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  1. I’m waiting for Joey Buttafuoco’s take on this
  2. Now that’s how you shake hands after a match - both class
  3. Lee in a beat down 10-3. Simply athletically formidable in all positions.
  4. Had to laugh at McFarland pointing to the Drexel coaches, “hey guys knock that off...” I’ll remember that next time I see him sniffing stray wool in a bar on NCAA championship weekend.
  5. Good lord, that’s stupid. Google the circumstances-
  6. Not shocked about Lee at all...Diehl is all funk on bottom, top, and with headlock; called it with him getting Lee off the scale. Don't go all in with a gambler, don't funk with a funker. He did this to Thorn a few weeks back. https://youtu.be/VIIBuKWrTwk?t=1m51s
  7. 9 wins, one was against another B1G wrestlers wrestling each other. Filthy weight class...one might have a better chance at placing at NCAA's than the B1G tournament.
  8. These guys https://youtu.be/dRZ-hzTiv3M
  9. That’s why I think you will see ANTHONY ASHNAULT at 149 next year
  10. Interesting to see how the bracket makers treat conferences. Much has been said about the stupidity of 157 putting Nolf, Kemerer, and Jordan on same side of bracket, or 174 putting Jordan & Hall on same side. Seems though the ACC got no favors in regard to 7 of their weight classes have their tournament 1 vs 2 finishers on the same side of bracket, with two of them, 165 & 184 being first round matches. This must be indicative of the bracket-makers view of their depth. Another area is making the same conference foes wrestle 1st round, which for the B1G was 9 or 10 matches, At 141 & 149, the power that be must not have thought much of their qualifiers, matching them up in 5 first round matches or rat-tail feeders. The dog draw I see most notable is putting two top 15 guys, Lydy (Purdue) & Sebastian (Northwestern) into first round, with winner feeding into Hall from Penn State in the 2nd round.
  11. Absolutely, the ACC is 2nd best, but the schedule and beat down that the lower Big Ten gets prepares them to be near top in ACC. The teams that did the best OOC scheduling this year comparable to the Big Ten was Arizona State, Lehigh and a few of the ACC Schools, and Okie State, The Big Ten does have the advantage of proximity to their match locations. North Carolina - Lost to, 6-31 to Purdue , beat No. 12 Nebraska 22-14 beat Minnesota W, 26-15 Lost to Rugers L, 17-18 beat Michigan State W, 30-6 Pitt Lost to Wisconsin L, 6-26 Lehigh - * Beat Michigan, W, 27-8 * lost ot penn state 19-23 NC State * Beat Nebraska W 29-3 * Lost to osu L 6-29 vIRGINA - * lOST TO rUTGERS L, 9-21
  12. I think they should lure Mitch Hull out of retirement from USA wrestling - wasn't he head coach at Purdue in the 90's?
  13. He needs to take NATO down; after watching NATO surrender back points in finals, I’m letting Lee chose top; got to let it all fly
  14. He might be up like that, but last few matches Deihl looks to be getting his funk mojo back
  15. 141 - Ryan Diehl catches Chad Red in some funk - bank it
  16. I agree, it’s very ‘Penn Statish’ or Sanduskish, ‘Michigan Statish’ or Nassarish...
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