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  1. go to www.toprankwrestling.com Free live stream of the 32 ultimate grappling challenge! We want to thank everyone for making this happen. Enjoy.
  2. So, enough said about steroid use. We all know it has pro and a lot of cons when misused. so how do natural bodybuilders do it? how do people less than 175 pounds do it 130lbs, how do non-builders do it? , the lighter the weight the less I vision steroid use to get shredded. bodybuilders are sometimes at their weakest when cutting for competition, so are wrestlers, till rehydrating and some meaningful nutrition are introduced, so back to the main question.... What's the best way to get lean and not lose all that great muscle? should a wrestler increase protein, aminos or take some other kind of LEGAL supplement?
  3. Full Article by Ryan Hughes Jun 18, 2013 This is something all wrestlers have struggled with. So every little bit of info helps. Bodybuilders are some of the leanest and yet have the MOST muscle of any athlete. toprankwrestling
  4. BIG THINGS HAPPENING OUT WEST- NCWA Full Article By Scott Farrell The stage is set out west for a shootout next season among teams looking to rise and take the lead as the NCWA’s top team along the west coast. Based on the standings from last month’s NCWA Championships, a handful of new programs are already poised to compete on par with those with more NCWA tenure. Which makes for a wild, wild west in the 2013-14 season if Central Washington, Montana Western, Sacramento State and USC can repeat seasons that saw all four programs finish in the top 17 in the NCWA’s Division II for emerging programs. CWU (fifth) and UWM (tied for sixth) both placed in the top six.
  5. Santoro welcomes six newcomers to Lehigh wrestling program The Terps are on a role too. Llopez Gives Terps a Banner Week What other colleges plan to make big splash.
  6. Can you be this good? Funny video. http://toprankwrestling.com/shows On that note= submit your best treadmill workout here. It has to be your video. 10-15 max. If you have the video try to post it here, not sure exactly how to do the coding, maybe someone can post that info? The links up top show to put your link in between the type of video tag. Toprankwrestling.com will post a winner up on the Home page and workout page.
  7. OK, We here at Top Rank Wrestling are loving all the replies and laughing about many, in the way you guys are trying to out do each other, so we have decided to use many of them each day. Check out the main site to see if yours made it, we will put your avatar name with the post, but I have to say I have chosen one already because it gets me revved up EVERY TIME I see it! It will be up within the next 20 mins. Keep postin! toprankwrestling.com
  8. http://toprankwrestling.com/101-top-ran ... il-25-2013 What is your personal best, inspirational or motivational quote, speech, saying or short story? Post it here and toprankwrestling.com will publish the winner under its daily inspiration. Top Rank Wrestling.
  9. As a side note, Washington State has a club as well, 45 some guys this year. HOWEVER, just like the UW, over the years they removed anything remotely left behind for wrestling. No room, 2nd hand mats, the kids coach themselves .... :| As I understand it NCWA Div 2 , which is the club level, has to start without a coach. This insures the program is instated in the 1st place.(ie: student initiated) They must then take careful steps to keep moving up division and not get cut. Grand Canyon University did this in AZ(started out in NCWA) and is now going through NCAA D1 process. It's all in the NCWA best practices handbook. A copy here. I have spoken to Jim Guinta, the exec director of the organization, who has help create this plan. If followed, almost insures a future wrestling program. Jim, is very creative and has quietly helped grow wrestling in college, while other colleges are cutting the programs. 150+ programs, I think he is on to something.
  10. USC WRESTLING WRAPS UP FIRST SEASON By aubrey kragen · Daily Trojan For a USC wrestling team that did not exist a year ago, the 2013 season has been full of milestones. To begin the season, the Trojans were officially recognized by the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, allowing them to compete at the National Junior College Athletic Association, NCAA, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and National Collegiate Wrestling Association levels. Practice makes perfect · The USC wrestling team was only able to practice twice a week as per Recreation Club Council restrictions. – Photo courtesy of USC wrestling Read Entire Article at: toprankwrestling.com
  11. THE MIT WRESTLING TEAM WINS THE NCWA DIVISION 2 NATIONAL WRESTLING TEAM TITLE 03/23/2013 - NCWA On the 100th anniversary of MIT wrestling, the Engineers won the NCWA Division II National Championship edging out runner-up University of South Carolina. MIT qualified six wrestlers for the tournament and were lead by its captains, senior Ryan Madson and junior Sam Shames. Read Entire Article at: toprankwrestling.com
  12. Topeka, KS to Host 2014 and 2015 NAIA Wrestling National Championships City teams up with local conference to host the 57th and 58th annual events March 29, 2013 Alan Grosbach, NAIA KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is proud to announce that the 2014 and 2015 NAIA Wrestling National Championships will be held in Topeka, Kan., and hosted by Visit Topeka Inc., Topeka Shawnee County Sports Council and the Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC). The 2014 national championships are scheduled for March 7 –8, and the 2015 event will be March 6 –7. The venue is the Kansas Expocentre in the capital city of Kansas. Read the Entire Article at:toprankwrestling.com
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