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  1. Maybe true, but I’d also argue that people that continually repeat the phrase “keep on believing” are probably pretty weird too


    The star witness - maybe Helickson had good reason to ask Yetts to tell the truth. I mean reading the articles about him, he sounds like a honest guy  - https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/stories/2002/01/21/story4.html


    > "Yetts is also the target of a drug trafficking investigation in Columbus, in addition to the SEC matter, two civil lawsuits filed in Franklin County against Yetts and his own voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. On July 30, Yetts was arrested on a felony charge of possessing 21 pounds of marijuana at a warehouse at 5101 Trabue Road in Columbus. ."


    > "Yetts also had a legal dispute with former OSU fullback Nicky Sualua, who in 1997 agreed to have Yetts represent him in negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys and granted Yetts' request for power of attorney, according to a lawsuit Sualua filed in 1998 against Yetts. Sualua's signing bonus and all biweekly payments from the Cowboys were made directly to Yetts until the fall of 1997, according to the lawsuit.

    Yetts used his power of attorney to buy a house in Dublin in Sualua's name, without the football player's permission, according to the suit."


    > "After depositing Winfield's $700,000 in a bank account of World Wide Financial, the SEC claims Yetts used about $67,500 for personal and business expenses, including payments to prior investors, country club dues, attorney's fees, credit card bills, outstanding student loans and insurance premiums."

  2. I wouldn't put too much credence in anything that Dunyasha Yetts attributed to Hellickson - unless it was confirmed by Russ or a recording, etc.  (Note: Not saying you are necessarily taking Yetts at his word as you did say "if true.")

    Exactly, the two star witnesses are a known felon who cheated out his best friends, and a future felon


    That is not telling them to recant; there are other texts in that conversation not being shown, I wonder why. I have no problem with this 

    statement from Russ "“If you think the story got told wrong about Jim, you could probably write a statement for release that tells your story and corrects what you feel bad about. I can put you in contact with someone who would release it.”


    He is asking them to tell the truth. 

  4. I’m not sure why his brothers haven’t come forward publicly. The details of the investigation haven’t been released yet.


    What I did just see today though is the head coach on video directly contradicting his written statement, describing his actions to stop the abuse of his wrestlers.


    I think it is imperative that Hellickson explain the discrepancy.


    He addressed perceived creepiness; ask your wife, being creepy is not abuse. 

  5. So this really doesn't look good. Urban Meyer being aware that one of his assistant coaches had been beating his wife and does nothing about it for 3 years.  I would be surprised if he wasn't fired or something.  


    Kind of reminds me of another thing that happened at Ohio State, where some other coaches failed to report a crime occurring.  


    Did the wife file charges? It not, than why does she want to take others down for something she refused to do?

  6. Yes, Hellickson described the environment on video - and USA Today also reported that he said the following:


    Hellickson said he was aware Dr. Richard Strauss made the athletes "uncomfortable" and he brought it up with the doctor directly. Hellickson has said that at the time, neither he nor Jordan had any idea that Strauss was abusing students and “if we’d have known it we’d have said something.” Jordan has denied allegations that he knew of claims of sexual abuse.


    In a phone interview with USA TODAY Monday, Hellickson said he told Strauss that some of the athletes were "uncomfortable" with him showering with them and that the doctor responded that Hellickson also showered with the athletes. â€œI said, 'Not for an hour, Doc,'” Hellickson said.


    And the Chicago Tribune reported that DiSabato stated the following:


    DiSabato said he never spoke up about Strauss while he was at the university because he didn't consider it abuse and because he didn't want to jeopardize his wrestling career.  He said Strauss' behavior was an open secret among wrestlers, who would snicker when a new teammate headed into his first exam with Strauss.


    The above reports agree that neither Hellickson, Jordan, nor DiSabto viewed Strauss's actions at the time as "abuse."  Apparently, however, DiSabato finally realized he'd been abused - but not until  immediately after the $500 million MSU settlement made the news. Merely a coincidence?  Not IMO.


    Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

    DiSabato has been walking a fine line of the victim. Inferring abuse, but then quickly saying, in a dismissive homophobic manner, things like "but there was no sex or b.j....'

    To much bad history with OSU to make him credible, like the lawsuits, apparel sales issues of licensing his employers products in the name of his own side company,

    and a generally aggressive litigious business operation style.   Have no issue with what others might claim.

  7. https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/05/us/ohio-state-sexual-abuse-allegations-video/index.html 


    How did this tidbit get by us about the perpetrated video NBC and CNN have. So now it's not like he made a video for

    his own story but, it was part of his company...


    "The video was produced in June by former OSU wrester Mike DiSabato's company Combat Athlete Coalition, he told CNN. The company represents the collective interests of former college athletes in matters of compensation and safety issues."



