olympics was greatly influence by the ref and the shot clock. In some cases a wrestler could do nothing for 4 minutes and not get the shot clock, but then force action for a few seconds and get the opponent on the clock. Way too subjective. Way too much referee interference with the outcome of matches. Our wrestlers either benefited and won or didn't benefit and lost. There needs to be another way to reward action. We might as well start flipping coins again.
  12. Why wasn't Frank given the exposure points at 3:20? Looked like a tilt to me??
  13. I saw him at the Cowboy open early in the season and was very impressed. Flew under the radar most of the year.
  14. Consolations will be crazy at that weight!!
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