    Also interesting how the media is now scrubbing some of Disabato's and Yett's statements that clearly indicate they 

    both said that they never knew of themselves, told, or reported to Jordan of any "alleged sexual abuse". Also scrubbed, but

    on video is where Disabato has also claimed that while his nutsack may have been fondled for some time, he was quick to brush

    off and say "but...there was no sexual activities...".  


    If that it the case then, still trying to figure Disabato's motive, if he was not abused.  $$$$

  8. With a Penn State class that includes Davis, Michael Beard, Roman Bravo-Young, Aaron Brooks, Joe Lee, Seth Nevills, Gavin Teasdale and Brody Teske and their class last year, that is a lot of bodies. 


    Guys want to be "the man" either with scholarship money, or on the mat without regard to money. With the ease of transfer rules, we could see a go for broke attitude where teams like PSU are able to load up with guys for less money, train a year or two (including a red-shirt year) in a high quality Olympic-caliber training environment and RTC, and then bolt hoping for payday as slates open up at other schools, becoming mercenaries?  I think we will see a noticable rise in the grey-shirting / year off phenomena.  


  9. Obituary for Eli Stickley....




    What a great live he lived:


    Eli and Moriah were homeschooled by their mom and graduated from Graham High School in 2015. Growing up, Eli started wrestling in third grade and later enjoyed serving as a wrestling camp counselor, several years of 4-H, cross-fit, hunting and fishing - especially going on the cousin guys' trips to Canada, that he referred to as the "Promised Land". Eli was a stand-out member of the Graham wrestling team where he was team captain his junior and senior years, ended his high school career a four-time state placer, an Iron Man champion in 2012, and a state wrestling champion in 2014.


    His most recent years were spent at the University of Wisconsin majoring in Life Science Communications with a pre-chiropractic route and a proud member of the Badger Wrestling team. Eli was a NCAA qualifier, Big Ten placer, an Academic All-American wrestler and displayed the true characteristics of a student athlete. He was heavily involved in Athletes in Action where he dedicated his time as both a student and a leader. After completing chiropractor school Eli planned on opening his own practice, Chiro-Fit, in Colorado incorporating the Four C's - chiropractic, cross-fit, coffee, and CHRIST. 

  10. This may be the source


    Rob Koll's NCAA UpDate

    NCAA Update:


    133 Chas Tucker went 1-2. Chas hit two very tough wrestlers but that is to be expected as it is the NCAA tournament! In order to take the next step Chas has to be able to ride. He keeps most matches, win or lose close and this is his only weakness. If we can turn this into a positive he will be on the podium.


    141 It’s no secret that Yianni won the NCAA championship. What is not so well known is that he did it on one leg. He hurt his knee in his quarter finals match victory over 2x NCAA champion Dean Heil, OK ST. Yianni will find out tomorrow the severity of the injury. Special thanks to trainer Chris Scarlata for convincing Yianni “he was fine so quit acting like a damn baby”. Chris has a way with words. 



    Re: Rob Koll's NCAA UpDate

    icon_post_target.gifby NJDan Â» Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:41 pm

    Word is that Yianni tore his ACL in the quarters. Then he went out and beat Eirman and Bryce in ridiculously clutch fashion.


    Surgery awaits.




    If true, hope he gets well soon. and if needed, I unselfishly offer up my time to personally console Mom Diakomihalis through

    this tumultuous time and get her back on the road to recovery. I vow to be her rock. 




    Sergeant Hulka's Big Toe,

  11. "because they won't do anything for our sport." Weird logic. Tapping into a previously ignored participant and fan base can't possibly have any positive effects?

    Little fan base, and if sucks in far more resources than the benefit received. Mind you this is not a “women can’t wrestle” view, it’s a recognizing that in the long run it will suck resources away from far better athletes and a better product. I can enjoy the arts, but even I realize watching gifted and graceful ballerinas is far superior to clumsy male dancers...the same, but opposite, goes for wrestling.

  12. Let this be a lesson to those who harp here about how exciting women's wrestling is and how we need to support their effort to build the sport. Fu@& that nonsense; Title IX has killed way to many men's programs and decimated our sport - I won't give a dime or minute because they won't do anything for our sport.


    And now that men are getting wiped out in the college enrollment, do you think the Title IX folks are going to turnabout & reverse course?

    Not a chance in bell lemmings....



  13. Least improvement over his career: Barlow McGhee


    Soph: 24-9 @ 125


    Jr: 19-13 @ 125


    Sr: 10-13 @ 125


    Not sure what went wrong along the way, but he did not improve in one single area over the last 3 years. I want to feel bad for him, but the way he wrestled all you could feel is frustrated.

    The only real positive thing I could say is that it didn't hurt Mizzou too much since he rarely gave up bonus pts.

    Weight cutting?

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